The 10 Best Body Wash And Soap For Folliculitis Treatment 2022

When your hair follicles are inflamed or infected to a certain rate, you may suffer from folliculitis. The most reliable way to treat it is to use the best body wash and soap for folliculitis.

Many reasons may cause this irritating skin condition, such as sitting in hot tubs or pools for too long, electric razor bumps, and laser hair removal. Bacteria and fungus are also possible causes.

The good news is the ingredients that handle facial acne breakouts can effectively help heal folliculitis. These include salicylic acid, sulfur, and benzoyl peroxide, which you will find in reviewed products below.

Having the best cleanser for folliculitis assists you in treating open wounds without leaving residue or scars. An effective defense soap and body wash can even clean sensitive skin and alleviate inflammation from ingrown hair.

Let’s check what products await you to fight against this troublesome skin condition!

In-depth Reviews of The Best Body Wash And Soap For Folliculitis

Here are the best body wash and soap for folliculitis reviews for you to treat skin issues safely at home with little time and effort invested.

Differin Gel Daily Deep Cleanser – Best For Deep Cleanse

Technical specs

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
  • Highlight ingredients: Benzoyl peroxide
  • Item form: Gel
  • Skin type: Sensitive, acne-prone
  • Scent: N/A
  • Weight: 4 oz

Detailed review

If you ask a dermatologist how to get safe daily benzoyl peroxide washes, it can only be from Differin Gel. This gentle formula effectively absorbs excess oil on your skin through a deep cleanse and moisturizes without clogging pores to prevent folliculitis growth.

The dual action comes from 5% benzoyl peroxide, equal to a powerful medication as 10%, but dries and irritates less on facial skin. As it does not irritate even sensitive facial skin, you can rest assured that a benzoyl peroxide body wash will be safe on severe body acne.


If you use another topical medication for acne simultaneously with this cleanser, skin dryness and irritation are more likely to occur. 

You might experience skin irritation with signs of burning, redness, itching, peeling, or even swelling. The best way to reduce irritation is to use the Differin Gel wash less often or in a lower concentration.

The second cautious measure is to try to limit sun exposure as much as possible and always use sunscreen.


  • Daily application
  • Absorbs oil from pores
  • Gentle moisturization on infected areas
  • Safe ingredient rate
  • Effective acne treatment to block folliculitis


  • Allergic reactions

Alpha Skin Care Moisturizing Body Wash – Best For Moisturization

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)
  • Item form: Gel
  • Skin type: All
  • Scent: Aloe vera
  • Weight: 12 oz

Detailed review

What if we tell you there is a product that treats body acne caused by folliculitis but also restores skin moisture? Unmoisturized skin tends to trigger folliculitis in certain seasons, so AHA and vitamin E work with aloe vera to create a soothing formula for all skin types.

Thanks to the rich nutrients in the Alpha Skin Care body wash, it revives a smooth body surface, clear from dead cells with an even skin tone. Thus, you will see your skin improving time by time.

Meanwhile, AHA is a chemical exfoliator that makes ways for normal hair to grow on your skin and reduces ingrown hair growth after shaving – a cause of folliculitis. It also maintains smooth skin around growing hairs.

That’s because when you lather the AHA body wash on infected areas, it will deal with different types of folliculitis caused by bacteria, hot tub use, razor bumps, etc., through deep moisturization and return to healthy skin conditions.

If you suffer from keratosis pilaris (tiny red bumps you get on your legs and arms from keratin build-up), this AHA gel can help a lot. Many users recover from these bumps, even during cold weather.

Notes: Lather over the whole body for the best results. Rinse off with water.


  • Soft formula to enhance moisturization
  • Natural ingredients for skin protection
  • Smoothes skin from damages
  • Full body use


  • Strong smell

CeraVe SA Body Wash – Best For Rough Skin

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Salicylic acid (BHA)
  • Item form: Gel
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Scent: Fragrance-free
  • Weight: 10 oz

Detailed review

This body wash is a combination of essential ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II to maintain the original protective skin barrier and does not allow bacterial folliculitis to invade. The microbead-free feature is environmentally friendly and does not irritate your infected skin.

Moreover, the CeraVe folliculitis shower gel removes dead skin cells that may build up folliculitis and saves your rough, bumpy skin with a safe, chemical exfoliation via salicylic acid.

Your dry skin will receive fine moisturization, thanks to its ceramide content that holds skin cells to form protection on the top layer of your skin, plumping it, and retaining moisture.


  • Effective ingredients to protect the skin from bacteria
  • No irritation
  • Microbead-free to not irritate sensitive skin
  • Exfoliates rough skin to minimize folliculitis
  • Moisturizing ceramides


  • Hive breakouts

Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap – Best For Low Budget

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Benzalkonium chloride
  • Item form: Bar
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Scent: N/A
  • Weight: 4 oz x 3

Detailed review

Many people look for Dial soap for folliculitis as it has antibacterial properties to kill acne-causing bacterias at a low price for 3 counts. Its deodorant technology is highly trusted to eliminate odors that may cause bacterial folliculitis after you wash.

Thanks to this effective odor removal, the soap bar lets you feel fresh and clean all day long in a bracing scent. You will notice healthy skin returning after applying this soap with strong benzalkonium chloride to treat folliculitis.

Besides providing a great cleanse, the hydration level in the formula reaches an ideal cleaning and moisturizing balance for your skin, creating an unfavorable environment for folliculitis. The creamy lather is rich in nourishing effects that do not cause dryness.

Users are in love with the aromatic fragrance of the soap as they open its package. This soap leaves them feeling fresh and deodorized all day long. They are glad how 3 soap bars are individually wrapped.


  • Removes odors that cause bacterial folliculitis
  • Low price
  • Moisture balance for ideal skin environment
  • No dryness


  • Poor form

Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash – Best For Acne Breakout

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Salicylic acid (BHA)
  • Item form: Cream
  • Skin type: Acne-prone
  • Scent: Aloe vera, chamomile
  • Weight: 10 oz

Detailed review

We recommend using the salicylic acid body wash from Phisoderm to deal with popular skin diseases, like acne breakouts or folliculitis. It eliminates all dirt and oil to prevent clogged pores and leave the skin nourished without residue, thanks to the effective salicylic acid.

Besides the main active ingredient of 2% BHA, its triple combination of aloe vera, vitamin E, and chamomile effectively treats infected skins. You can easily get rid of butt acne with this product.

The best part is the item is free from alcohol, dye, soap, and oil to clean your skin as gently and calmly as possible. You do not need to worry that it will mess with the skin’s natural balance of protection and create an environment for folliculitis growth.

One of the most satisfying customer reviews is how impressive this body wash works on your body to fight acne, especially the back. That way, you do not have to take antibiotics or have medicated topical ointments.


  • Stops acne breakouts and folliculitis with BHA
  • Absorbs oil from pores
  • Chemical-free to remain skin balance


  • Runny texture

Purely Northwest Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash – Best For Taming Body Odors

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Tea tree oil
  • Item form: Cream
  • Skin type: All
  • Scent: Tee tree
  • Weight: 9 oz

Detailed review

Fungus is among the most common reasons why your skin develops folliculitis. The good news is there is an antibacterial body wash for folliculitis containing 100% pure tea tree oil from Purely Northwest.

You often see sweat glands in the groin area and armpits after a series of overactive doings, which often forms fungal growth. This body wash combats those odors and prevents fungal folliculitis through tea tree oil so you can be active throughout the day with confidence.

Not only is the product suitable for fungal infections on your body parts (especially feet and armpits), but it also works to treat itchy and flaky hair scalps. Thus, you will receive different effects in one body wash.

People who constantly sweat will appreciate this product. Most users also adore the refreshing tea tree oil scent and are happy with how it works wonders to treat body odors and bad smells.


  • Pure tea tree oil
  • Fights odors
  • Blocks fungal folliculitis
  • Addresses scalp issues
  • For all ages


  • Watery texture

Neutrogena Acne Treatment Body Wash – Best For Skin Protection

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Salicylic acid (BHA)
  • Item form: Gel
  • Skin type: Acne-prone
  • Scent: Citrus, grapefruit
  • Weight: 8.5 oz x 3

Detailed review

This famous Neutrogena medicated body wash for folliculitis offers 3 bottles in one package at a low price. The salicylic acid cuts through oil and dirt to penetrate your skin and treat the source of most breakouts that often lead to folliculitis. Thus, it enhances a high level of skin protection.

The essential antioxidant vitamin C ingredient works with salicylic acid in this product to unclog pores and remove impurities from acne-prone skin to create a protective layer against folliculitis. Rest assured that your skin will not lose its moisturization.

“Great after a grueling workout, the gel deep-cleans pores to treat and prevent body acne while lightly buffing the skin’s surface. And it smells amazing, like an expensive citrus fragrance—not at all artificial or cloying. If you have dry skin, definitely moisturize post-shower.” – Allure Magazine.

Notes: Protect the Neutrogena body wash set from high heat (104°F/40°C).


  • Deep skin penetration to clear folliculitis
  • Unclogs pores and removes dirt
  • Protects the skin from folliculitis risks
  • No overdry for skin balance


  • Full of microbeads

DermaHarmony Liquid Castile Soap – Best For Dandruff

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Pyrithione zinc (ZnP)
  • Item form: Liquid soap
  • Skin type: All, sensitive
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Weight: 10 oz

Detailed review

The DermaHarmony liquid soap serves multiple tasks, such as body soap, facial soap, beard wash, or shampoo to treat scalp folliculitis on your hair. That is why people value it as the best soap for folliculitis.

Its formula with ZnP reduces the recurrence of dandruff that causes skin itching and fights seborrheic dermatitis. The unscented formula is suitable for everyone to apply the soap daily as a natural cleanser.

You will see the best results if you apply the liquid soap to treat seborrheic dermatitis on your skin. After frequent use in 30 days, many customers see clear improvements on infected areas.

Notes: It is best to leave the DermaHarmony soap on your affected skin in at least 60 to 90 seconds before rinsing it off well with warm water.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Fights seborrheic dermatitis
  • No skin stripping


  • Difficult to pump

Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap – Best For Fungal Care

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Tolnaftate
  • Item form: Bar
  • Skin type: All
  • Scent: N/A
  • Weight: 4.2 oz

Detailed review

If other products don’t seem to attract your attention, why don’t you try the best bar soap for folliculitis with tolnaftate from Defense? Having an antibacterial wash from this soap provides medical treatment for common athletes’ issues.

Thanks to its excellent effect on fungus, the tolnaftate bar promises to also fight folliculitis on your foot, ringworm, or jock itch. It aims right for the infected zone and blocks skin infections from returning.

While many topical creams cannot cure occasional recurring fungal infections, this prescribed antifungal soap delivers the best results. After using it twice a day, your skin will heal after 5 days.

Notes: After applying on wet skin, let the medication sit from 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing it off. You should supervise kids in the use of this soap. Make sure you dry up the skin.


  • Antibacterial formula
  • Ideal for athletes to fight foot issues
  • Prevents fungal folliculitis return
  • Snap case


  • Early expiration

Tree To Tub Sensitive Skin Body Wash – Best For Everyone

Technical specs

  • Highlight ingredients: Botanicals
  • Item form: Foam
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Scent: Citrus
  • Weight: 8.5 oz

Detailed review

All of the botanical ingredients in this Tree To Tub body wash are harvested from eco-reserves in Taiwan for consistent quality and safety for all users. This gentle formula works for babies as well.

It is the ideal cleanser for everyone to revitalize their skin or improve an inflamed skin condition of folliculitis via botanical ingredients. The cleanser helps prevent bacterial growth while letting you feel fresh and clean with a nice citrus scent around.

Also, the natural body wash is SLS, paraben, silicone, gluten, artificial fragrance, and toxin-free. It nourishes and hydrates the body surface to soften it without leaving residues, the main culprit that blocks skin’s freshness, to allow your skin to recover from infections.

According to previous users, this Tree To Tub body wash has good packaging and even an actual dried soapberry for you to make it a nice gift. The gel is not drying or irritating but pricey, so it is more of a luxury gift than your daily go-to.

Notes: The body wash works for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. 


  • Natural ingredients
  • For all users
  • Revitalizes skin from damages
  • Prevents bacterial folliculitis
  • Chemical-free for skin protection


  • No lathering
  • Pricy

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Clear Up Folliculitis?

Regardless of your skin type (normal, oily, dry, or combination), mild folliculitis often heals by itself in 2 weeks.

A warm compress with body wash with either AHA, SA, or BP is ideal for treating yourself at home as it eases the itchiness and heals skin.

Should I Go To A Dermatologist For Folliculitis?

It is difficult to self-diagnose folliculitis as it is quite similar to pimples. If you spot early folliculitis symptoms on your body, visit a certified dermatologist for expert opinions on the right medication.

You want to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid your condition becoming severe body acne. Experienced personnel in this field will confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the suitable treatment type and safe body wash.

Can Antibiotics Cure Folliculitis?

We suggest taking antibacterial washes from the reviewed products to remove bacterial folliculitis on your skin. Oral antibiotics (retinoid) and/or topical (antiseptic, corticosteroid) are also helpful.

However, remember that no therapy is effective on everyone with diverse conditions and problems. If you want the best medication for folliculitis, it is advised to consult a dermatologist to find the specific cause in your case.

What Happens If Folliculitis Goes Untreated?

If you do not treat folliculitis, it will lead to deep or serious infections that spread or create permanent scars. Besides that, there are risks of cellulitis, or it entering the bloodstream and threatening your life.

Moreover, replacing regular body wash or soap with specialized counterparts to alleviate folliculitis is an easy and quick solution at a low price. That is why there is no reason you should leave this skin disease untreated and cause long-term and even fatal problems.


If you want to cure folliculitis, there are popular over-the-counter ingredients at a safe rate, such as alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. They will improve your skin conditions through the most mundane, daily task of showering with body wash or soap.

Unless your doctor recommends applying aggressive treatments, do not use them on your own without proper prescription. It is best not to shave on the affected skin area, either.

In case you experience folliculitis from shaving in the future, we suggest using an electric shaver or single blade razor that does not cut too close to your skin.

In our opinion of the best products, we select the Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap for its ingredients that prevent foot fungus and the Differin Gel Daily Deep Cleanser for a deep but gentle treatment.

Besides strengthening the immune system through oral medications, you always have the best body wash and soap for folliculitis around as well. Follow our health tips to prevent getting repeated folliculitis.

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