The 6 Best Shampoos for Human Hair Wigs 2022

Collecting wigs is fantastic for creatively switching up your look every so often. It’s even better when your wigs are made of human hair instead of synthetic fibers. It gives a more natural look and feel to your new mane.

But caring for human hair wigs isn’t as simple as wearing them one day and keeping them in your closet the next. It’s important to maintain your wigs by washing them properly. And the key to a good wig cleanse is none other than shampoo.

There are tons of shampoos designed specifically for wigs. But wigs made of interwoven human hair faces more problems than synthetic stands, such as frizziness, dullness, and dehydration—just like the hair on our scalps.

While you can opt to use your most trusted regular shampoo on your human hair wigs, they’re not always cut out for the job. Check out the best shampoos for human hair wigs here.

Our top pick: Awesome Human Hair Wig Shampoo – The best of the best

There are many terrific options for wig shampoos in the market, but there’s always a crowning glory among the bunch. Awesome Human Hair Wig Shampoo is my favorite shampoo to use on my human hair wigs that beats out all the rest:

Summary box:

Washing your human hair wigs is as simple as soaking it in some water and this shampoo. It’s formulated with coconut oil to moisturize your wig’s hair and leave it shiny, smooth, and silky with just one wash.

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This Awesome wig shampoo is infused with rich coconut oil to moisturize the hair. Not only does this plump up the tresses and add a pretty shine to your hair, but it also leaves it soft and smooth to the touch after you’re done.

It’s also formulated with less fragrance than your average shampoo. That means your wig will look and smell freshly cleaned but without the overpowering odor of soap.

It’s super easy to use this shampoo. All you have to do is fill your sink or basin with water and add a few drops of the shampoo. Then, simply leave your wig in and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing. No roughness and complications with washing!


  • Made with coconut oil to moisturize the hair and add luminous shine
  • Leaves the hair feeling smooth and silky afterward
  • Formulated with less fragrance, so your wig won’t smell overpowering
  • Has a “just soak” formula for hassle-free washing


  • Can leave the hair in tangles because of the “just soak” method, but it’s easy to detangle because of how smooth it feels after the wash

Why buy this?

If you want a fuss-free shampoo for your wigs, this shampoo is the one for you. Its “just soak” method is perfect if you hate being too rough on your wigs and want to be as gentle with them as possible.

You’ll also love this if moisture is your utmost priority. It’s perfect for adding back shine and bounce to a wig that looks lifeless and limp.

The runners-up: Five more products you’ll love

But there are also different high-quality shampoos you can use depending on your need or preference. Here are what I consider to be runners-up for the best shampoos to use on my beloved human hair wigs:

OGX Weightless Hydration + Coconut Water Shampoo – Best for Hydration and Shine

Summary box:

Coconut water and oil are excellent for moisturizing your human hair wig, and this OGX shampoo doesn’t disappoint. It provides hydration and shine all in one!


This OGX shampoo is infused with nutrient-rich coconut water, coconut oil, and electrolytes to deeply hydrate your wig’s hair when it’s feeling a bit parched and dry. It replenishes the wig’s much-needed moisture without being heavy on the hair. Instead, it feels super weightless.

It increases your wig’s shine, which is perfect if your wig is looking dull. It’s also free of sulfates, so you don’t have to worry about it being too rough on your wig.

Beauty YouTuber Malibu Dollface uses it for intense hydration when her hair and human hair extensions feel dry and wispy. “If your hair’s really dry from curling it, or you use a lot of hairspray, [this is] great,” she gushes. “It has a weightless feel….makes your hair feel very healthy when it’s all said and done.”


  • Coconut water, coconut oil, and electrolytes hydrate the hair deeply
  • Weightless feel, which is perfect for longer wigs
  • Leaves your wig’s hair with an intense shine
  • Free of sulfates and parabens that can dry out the wig
  • Has a sweet, fruity scent that will leave your hair smelling pleasant


  • Need to scrub a lot to get the residue out of the wig hair

Why buy this?

This is a terrific shampoo to use if your wigs are feeling rough and dry. Its main purpose is to hydrate hair, so it’s perfect if your lifeless wigs need more moisture and shine to make them look alive again.

DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo – Best for Curly and Wavy Wigs

Summary box:

This DeMert wig shampoo washes away grime and gunk from your long wig-wearing days while protecting your hair’s texture and color.


Although this shampoo is designed for synthetic wigs too, it works wonders for wigs made of real human hair. It works to wash away all the stubborn impurities and oils stuck on your wig, whether from sweat or makeup while you were wearing it. It also deodorizes the wig to freshen it up.

What’s awesome about this wig is that it preserves the natural color and texture. It protects colored wigs from fading too fast and never disturbs the curls and waves on textured wigs.


  • Wahes away oils and impurities while deodorizing used wigs
  • Doesn’t flatten or disturb the natural curls and textures of the hair
  • Protects your wig’s hair color to make it last longer
  • Suitable for both synthetic and natural hair wigs


  • Can leave the strands feeling crunchy if not followed by conditioner

Why buy this?

If you have a collection of curly or wavy-haired wigs, you’ll love this DeMert shampoo. It keeps your wigs’ texture intact, making the natural curls look more defined.

It’s also a wise shampoo option if your wig collection includes synthetic wigs alongside your human hair ones. It’s designed to cater to both types, so you’ll save on money by purchasing one shampoo you can use on all your wigs.

Jon Renau Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo – Best Luxury Shampoo

Summary box:

Experience the lush benefits of French argan oil with this luxury shampoo by Jon Renau. It leaves hair silky-smooth and conditioned, making it the perfect opulent treat for your wigs.


This shampoo was designed explicitly for human hair wigs. It’s infused with French argan oil of the highest quality, which adds hydration and shine to your wig’s locks. In addition, the moisture from the fine oil leaves your hair appropriately conditioned and soft to the touch.

The formula is sulfate- and sodium chloride-free, so it washes your hair of dirt and debris in a gentle manner. You don’t have to worry about the shampoo destroying or breaking down your wig’s hair fibers with any harsh ingredients.


  • Formulated with top-quality French argan oil to add shine to your locks
  • Hydrates your wig’s hair to leave it soft and conditioned
  • Gently washes away dirt and debris from your wig
  • Formulated without sulfates, sodium chloride, and parabens
  • Travel-size, so it’s perfect for trips


  • The bottle is relatively small and has only 2.5 fl oz. of product

Why buy this?

If you have a penchant for luxurious wig accessories and don’t mind burning extra cash to give your human hair wigs the best of the best, you’ll live this argan oil-infused shampoo by Jon Renau. It’s pretty much a pampering treat for your wigs if you want them to feel extra loved, leaving them soft and silky for longer.

Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo – Best Clarifying Shampoo

Summary box:

Need an extra deep cleanse to get rid of product build-up and other nasties in your wig? You’ll love this clarifying shampoo by Suave. It purifies your wig’s hair to bring out its natural shine.


When you use your wig too often and apply a lot of leave-in and styling creams, there will eventually be a build-up of oils, makeup, and products on the strands. This can leave your wig looking dull and wearisome.

Washing it with this clarifying shampoo by Suave gives it a deep cleanse, purifying it to get rif of build-up. It leaves your wig fresh and clean, bringing out its natural, glossy shine.

Content creator WigginOutBZ loves using this when his wigs are extra dirty. “I do occasionally use this on human hair [wigs] with baking soda if it has a really strong build-up of product or makeup,” he says. “I really love this stuff!” He even admits to stocking up on three or four bottles at a time!


  • Gives your wig a deep cleanse to get stubborn oils and grime out of the strands
  • Provides immense shine to your wig
  • Leaves your hair feeling fresh and brand new
  • Very affordable and easy to find in your local drugstore
  • Comes in a huge 12 oz. bottle that will last you a while


  • The scent can be too strong and perfume-y

Why buy this?

If you regularly use creams and hairsprays to style your human hair wigs, you’ll need a clarifying shampoo like this one to get rid of all the gunk when you’re done. It freshens up your wigs to make them feel brand new, like a blank, shiny canvas that doesn’t look dull and tired.

TGIN Rose Water Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo – Best Gentle, Sulfate-Free Option

Summary box:

Be gentle to your wigs with this sulfate-free hydrating shampoo by TGIN. It moisturizes your wig’s hair to get rid of frizz while adding shine for a healthy look.


This TGIN shampoo is infused with botanical extracts like rosewater and hibiscus. These ingredients hydrate the hair on your wig, making it more plump, bouncy, and full of life. It also has acai berry extracts to add a luminous shine to your hair.

This shampoo works to smooth down your wig’s locks, leaving it frizz and flyaway-free. It’s perfect for wigs that look a bit unruly because of the lack of moisture.

It has a mild formulation that doesn’t include irritating and drying ingredients like sulfates, lanolin, petrolatum, and artificial coloring. Because of this, it cleanses your hair gently.


  • Rosewater and hibiscus hydrate your hair for plumpness and bounce
  • Contains acai berries to add shine to the hair
  • Cleans the hair without leaving behind a sticky residue
  • Smoothens the locks so you don’t have any frizz
  • Doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients like sulfates, lanolin, and artificial dyes


  • Wigs can’t maximize all of its benefits, like stimulating hair growth

Why buy this?

Get this shampoo if you want your wigs to get all the cleansing and moisturizing benefits it needs without having to turn to harsh sulfates. The botanical extracts in the formula work hard to cleanse your wig’s hair gently while smoothening it with the right amount of hydration and shine.

Three things to consider when buying

You can’t just grab whatever shampoo bottle you find at your local drugstore and use it on your wigs as you would the hair on your head. Wigs are more sensitive and need a gentler wash while still getting the nutrients human hair needs to look healthy and smooth.

Here are a few things you should look out for when buying a shampoo for your human hair wig collection:

Moisturizes the hair to add shine and defy frizz

Human hair wigs face the same issues the hair on your head does—frizz, dehydration, dullness, flyaways, and more. One way to solve most of these hair concerns is to moisturize your hair.

Look for ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, and aloe vera, which hydrate the hair to add shine and bounce. Moisturizing shampoos with these botanicals also prevent frizz and flyaways, allowing you to maintain your wigs’ waves and curls without them looking unruly.

Designed for human hair wigs

While you have the freedom to use regular shampoos on your human hair wigs, it’s still the best choice to go for something designed explicitly for wigs. These shampoos are designed to be more moisturizing and not as stripping as regular shampoos, which need to consider sebum production on the scalp.

Mild and gentle formula that won’t destroy your wig

Try to avoid sulfates and other harsh and dehydrating ingredients when washing your wigs. These ingredients can leave your wigs dry and rough instead of soft and luscious.

Stay away from ingredients that can cause product build-up on your strands as well, like silicones. These can lead to the hair on your wig feeling stiff and brittle over time.


Can you use regular shampoo on human hair wigs?

Most regular shampoos are designed for hair that’s still on your head. That means they have certain properties that are for your scalp more than the hair itself. They can be more clarifying than what your wigs need on a regular basis.

So if you want to use a regular shampoo on your wigs, make sure that it’s not as drying and stripping as the formulas you would use on your oily scalp.

Will shampoo fade my wig’s color?

If your wig is dyed a certain color, shampoos with sulfates can speed up the process of fading the color since it washes away pigments. Use a sulfate-free shampoo if you want to keep your color for as long as possible.


Styling and prettifying your human hair wigs isn’t the only responsibility you have as a wig collector. Washing them now and then with the right shampoo is key in maintaining them and extending their longevity.

Assess what your human hair wigs need on their next wash and check out some of these raved-about shampoos to get the job done. They’re all from top-notch brands and are loved by so many, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

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