Top 8 Best Shampoos For Blue Hair in 2022

Blue is a modern and beautiful hair color, but it will easily fade after several washes. Therefore, if you own blue hair, you need a shampoo that keeps your dyeing hair last for long.

Depending on the condition of your hair and the initial color tone you choose, the color retention time will be different. Caring for light-colored hair like blue hair is not as easy as dark hair, so you need to choose the right shampoo product.

After hours of research, trying, and analyzing every variant on the market, we selected the top 8 best shampoos for blue hair. Each of these products in this list has different features, but they are all good for your hair. 

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Shampoo For Blue Hair


Sulfate is a surfactant. In shampoos, high sulfate content can damage hair follicles, making hair dry, weak, and prone to breakage.

If you experience skin irritation due to sulfate ingredients, you should prioritize products that do not contain sulfate.

If your blue hair is dry or thin, you should also not use shampoo products containing this ingredient because sulfates can strip away a lot of the natural oils needed to nourish healthy hair.

In addition, natural ingredients, friendly to hair and scalp such as aloe vera, olive oil, macadamia oil, … are also the preferred choice for your hair.

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Stay away from anti-dandruff shampoos

Before purchasing a shampoo for your blue hair, you need to get the idea of the anti-dandruff shampoo out of your mind. The anti-dandruff ingredients in shampoos such as mint, sodium lauryl sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate have high detergent properties that fade dyed hair color.

Choosing the wrong shampoo can damage your hair if used for long.

Color-depositing function

If you want to keep your hair beautiful and durable after dyeing, first of all, you should choose a shampoo with ingredients that protect hair color, prevent color fading, prevent dry hair and split ends, and make dyed hair healthier.

Moisturizing function

Because hair is easily damaged after coloring, you should prioritize products containing moisturizing ingredients like glycerin. They will help provide moisture, soften, and minimize dry hair after washing.

Type of hair

Many people buy items based on the recommendations of friends or family members. It is not always the case, particularly with shampoo.

Aside from preserving the color, it would help if you considered your hair type when choosing the right product.

For instance, if your hair is dry, you should use shampoo with hydrating ingredients to nourish hair and keep your hair from drying out further.

If your hair is greasy, shampoos that help eliminate excess oil from your scalp should be considered.

Top 8 Best Shampoo For Blue Hair Reviews In Details

Choosing which product to protect your blue hair will be easy with all the precise information in this list. Let’s have a look!

Product Features Best for
BIOLAGE Colorlast Prolong color vibrancy and maintain depth, tone, and shine thanks to low pH purifies and orchid extract. All color-treated hair
R+Co Gemstone Color  Safe formula with unique ingredients such as sunflower sprout extract, lychee extract Oily and colored hair
Celeb Luxury Intense  No harsh chemicals, ammonia, parabens, and vegan and cruelty-free Color-depositing hair
Redken Color Extend   Redken’s Color Care Complex that keeps hair manageable, refreshed, and shiny Salon shampoo
KERASTASE Reflection  Anti-deposit effect on hair fiber’s surface Damaged blue hair
Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess  Moisturizing formula with coconut and keratin.  Chemically-treated hair
Aveda Color Conserve  Include geranium, lavender, and grapefruit extracts, which help keep hair color vibrant Plant-based ingredients
L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Sulfate-Free EverPure Moisture System formulated with rosemary gently cleanses dry hair to replenish essential moisture On a budget

BIOLAGE Colorlast – Best for all color-treated hair

General information:

  • Aroma: Orchid
  • Key Ingredient: Orchid extract
  • Paraben-free, low pH 

Best for all color-treated hair:

Hair that has been colored can fade and lose its sheen. Biolage ColorLast Shampoo is ideal for preserving the health of colored-treatment hair and treating hair damage, making it the most excellent product on our list.

BIOLAGE inspired the color-protecting product from orchids, whose oil enables colored hair to keep moisture and gloss better. This flower’s rich extracts are also included in BIOLAGE ColorLast Shampoo to help your hair color last longer.

It hydrates the strands while gently cleansing and strengthening them. It also keeps your blue hair’s deep tone and shines.

BIOLAGE recognizes that moisture is essential for long-lasting color. Thus, its products have a low pH and are paraben-free, ensuring that your hair does not dry after use.


Use wet hair, wash it, and let on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse for best results.

As the maker claims, you will preserve the salon-fresh brilliant color for up to nine weeks if you use this product. But, our testing team has verified that it is not that long.

The primary component in this recipe is the orchid, which gives it its sweet scent. Yet, many buyers have complained that the aroma is overwhelming and chemical.


  • Orchid extract to help your hair color last longer
  • Low pH and paraben-free
  • Keep moisture after using
  • Keeps deep tone and shine


  • Not last for 9 weeks as suggested
  • Overwhelming scent

R+Co Gemstone Color – Best for oily and colored hair

General information:

  • Aroma: Eucalyptus
  • Key ingredients: Lychee extract, okra seed extract, vitamin E, sunflower sprout extract
  • Remove excess oil

Best for oily and colored hair:

Blue hair necessitates great attention and upkeep to keep its color and vitality. Your brilliant blue shade will last longer with R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo. 

Without parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, petrolatum, and gluten, make this shampoo gentle for your blue hair. Plus, this shampoo is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Herbal ingredients such as lychee extract, okra seed extracts, and sunflower sprout combine with vitamin E. This formula helps remove excess oil, grime, and other impurities from your hair skin without affecting the color.

For these outstanding features, customers have given this product high global ratings with many positive feedbacks.


One problem with this shampoo is that it dries out your blue hair. It may be fantastic for oily hair while it can wreak havoc on hair that is already dry.

Furthermore, it appears to be thick and does not lather effectively. For the best results, apply to the middle of your hair and work your way through from roots to the ends, according to our team testing.


  • Gentle for your blue hair
  • Herbal ingredients to remove excess oil, grime, and other impurities
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • High global ratings


  • Dry quickly
  • Thick 
  • Does not lather effectively

Celeb Luxury Intense – Best for color-depositing hair

General information:

  • Aroma: Gentle scent
  • Key ingredients: Palm, coconut, sugar
  • Highly moisturize

Best for color-depositing hair:

Many people now choose to color their hair when they want to change their appearance. However, if you do not adequately care for your hair, dyed hair will quickly lose color and become dry.

As a result, you will need a solution that protects and colors your hair. Celeb Luxury Intense is a wonderful choice for blue hair shampoo.

This shampoo adds bright color while washing, preventing apparent washouts. Also, it includes extra-nourishing and smoothing components, including palm, sugar, and coconut, and it works as an instant hydrating formula.

It is simple to use because you can rinse and color your hair in only 2-5 minutes. Also, its scent is quite nice.

This colored shampoo is cruelty-free and vegan. Sulfates, parabens, peroxide, ammonia, gluten, and PPD are absent.


Add this product to damp hair and massage it to make a thick lather. Then, using lukewarm water, gently rinse your hair.

Because several users complain that Celeb Luxury Intense is not as intense as the name suggests, you can redo the technique if you want. You can rinse hair strands or mix different colors to generate interesting multicolor effects.


  • Extra-nourishing and smoothing components
  • Simple in the bath
  • Nice scent
  • Cruelty-free and vegan


  • Not so intense

Redken Color Extend  – Best salon shampoo for blue hair

General information:

  • Aroma: Natural
  • Key ingredients: Cranberry Oil, Cationic Conditioning Polymer
  • Redken’s Color Care Complex

Best salon shampoo for blue hair:

Redken is among the most renowned shampoo manufacturers, and you will probably see it in your salon. If you seek a salon-quality shampoo for blonde and highlighted hair, go no further than Redken Color Extend.

Cranberry Oil, Cationic Conditioning Polymer, and Ceramide are key elements for maximizing hair color vibrancy and strengthening hair. Both are part of a Color Care Complex that helps to lock in brilliant, radiant hair with a mirror-like shine.

This shampoo fights the four causes of your blue color change: external aggressors, color modifying minerals, poor cuticle condition, and water.

UVA and UVB filters are also included to keep hair color vibrant and prevent fading.

This best shampoo for blue hair perfectly washes hair while moisturizing and thickening it to protect it from damage. “I love all Redken products. I trust them to always provide great ingredients to keep my hair healthy! I love this shampoo and conditioner and how silky smooth it makes my hair, said one user.


The Redken Color Extend adds a lot of hydration to the hair, which might be thick. Unless you want to experience oil or stickiness, we would not suggest it for excellent thin curls.

The smell is pleasant, but numerous users said it is incredibly strong. 

It contains sulfate, so you should consider it before purchasing.


  • Color Care Complex
  • Fight the four causes of your blue color change
  • UVA and UVB filters


  • A bit thick
  • Relatively strong scent
  • Contain sulfate

KERASTASE Reflection – Best for damaged blue hair

General information:

  • Aroma: A pretty strong scent
  • Key ingredients: Zinc gluconate, Vitamin E, and UV Filters
  • UV filters

Best for damaged hair:

The hair appears to be the part of the body that receives the most sunlight and is the most vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays. The sun will soon fade, dull, and burn yellow, the hair color of those who have brilliantly colored hair like blue.

As a result of our testing, we have discovered an excellent shampoo that not only protects your hair from the sun but also nourishes it. Kerastase Reflection is what it is all about.

“The color of my hair retained its vibrancy after so many washes” is what Kathrivera – a beauty blogger, founder of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath used to appraise this shampoo. 

This shampoo has vitamin E and several UV filters to combat oxidant aggressors causing premature color loss. By forming strong ionic connections between coloring chemicals, zinc gluconate aids in the absorption and retention of color deep inside the damaged hair.

The shampoo helps to keep your blue and luster by neutralizing water molecules. It forms a hydrophobic coating on every strand to keep colorants from washing away.

This shampoo for blue hair polishes and smooths the hair fiber, leaving hair silky and lustrous for optimum light reflection, thanks to linseed oil.


This product contains a rather high concentration of sulfate. Therefore, it can take moisture from the hair, leaving it dull and unhealthy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some people may find the odor to be overbearing.


  • Rich in vitamin E 
  • Contain several UV filters
  • Linseed oil to polish and smooth the hair fiber


  • Contain sulfate
  • The overwhelming smell when being heated

Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess – Best for chemically-treated hair

 General information:

  • Aroma: Coconut
  • Key ingredients: Coconut oil, Keratin
  • Nourishing formula

Best for chemically-treated hair:

Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess is an excellent blue hair shampoo in particular and for chemical-treated hair in general. The Color Lockdown Technology helps protect the color of your hair from UV rays.

This shampoo also contains no sulfates. As a result,  you do not have to worry about strong surfactants removing your hair color.

The moisturizing formula, which is high in essential oils, is the most excellent feature of this product.

Keratin, sweet almond oil, coconut, vitamin E, and vitamin B5 are all included. These oils not only preserve your color-treated hair but also help cure any breakage or thinning hair.


Our testing team noted that hair became rather dry and tangly after a few weeks of using this shampoo.

The aroma is overpoweringly sweet and intense.

For the best result, you should apply Color Goddess Oil Infused Conditioner together with using this shampoo, which makes your hair moist and soft.


  • Color Lockdown Technology to protect hair from UV rays
  • No sulfates
  • Moisturizing formula


  • Hair became rather dry and tangly
  • Too sweet and intense aroma

Aveda Color Conserve – Best for plant-based ingredients

General information:

  • Aroma: Lavender 
  • Key ingredients: Green tea, grape extract 
  • Plant-infused shampoo

Best for plant-based ingredients:

Aveda’s natural, plant-based shampoos are well-known, and the Color Conserve version is no exception. 

“I have used Aveda shampoo for many years already! My hair is fine and does not have much volume. I loved it because my hair gets shiny, soft but the same as the body. The scent is delicious; there are no chemicals because Aveda works with plants!” said one user.

Geranium, grapefruit, and lavender extracts are among the natural nutrients that nourish and preserve your hair.

This shampoo for blue hair helps clean your hair nicely without losing its color. This shampoo has no surfactants, so your blue hair will stay bright and vibrant. 

It is UV-protected, thanks to the color-protecting ingredient.

It is an organic shampoo to use if you want to avoid further harm to your damaged hair. Also, it has a lovely lavender aroma and keeps dullness and roughness at bay.


The shampoo hardly lathers at all, making it difficult to rinse and wash your hair.

Although this shampoo does an excellent job of preserving the color, it does cause itching and flaking in some people’s heads.

Because this product appears to dry out your hair, you should not use it as a daily shampoo hair product.


  • Herbal-based ingredients
  • No surfactants
  • UV-protected
  • Nice aroma


  • Hard to rinse and wash your hair
  • Cause itching and flaking
  • May dry out your hair

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture – Best budget for blue hair

General information:

  • Aroma: Rosemary
  • Key ingredient: Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil
  • Sulfate-free formula

Best on a budget:

Vegan shampoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. That’s because vegan products are less likely to include harsh substances that harm your hair.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture is a 3-in-1 product beneficial for your blue hair, vegan, and inexpensive.

This shampoo contains a mixture of plant components, such as rosemary that helps moisturize and soften your hair. Also, your blue color will not fade thanks to the color-protecting solution.

At its price, it is the ideal shampoo. It has a pleasant scent that most consumers seem to enjoy.

This shampoo is completely free of sulfates. While cleaning chemicals that break filth and oil, sulfates can be tough on your hair, stripping it of its hydration, color, and luster.

Using this shampoo, you may add twice the amount of hydration to your rough and dull hair.


Unfortunately, this shampoo does not lather well.

Some users also complain that this shampoo gives them so much dandruff.


  • Affordable
  • A mixture of plant components
  • Nice scent
  • Free of sulfates


  • Not lather well
  • Cause dandruff


Why should you buy shampoo for blue hair?

Compared to regular hair, every color of hair, even blue hair, needs extra care and maintenance. Shampoos designed for normal hair cannot effectively care for your blue hair since they lack the necessary elements.

Colored hair shampoos protect the color of the hair and keep it bright for a long time.

How can you maintain the color of your blue hair from fading?

  • Avoid exposing dyed hair to sunlight

The sun causes the color to fade and the hair to become frizzy in colored hair. If you must go out in the sun after dying your hair, you should always wear a wide-brimmed hat and knot your hair carefully to avoid direct sunlight.

  • Do not use a hot dryer to dry your hair

After you have washed your hair, use a fan or a cold dryer to dry it. Avoid using a hot dryer to dry your hair since the heat will cause your hair to become unable to adapt (wet to hot), resulting in cuticle damage and split ends. 

Unless necessary, you should avoid brushing and drying your hair too frequently, as this can reduce the dye’s endurance.

  • Use cool water to wash your hair

Wash your dyed hair with warm or cool water to keep it looking fresh, as hot water can cause the color to fade quickly.

  • Do not wash your hair frequently

Your blue hair will last longer if you wait longer between washes. Furthermore, a shower cap is a must-have accessory.

  • Rinse your hairline 

It is customary to skip a few inches if you have long hair when washing your hair. Massage the shampoo into your scalp, but do not scrape it.

Massage the shampoo into your scalp, but do not scrape it. When it comes to nutrients, you should concentrate on the hair roots.

How do you take care of blue hair?

If you want blue hair, invest in a color-protecting shampoo as well as hair care that helps moisturize and nourish your color-treated hair.

How long does blue hair dye last?

This hair color is only permanent for 1 to 2 months before fading. Blue only lasts 3 months, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean and maintain the color. 

After that, your blue hair will fade and turn platinum.

What are some tips for recovering your hair after dyeing blue? 

  • Select the appropriate hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and so on.
  • Incubate it twice a week to smooth hair after coloring.
  • Pay attention to the pillow and the hair towel material by choosing soft cotton and fabric goods.
  • Change towels frequently to avoid having to rub your hair vigorously when drying, damage to your hair, and minimize hair loss and tangles.


After all, we recommend using BIOLAGE Colorlast shampoo on your blue hair to keep it moisturized and vibrant. Because products from the same brand are generally meant to work well together, you should follow with Colorlast Conditioner for a better outcome.

We have compiled a list of the top 8 best shampoos for blue hair. Use the information above to help you decide which option is best for you.

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