The 10 Best Shampoos For White Hair 2022

Do you require the best shampoo for white hair? We have picked out the top 10 items on the market. Read our reviews and choose your favorite shampoo now!

Not all lotions can keep your hair white for a long period of time. Only the best shampoo for white hair can do this job. This special cleaning item contains special ingredients that help keep the white color and prevent your hair from turning yellow.

There are a lot of hair products on the market nowadays. Without a good buying experience, you may purchase a shampoo that does more harm than good. 

But don’t worry because we are here to help! We have tested and chosen the top 10 shampoos of the year. You can read our reviews and choose the item that meets your requirements!

Our Top 10 Picked Products

Name Volume Color Hair type Best For Rating
AVEDA Blue Malva 33.8 oz Purple blue Dry, damaged hair Overall 4.7/5
MATRIX Total Results 10.14 oz Purple Chemical treated hair Quick Result 4.5/5
amika Bust Your Brass 2 oz  Purple Chemical treated hair Hair nourishing 4.6/5
Clairol Shimmer 8 oz Purple Color treated hair Budget 4.6/5
Pantene Silver Expressions Shampoo  17.9 oz Purple Color treated hair Hair strengthening 4.5/5
L’Oreal Serie Expert 16.9 oz Purple All types Yellow Tone Removal 4.5/5
One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Ultra 33.8 oz Purple Damaged hair Dry And Damaged Hair Restoring 4.6/5
Philip Kingsley Pure  33.8 oz Purple All Static Control And Frizz Reduction 4.5/5
DESIGNLINE Super Silver Shampoo 33.8 oz Dark blue Color treated hair Brightening 4.6/5
SACHAJUAN Silver Shampoo 8.45 oz Purple Blonde/Silver hair Sun Protection 4.6/5

6 Things To Consider When Buying Shampoos For White Hair

Hair Type

Different women have different kinds of hair. If you apply the wrong shampoo, your hair strands may be weaker and break down easily.

There are 2 things to consider when deciding the hair type, which are the scalp and hair texture.

If your hair turns white as a result of the aging process or family genetics, it’s best to choose shampoo based on your scalp condition.

For example, you will need to find a shampoo that wicks out the oil and keeps your hair dry if you possess an oily scalp.

In case you have a chemical-treated or color-treated hair, it may be very dry.

The reason is, the hair must go through several bleaches to reach your desired hue. Your scalp will become more and more sensitive and drier. It is necessary to find shampoos with emollients.

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Also, you should read the label carefully to decide whether the shampoo is for curly, wavy, or straight hair.

Natural And Hydrating

When buying, you should check whether the hair shampoo contains natural or chemical ingredients. Your sensitive locks need special aftercare, as the healthier they are, the longer you keep the stunning white hue.  

A lotion with a high dose of harsh chemicals may create bad effects on your hair composition. The 2 common negative effects are follicles brittle and dehydration.

It is recommended to use a shampoo made of natural ingredients or organic shampoo. These shampoos can make your white hair lustrous, thick, and healthy. 

The best natural hair products come with a natural profile, such as gooseberry, henna, neem, and berberry. These ingredients have a high amount of antioxidants and vitamins that moisturize your hair. With the help of them, the texture of your hair can restore, and your scalp will be hydrated.


Sulfate is not good for white hair. This substance wicks away all the natural oils in your hair. As a consequence, your hair may become dry.

The worst thing is, your hair fades after each wash, and sulfate even fosters discoloration by stripping out the artificial pigments on your locks.

Therefore, we advise you to look for sulfate-free hair shampoo.

Purple Shampoos

Shampoos that have violet colors are the best products for white hair.

Be it natural or salon-achieved, white hair does not have much pigment in its structure. That’s why it may draw pigment from environments (sunlight, chlorine from water, ect.) This causes the white hair to turn yellow and dull after time.

Purple shampoos will help you get back the white color on the hair. The violet hue can neutralize the yellow and brown tints and give your hair a cool tone.

In case you don’t have purple shampoo at home, you can also make your own DIY purple shampoo or purple toner for your white hair!

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UV Filters

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can burn your hair.

This UV sunlight not only badly affects your skin but also turns your white hair into brown or yellow. Also, the UV rays can fade the hair tone.

You should choose the shampoo that can filter the UV rays out of your hair. As your hair is protected, it will not change its color when you are outside.

Ingredients To Avoid


Many shampoos and conditioners for hair contain parabens as an additive to improve the shelf life. Unfortunately, this ingredient can adversely affect the balance of your natural hormone. If you apply too many parabens to your hair, you may get skin irritation and neurotoxicity.

Please pay attention to the ingredient list when choosing a shampoo. The manufacturers do not write “parabens” directly on the item label. Instead, the term “parabens” is an ending of an ingredient.

For example, you may notice some ingredients, such as butyl-parabens, methyl-parabens, ethyl-parabens, and so on. It is important to avoid these substances.

Polyethylene Glycols

Polyethylene Glycol is a special agent that supports thickening the hair. On the downside, this ingredient may reduce the moisture level in your hair and cause dryness.

Polyethylene Glycols are also a harmful substance that causes cancer. Thus, you should avoid applying it to your hair as much as possible.


Triclosan is a preservative used in shampoo for killing bacterias. You can find this substance in the formula of not only hair lotion but also hand soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, etc.

This chemical may disrupt your endocrine and cause issues with your immune system. If you use too much Triclosan, you may have weight loss, lose control of cellular reproduction, and even cancer.

Please read the ingredient list carefully. If you notice the name of this substance on the label, do not buy the shampoo.

The 10 Best Shampoo For White Hair: In-Depth Reviews

AVEDA by Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo – Best Overall


  • Capacity: 33.8 oz
  • Color: Purple blue
  • Hair type: Dry, damaged hair
  • Rating: 4.7/5


The AVEDA Blue Malva shampoo can work to protect your hair structure, keep the white tone, and prevent brassiness.

What makes this hair lotion special is its herbal ingredients. With sweet almond oil and extracted cherry bark, the shampoo will moisturize all dull and dry hair.

These organic substances also restore the white strands that have been damaged after bleaching.

The color of this shampoo is purple-blue. It does not turn your hair into a dark blue color if you use it daily. But in case you notice a yellow tinge on your locks, the shampoo will neutralize the tone.

We have picked this AVEDA Blue Malva as the best overall product due to its cruelty-free formula.

The manufacturers claim that they don’t use animal-delivered ingredients. All substances are 100% vegan, which will gently treat your fragile dyed hair.

In case you have an oily scalp, the product may not be a good option. The ingredients only add moisture to your hair instead of reducing the amount of oil.


  • Herbal ingredients adding moisture to the hair
  • Restoring damaged hair strands
  • Sweet and healthy aroma
  • Neutralizing the yellow tone to white color
  • No animal-delivered ingredients


  • Not suitable for oily hair
  • High price

MATRIX Total Results So Silver Shampoo – Best For Quick Result


  • Capacity: 10.14 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: Chemical-treated hair
  • Best: Quick result
  • Rating: 4.5/5


This purple toning hair care product can get rid of yellow tones that appear on your white hair tresses after just 1 washing turn. It will illuminate and brighten up your strands from the inside out.

The result is really worth the hype, which receives a lot of positive feedback.

“One of my absolute favorites. I love it because it’s very gentle. It’s also not too strong, not too overpowering, but it gives results after 3 uses. I’ve been using it every single day; I’m obsessed with it,” said a satisfied user.

If you have dry and damaged hair after bleaching, just apply this anti-yellowing shampoo.

It will hydrate your porous strands to make them smooth, moisturized, and shiny. Your hair will restore right after you wash your head with this hair lotion.

Quick effects do not mean strong or harmful ingredients! Most substances in the Total Results So Silver formula are from natural grain sources. There is no trace of gluten proteins or animal-derived ingredients. You can rest assured of the safety in use!

On the downside, the fragrance of this shampoo may be a little bit heavy. The strong odor is not bad for your hair, but it may annoy people around you.


  • Removing yellow tone after 1 wash
  • White tone illuminating and brightening
  • Hydrating hair strands quickly
  • Natural ingredients from grain sources


  • Highly watery consistency
  • Strong fragrance

amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo – Best For Hair Nourishing


  • Capacity: 2 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: Chemically-treated hair
  • Best: Hair nourishing
  • Rating: 4.6/5


The amika Bust Your Brass is highly nourishing. This hair lotion will supply the essential substances to your hair to keep it smooth and shiny.

In detail, the formula of the product contains healthy ingredients, including Vitamin A, D, B, E, amino acids, and minerals. These nutrients will brighten the white tone and prevent the premature process of greying your hair.

With the wild cherry bark extract, the shampoo will offer high softness for every of your hair strands.

As you wash your head, the lotion will massage the entire structure of hair, from the roots to the very ends. As a result, your hair will become manageable, smooth, and highly silky.

There should be no worry about the smell of this product. The Bust Your Brass provides a sweet and gentle scent. After washing your locks, you may notice that your hair smells like vanilla, citrus, and amber.

What we don’t like about this haircare item is its capacity. The entire bottle only stores 2 oz of shampoo. This amount of lotion probably is enough for using up to 1 – 2 weeks.


  • Including multiple essential nutrients for hair health
  • Brightening the white tone
  • Greying prevention
  • Massaging the hair from the roots to ends
  • Sweet scent of vanilla, citrus, and amber


  • Low capacity of 2 oz
  • Making greasy hair oilier

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo – Best For Budget


  • Capacity: 8 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: Color-treated hair
  • Best: Budget
  • Rating: 4.6/5


You don’t need to pay a lot of money for a high-price hair lotion. At an affordable price, this Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo can provide all basic features to serve you well.

As a 2-in-1 toner, this Clairol will get rid of all brassy colors on your hair and brighten the white tone. The good result does not come as quickly as when you use other expensive products. But your hair definitely will have a great shiny look.

The fragrance of the Clairol is not very strong but highly refreshing. You can use this shampoo after doing outdoor activities. The smell will help you forget all the tiredness and restore your active mind.

We only recommend this product for people who have oily hair, not dry or damaged hair. After using this Clairol Shimmer, you may feel a little frizzy on the hair.

(Check out this to get a shampoo for your dry damaged hair)


  • Affordable price
  • Brassy color removal
  • White color brightening
  • Refreshing fragrance


  • Making your hair dry
  • Containing sulfate in the ingredients

Pantene Silver Expressions Shampoo – Best For Hair Strengthening


  • Capacity: 17.9 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: Color-treated hair
  • Best: Hair Strengthening
  • Rating: 4.5/5


Say goodbye to weak hair! The Pantene Silver Expressions will provide all the essential nutrients to strengthen your tresses.

This product supplies a high amount of Pro Vitamin B5. The ingredient can feed your strands from the inside out, enabling your hair to grow stronger and thicker.

We also like Biotin in the shampoo formula. This nutrient can nourish the roots and thicken your strands, thereby increasing the strength of all weak and damaged follicles. 

It is such a miss if we don’t mention Vitamin E. The ingredient repairs all the hair strands that have been broken. After restoring, it will prevent your strands from splitting ends.

About the drawback, this Pantene shampoo smells like a perm. Although the odor is not so strong, it may still annoy you a little bit.


  • Pro Vitamin B5 supporting hair growth
  • Biotin strengthening weak and damaged follicles
  • Vitamin E preventing stranding and repairing broken hair
  • Split ends prevention


  • Annoying perm-like smells
  • Shampoo leaking out of the pump tip

L’Oreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Neutralizing Shampoo – Best For Yellow Tone Removal


  • Capacity: 16.9 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: All types
  • Best: Yellow Tone Removal
  • Rating: 4.5/5


The L’Oreal Serie Expert is the best shampoo for white hair turning yellow.

It contains a high amount of magnesium and anti-yellowing agents in the formula. These ingredients can get rid of the brassy tones and yellow stains from grey and white tresses quickly.

The color of this shampoo is dark violet, meaning that it is packed with more violet pigments. It can neutralize the darkest yellow and brown tones to bring back the shiny white color.

The cool thing is, no matter how frequently you use this shampoo, it does not make your scalp stained.

Indeed, that it leaves so little purple tints has been proved by many customers.

One of them has claimed: “I was a lot more cautious at first, but since I’ve used it many times, I have not had any issue with the purple staining my hair.”

Don’t worry about the scent. It is lightly sweet and mild, unlike the strong odors in other products that may annoy you.

As the manufacturers say, the L’Oreal Serie Expert contains some ingredients that may cause allergy, such as Benzyl Alcohol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, etc. They advise you to test a small amount of shampoo on your skin before using it.


  • Removing brassy tones and yellow stains from grey and white hair
  • Dark purple color neutralizing unwanted yellow color
  • Sweet and mild scent
  • Brightening the shiny white color
  • Hair fibre protection


  • Causing bad effects on the eyes
  • Alcohol in the formula causing allergy

One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Ultra – Best For Dry And Damaged Hair


  • Dimensions: 11.26 x 5.91 x 3.31 inches
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds
  • Capacity: 33.8 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: Damaged hair
  • Best: Dry and damaged hair restoring
  • Rating: 4.6/5


The One ’n Only Shiny Silver Ultra shampoo will add moisture to your tresses and restore their structure.

This hair care product contains fruit-based ingredients, including grapefruit, orange peel, tangerine, lemon, and lavender. These nutrients will soothe and condition all damaged and broken hair and prepare for better growth.

Moreover, the ingredients can add hydration to your hair to repair the broken strands and keep them moisturized. Thanks to them, your hair will always stay soft and manageable.

The shampoo will not damage any part of your tresses. The manufacturers have claimed that all ingredients of the product are Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, and Cruelty-Free.

We don’t like the design of the bottle, though. The round shape makes it difficult to hold. When the bottle is wet, it may be very slippery to hold.


  • Fruit-based ingredients soothing and conditioning broken hair
  • Support better growth
  • Moisturizing hair strands
  • Adding hydration to repair damaged strands
  • Healthy formula not damaging hair


  • Difficult to hold the bottle due to the big round shape
  • Not adding shine

Philip Kingsley Pure – Best For Static Control


  • Capacity: 33.8 oz
  • Color: Purple 
  • Hair type: All
  • Best: Static control
  • Rating: 4.5/5


When your white hair grows thick, it may be highly static and frizzy. But don’t worry! The Philip Kingsley will help you control static and reduce hair frizz.

We give a plus point for the vegan and paraben free formula. The lavender oil will soothe and calm the frizzy hair strands and hydrate them. As the hair is moisturized, you can touch it without feeling static.

The formula also contains coconut derived fatty acids and hydrolyzed wheat proteins.

What makes these nutrients appealing is their anti-static features. As you wash your head with the shampoo, the acids and wheat proteins will prevent your hair from becoming dry, reducing the effects of static to the minimum.

This Philip Kingsley is quite expensive to buy. However, the features that it brings to your hair totally deserve the high price.

If your budget allows, don’t hesitate to try this hair care product!


  • Static control
  • Lavender essential oil soothing the head skin
  • Coconut derived fatty acids and hydrolyzed wheat proteins preventing static
  • Frizz reduction
  • No paraben in the formula


  • High price
  • Strong smell

DESIGNLINE Super Silver Shampoo – Best For Brightening


  • Capacity: 33.8 oz
  • Color: Dark blue
  • Hair type: Color-treated hair
  • Best: Brightening
  • Rating: 4.6/5


The DESIGNLINE Super Silver Shampoo deserves the title as the best clarifying shampoo for white hair. Thanks to the cleansing color protection formula, this hair lotion can brighten and enhance both natural and color-treated white hair.

We give our thumb up for the 3 best ingredients, which are Aloe Vera, Rice Amino Acids, and Green Tea extract.

The Rice Amino Acids act as a shine enhancer, bringing out the radiant and bright shade of your hair, while Green Tea will promote hair growth.

Even a male customer has to agree that: “I was so surprised how it worked the magic on my hair. My hair turned a radiant ash white hue with no trace of yellow tints.”

You are free to walk outside and do outdoor activities as well. Your hair will not stop shining. The active ingredient – Aloe Vera can provide strong protection to keep your hair against damages from weather factors.

The color of this shampoo is dark blue. Like purple color, this blue can neutralize the brassy tone of your hair. (Read more about the differences between purple shampoo and blue shampoo)

However, you should not apply too much of this shampoo, or else your hair may get a blue tinge.


  • Brightening both natural and color-treated white hair
  • Moisturizing from the hair roots to hair tips
  • Protecting hair against weather factors
  • Neutralizing yellow tone


  • Leaving blue tinge on the hair
  • Drying hair

SACHAJUAN Silver Shampoo – Best For Sun Protection


  • Capacity: 8.45 oz
  • Color: Purple
  • Hair type: Blonde/Silver hair
  • Best: Sun Protection
  • Rating: 4.6/5


SACHAJUAN silver shampoo can filter all harmful UV rays to protect your hair against the sun, deserving the best purple shampoo for white hair when outing.

The shampoo is enriched with Ocean Silk technology. With the help of it, your hair can stay stable and shiny under heavy sunlight.

In addition, the manufacturers have designed this hair lotion with UV-Protection technology. It will filter the UV rays and prevent your hair from drawing yellow pigments. Thanks to this great feature, your tresses will not lose their cool white tone.

We also give a plus point for the nourishment of this product. It does not weigh your hair down but adds volume to it.

It is quite bad that the formula of this SACHAJUAN contains a few sulfates. This ingredient does not harm your hair but may make it dry.


  • Ocean Silk Technology for hair shining
  • UV-Protection technology preventing yellow pigment
  • Adding volume to the hair


  • Containing sulfates in the formula
  • High price


Why Is My White Hair Yellowing?

There is zero or only a small amount of pigment in the structure of white hairs.

Due to this reason, your hair has to pick up the pigments from the outside environment. This causes your white hair to turn yellow slowly.

For example, when you swim in the pool, your hair will draw pigments from minerals and chlorine contained in it. As a consequence, it will become yellow (or green).

Another sample is after you stand under the heavy sunlight for a long period, your hair may turn brown or yellow.

How do I keep my white hair white?

Protecting your hair from outside factors should be the very first thing that comes to mind.

Just cover your white hair every time you do outdoor activities. You can wear a hat to prevent the UV rays from sunlight whenever you go out.

When playing in the pool, you can cover your head with a swimming cap.

In addition, you may consider buying some special shampoos that work to neutralize the yellow tones on your hair. 

What shampoo takes yellow out of white hair? A shampoo with purple or blue color will blur the yellow or brown color on the hair. And a hair lotion with silver color will brighten up the white tone.

Does white hair need a special shampoo?

Our answer is yes. If you use color shampoos, your hair may get pigments from them and lose the white tone.

If you want to protect your white hair, better choose the hair lotions that have the following colors:

  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Blue

These shampoos can neutralize all the pigments to keep the hair being white. 

What happens if I use purple shampoo on white and gray hair?

You will get a lot of benefits if using purple shampoo on your white or gray hair. Using a violet shampoo is known as the best way to give the hair a cool tone.

The purple pigments in the shampoo can neutralize the yellow or brassy tones, thereby keeping the true white color of your hair.

That said, if you overuse it, it can leave purple tints on your hair.

What happens if I leave purple shampoo overnight?

We recommend you use a purple shampoo for white hair. However, you should not leave the shampoo on your head overnight.

Too much of anything is good for nothing! After neutralizing the yellow tone, the purple pigment may continue to affect your white hair and turn it violet.

Silver shampoo vs. Purple shampoo: What is the difference?

In fact, silver shampoo and purple shampoo have no difference.

These hair lotions have the same ability, which is neutralizing the yellow tone on the hair and brightening the white color.

The reason why each lotion bottle has purple or silver marks is due to the actual color of the shampoo. Silver has a black or blue base rather than deep violet like purple shampoo.


Above are our top 10 products. Have you found the best shampoo for white hair?

In our opinion, the AVEDA Blue Malva is the best product overall. It can remove all yellow stains to keep the cool white color, protect the structure for healthy and strong strands, and prevent your hair from environmental pigments. With this lotion, your hair will always stay shiny and bright.

The other 9 products are also good to use. Each model has its own best feature. You are free to choose the shampoo with the feature that meets your requirement.

Anyway, no matter which product you buy, make sure that you check all factors in our buying guide. They will help you find the most suitable shampoo!

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