Can I Tone My Hair with My Permanent Dye Instead of Toner?

Many people want to know if they can tone their hair with permanent dye.

The answer is no. You only can use your toner to do that if your hair doesn’t have several unexpected tones.

More importantly, you need to select the appropriate color you can use to remove the carrot orange you get after dying your hair. Moreover, you can use a toner with ease. It is also less aggressive for your hair.

Keep reading this article to know the reasons why you should choose the toner as the best option to tone your hair. Also, you can know which color dye you should choose to tone your hair.

Why Should You Use Toner to Tone Your Hair?

If you have orange hair, it’s a good idea to use a toner. In this situation, we recommend you use a blue toner. It’s simple to use. You just need to be strict about the time you need to leave the toner in your hair. 

You only need to mix your toner with peroxide. Moreover, it doesn’t contain ammonia. Therefore, this product is less harmful to your hair. If your hair is orange, it only can modify the tone. 

You can get a base color for your hair when using the permanent dye, such as dark blonde, brown, or light blonde. Toner can only tone your hair. It cannot add your hair a base color like a permanent dye. 

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Which Color Dye Should You Choose to Tone Your Hair?

It is essential to consider the tone of your dye since it will determine if you can cancel out those unexpected tones in your hair. You can find a primary number indicating the base hair color from all permanent dyes.

All colors come with an opposite color canceling them out. For example, blue is an ash tone. It is indicated by the number 1. This color can cancel out the orange. Purple is indicated by the number 3. It can cancel out yellow. Therefore, you can get a suitable mixture to tone your hair based on that. 

If you have too ashy hair, you may think about toning it. Then, you can choose a copper blonde 7.4 or a dark copper blonde 6.4 since this number indicates the copper one.

In another case that you have too pearly or purple hair, and want to tone it, it will be a good idea to use an 8.3 light golden blonde or a 5.3 light golden brown since this number indicates a copper hair tone.


In conclusion, we recommend you to use ones that are specially made to tone your hair since it is not difficult. All you have to do is to look for the color opposite the one you are going to tone.

If your hair comes in unexpected tones, you can consider using a permanent product to tone it. However, you always have to be careful about looking for the right color as well as the corresponding tone. It’s easy to use a toner to tone your hair. 

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