Can Purple Shampoo Cause Hair Breakage? (Explained In Detail)

Many people sometimes experience hair loss at a specific time and wonder “Can purple shampoo cause hair breakage?”. We will dive into the answer now!

Hair breakage is an irritating condition related to the damage that your precious hair may suffer due to some reasons. Especially to women, this consequence can lower their self-esteem radically.

This, in turn, makes people focus more on the query “Can purple shampoo cause hair breakage?” Hence, this article will serve as an informative indicator revealing the main culprit and helps you understand tactics to nurture your hair.

Purple Shampoo Brands
Purple Shampoo Brands

Can Purple Shampoo Cause Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage appears to happen when you exponentially abuse not only purple shampoo but other substances. So, the answer is fairly straightforward: Yes, purple shampoo can potentially damage your hair if you overuse it.

Bathing in a proper manner to avoid side effect
Bathing in a proper manner to avoid side effect

Unlike standard shampoo, purple shampoo is a deterrence to brassy, undertones hair, especially blonde hair, because purple counteracts yellow in the color wheel.

The point is that people do not want to squander money around the salon. They otherwise look for a cheaper and convenient product.

As a consequence, such gimmicks allure people, particularly young girls, to make misconceptions about purple shampoo. Customers think it is a wonderful piece of cosmetic merchandise to start applying it at an excessive point.

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub

In the end, it gradually scalps out the hair layer, leading to dehydration and making them fall off.

Cautions Before Using Purple Shampoo

  • The dark side of purple shampoo

Purple shampoo has been advertised as a perfect solution for blondes, consisting of an array of ingredients for treating undertone hair. But what hasn’t been published is its dark side.

For instance, it also acts as a bleach that can cause hair to dry and break when overused, plus it doesn’t always work for all blond conditions, of which high porosity blond is an example.

  • The credibility of purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is known worldwide for its certified capability to lighten up the hair hue. However, there are several toxic chemicals discreetly covered, for instance, acid citric and gear gum:

  • “Acid citric,” an ingredient in lemon juice, is applied with a great proportion to maximize, plays a role as a deterrent liquid, the one that helps to illuminate your hair in the sunshine.
  • “Guar gum,” a substance that stems from laboratories, is used radically in thickening the consistency.

Both of them have existed in purple shampoo and should have been publicly listed on the bottle. But, unfortunately, the combination of acid citric and guar gum makes up a mild bleach, lightens but also dehydrates and breaks your hair over time.

Therefore, if you constantly over-soak your hair into it, soon, your hair will not withstand hazardous elements and becomes brittle and falls off.

However, the effectiveness of washing out the yellow and orange color is inevitable to blonde hair. As long as you comprehend the effects of purple shampoo and use it properly, it will not ravage your hair.

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

Hair specialists notify that the purple shampoo should be used twice a week for the best result. Additionally, the product can not replace the effects of normal shampoo, which is a norm to our bathing routine.

Aware of drenching purple shampoo over your hair with an excessive amount, this might debilitate your hair current condition to a certain degree and would cause darker hair.

What Happens If You Use Purple Shampoo Too Much?

Your hair turns purple or over-staining

Purple shampoo can stain your hair if you leave it too long. This is because a purple hue seeps into the hair steadily and turns them into purple.

You probably face irreversible purple, or your hair hue might be washed out.

While it is normally fine, excessive abuse of the product ends up staining your hair colour with purple or blue.

Your hair gets dry

Pay attention when the dryness begins encroaching hair structure, resulting in fragmentation. In this case, your beloved hair might look dull and darker or end up irreversible.

Special and expensive treatment

As stated above, a hair specialist is your last stand. Unfortunately, the processed expenditure might make you end up broke to recover your hair.

For everyday usage, it appears to be harmful if used daily. Instead, the daily dose is recommended for eminent brands along with natural ingredients instead of bleach agents.

Instructions: Tips to Use Purple Shampoo Correctly

Understand your hair first

First and foremost, determine your hair category and current conditions:

What is your hair color type?

Each shade of blond requires different soaking periods which we will mention in the next section.

Is purple shampoo the best supporter for my hair?

Not all blondes benefit from purple shampoo. For instance, if you apply purple shampoo on high porosity blond hair, it may consume purple dye and become “purple haze”.

Also, don’t forget to ask your hairdressers about side effects or any allergy conditions with your hair to avoid when choosing products or washing.

Apply proper soaking time

Notice that over-soaking your hair in the purple shampoo will result in an unwanted color. The soaking time depends on two factors: your hair type and your purple shampoo type. Below are three common kinds of blonds:

  • Warm blond hair (Honey blonds, strawberry blonds, refers to natural blonds): about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Cool blond hair (Light, pale blonds, refers to grey or platinum): about 5 – 15 minutes.
  • Neutral blond hair (The rest): about 3 – 5 minutes.

Also, the soaking time can vary slightly among various shampoo brands. Even when two types have similar percentages of elements, they may function differently. Hence, you should read the series of instructions on the label thoroughly simultaneously with considering your hair type.

Tips for the best effect

  • To keep your hair safe and stable, alternate between shampoo conditioners and purple shampoo for a harmonious mixture instead of continuously using purple shampoo.
  • Although purple shampoo works for many hair colors, its efficacy is optimal for blonde hair. Hence, always choose the right shampoo that can provide the most benefits to your natural hair color.
  • For frequent usage, choose a purple shampoo that includes ingredients such as keratin and coconut oil. Any substances originating from ammonia should be eliminated from your choice.

And again, remember to apply shampoo only every three days for the best and unharmful result.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to take care of your beloved hair, especially women as we are. Taking up a new therapy for hair is such a difficult task, even if you are fashion-conscious. That said, avoiding hair breakage is prioritized beforehand. Lightening your hair color is a perfectly comprehensive tactic.

Therefore, lest the inquiry “Can purple shampoo cause hair breakage” be agitating. We hope you can effectively adapt our tips in this article to improve hair condition and become more confident in yourself.

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