Can You Dye Your Hair With Jell-O? (With Clear Explanations For Starters)

These days, dyeing hair is very popular with various methods. But have you ever wondered if you can dye your hair with Jell-O? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Since 1897, Jell-O has been a gelatin-based dish on American menus. This sweet material is most associated with school meals and hospital trays, but it is also famous among dieters as a low-calorie dessert.

Gelatin is the main component of Jell-O. Animal collagen, which composes connective tissues like tendons, skin, bones, and ligaments, produces gelatin.

Nowadays, when coloring hair can be expensive for several people, many of them come to consider “Can you dye your hair with Jell-O” apart from eating.

Let’s check out this article to find out the answer so you do not lose out on any intriguing facts.

Can You Dye Your Hair With Jell-O?

Yes, you can use Jell-O as a hair color.

Using Jell-O to color your hair is an excellent method to see how a distinctive color will look before investing in a permanent or semi-permanent dye. Also, it is safer and cheaper than going to a salon.

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Shampoos Hub

Besides, as Jell-O is less pigmented, the colors and intensity of the dye may not be as bright or as vivid as store-bought dyes.

You can dye your hair with Jell-O
You can dye your hair with Jell-O

If your hair is bleached, ultra-light blond, and porous, you may be able to stain it to a pastel tint.

You can use Jell-O mixed with water into a paste and applied to your hair to have an excellent brilliant color. It is only temporary and will wash out after the first wash.

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How Long Does Your Dyeing Hair With Jell-O Last?

In general, the color’s longevity is determined by the frequency with which it is shampooed and the color of the hair.

Although you can color your hair with Jell-O, it is not a long-term solution. Jell-O can only serve as a semi-permanent hair dye that will last for four to five weeks in your hair at most.

The more you wash your hair, the faster the hair color dyed with Jell-O will fade.
The more you wash your hair, the faster the hair color dyed with Jell-O will fade.

How To Dye Your Hair With Jell-O?


  • Jell-O
  • Water (or conditioner)
  • Towel
  • Gloves

First, combine the Jell-O with a tiny bit of water or conditioner. Keep in mind that you can determine the amount of the mixture you need based on the amount of hair you wish to color.

Apply petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding your hairline, neck, and ears to prevent the Jell-O mixture from staining your skin. A slight covering will suffice.

Make a cape out of an old towel by draping it over your shoulders to avoid your garments from being soiled. To keep your towel-cape from falling off, use a clip or safety pin to secure the front.

To avoid getting your hands discolored, put on gloves. You may wear latex or vinyl ones.

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Dye your hair

In case you want to color certain areas of your hair, separate them and use pins or clips to keep the rest of your hair out of the way. You can also color the hair in parts to ensure the dye covers the entire head.

  • Apply the mixture to the hair and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use your fingers or a hair dye applicator brush to massage it in.
  • Ensure you fill the mixture in the hair. The color will penetrate the hair more easily and evenly if you spread it out and gently squeeze it.
Dyeing hair with Jell-O
Dyeing hair with Jell-O

Cover your hair

Tuck all of your hair under the shower cap and cover your head. You can cover the pieces in foil if you have merely stained your hair.

Wait for the hair to settle

Allow at least an hour for the hair to settle. You can achieve a richer color by letting it for extended periods or even overnight.

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Rinse off your hair

Next, remove any extra dye from your hair by rinsing it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Color Your Hair With Jell-O?

Gelatin, a hydrolyzed protein, is the crucial component of Jell-O.

Hydrolyzed protein is a type of protein broken down into individual amino acids, allowing it to bind to damaged hair easily. They also protect the hair shaft by coating it and repairing damage to the outermost layer.

As a result, coloring your hair with Jell-O is safe and good for hair growth.

Dyeing hair with Jell-O is safe. 
Dyeing hair with Jell-O is safe.

What Is The Best Way To Get Jell-O’s Color Out Of Your Hair?

As stated, hair color using Jell-O usually fades after several weeks on its own.

Nevertheless, if you want to get it out quicker than expected, you can thoroughly wash it out with a deep-cleaning shampoo numerous times.

One more method to get Jell-O out of your hair is to use pineapple juice or vinegar since both liquids include natural acids which disintegrate gelatin. It is a time-consuming procedure that takes multiple rinses, so you should ask someone to assist you in cleaning your hair.

What Are Some Tips When Dyeing Hair With Jell-O?

  • Because most hair dyes are transparent, some of your natural hair colors may show through. As a result, think carefully before selecting a hue. You can wind up with green hair and color it blue if you have blond hair. (Related: How To Remove Green Tones From Hair?)
  • The hue may not show or be considerably milder if your hair is black. So consider bleaching your hair. Bleached hair holds dyes better. If your hair is bleached, the Jell-O color may remain longer than you anticipated.
  • Do not use bleach if you are a youngster or intend to dye a child’s hair. Instead, try using hair chalk.
  • Regard blowing on your hair with a hairdryer while you are waiting for the dye to settle. At the same time, maintain the tin foil or shower cap on to assist hold the color in.

If you are a beginner and want to dye your hair with Jell-O, this video is for you:

Can I Use Food Coloring To Dye My Hair?

Yes, you can. Just do not get it in your eyes, blood, or other bodily fluids.

Furthermore, it is cost-effective, as you can purchase any color of food coloring you like from a supermarket or an e-commerce platform.

Before dyeing your hair, you should ensure you are not sensitive to food coloring. If not, you can color your hair whatever color you choose with food coloring.

Can I Use Kool-Aid To Dye My Hair?

The answer is yes. Even though using Kool-Aid on your hair is not harmful, it might leave behind unsightly stains once the color has faded.

The effectiveness of Kool-Aid hair dye is determined by the method employed and your hair’s natural color and texture. It works on all hair types. However, the results vary.


You may have found the answer to “Can you dye your hair with Jell-O?” after reading this article.

To summarize, there are many ways to dye your hair, and Jell-O is an excellent option. When compared to other dying products, it is both safe and cost-effective.

Hopefully, you will find all of the information provided to be helpful. Please share it with your family and friends if you like this content. We will much appreciate that!

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