Can You Mix Purple Shampoo With Developer To Change Your Hair Color?

Purple shampoo gives hair a brighter and cooler color by neutralizing yellow, brassy tones. Developer is often used to lighten or color hair when used with bleach or dye. Have you ever wondered if, with the properties of purple shampoo, can I mix this shampoo with the developer to dye or bleach my hair ? Join us to find the truth in this article!

Can you mix purple shampoo with a developer?

You can totally mix purple shampoo with a developer. However, you should not do this.

  • Mixing purple shampoo with a developer does not change your hair color. It can’t help you dye your hair or change anything.
  • This mixture also makes your hair more and more damaged. It’s not good for anything.

Maybe you want to make some breakthrough by mixing purple shampoo with a developer. It can be considered a creation but it will not achieve any effect. It will even cause some serious damage to your hair.

We will have a bad result if we mix purple shampoo with the developer
We will have a bad result if we mix purple shampoo with the developer

To understand why we have this bad result. Stay tuned for our analysis!

Why does mixing purple shampoo with a developer can’t change your hair color?

Because the purple pigment on purple shampoo is not the same as the pigment in the dye. The purple color of purple shampoo cannot stay on your hair.

You want purple hair so mixed purple shampoo with a developer and washed your hair to dye it. You think the developer will help bleach the hair and dilate the cuticles in the hair. Your hair will then absorb the purple pigments in the purple shampoo. As a result, you will have purple hair. No, it can’t happen!

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub

The pigments in purple shampoo are different from those found in hair dyes

The purple color in purple shampoo cannot dye your hair. Purple shampoo is only able to neutralize the dull yellow or red color on bleached hair or when dyed bright blonde. Help keep hair color correct, durable and shiny. It is not capable of dyeing hair at all.

The pigments on purple dye are very different from those in purple shampoo
The pigments on purple dye are very different from those in purple shampoo

Dyes contain substances that make the pigment strong enough to stick to the hair. Typically ammonia-containing substances. It stimulates the hair cuticle and helps the pigments in the dye penetrate the hair shaft. That’s why dye changes your hair color.

Purple shampoo is different. It is free of ammonia-containing substances. The purple pigment in it can only be deposited on the outer part of the hair shaft. It means that those pigments will wash away with the water every time you wash your hair.

The substances in purple shampoo do not help the hair absorb the pigments inside. It only just makes the hair more porous and allows the purple pigment to stick to the surface of the hair to neutralize the yellow color.

Purple shampoo only helps light-colored hair to reduce dullness or enhance hair tone.
Purple shampoo only helps light-colored hair to reduce dullness or enhance hair tone.

Developer only has the ability to bleach hair

When you mix purple shampoo with a developer. They will only have the effect of cleaning and bleaching your hair. Even the developer’s excessive force will cancel out the neutralizing effect of purple shampoo. Accompanied by the breakage and damage of the hair due to the developer’s strong bleaching ability.

After a while, wash your hair with a mixture of purple shampoo with the developer. Your hair will become severely damaged, the color will change and even break a lot.

If you don’t want to have damaged and dry hair, stop using the purple shampoo with developer combination right away!

How can you lighten your hair with a developer at home?

You can lighten your hair with the developer at home. But it’s not about mixing it with purple shampoo and washing your hair.

Usually, you will perform hair bleaching when you want to dye your hair with light colors forever. Use the developer to bleach your hair. After dyeing your hair with a light color, use purple shampoo to have beautiful hair.

First, the developer is a very effective hair remover, you can bleach your hair at home. If to mix a certain substance with the developer for hair bleaching. The colorless shampoo is a perfect choice. You should choose a shampoo with a lot of nutrients like keratin or coconut oil.

Some shampoos contain keratin such as Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo, Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo. They all have a very good and impressive hair care effect.

For bleaching normal hair you should use these developers:

If your basic hair color is difficult to remove, you can use developer volume 30 as L’Oreal Technique Oreor Creme 30 Volume Developer mixed with a little colorless shampoo.

Developer supports dying light hair colors
Developer supports dying light hair colors

If your hair still isn’t as light as you want it to be, continue massaging the developer and shampoo mixture into your hair. This time you should incubate the mixture for a shorter time. Check again until you see the color is as bright as you want it to be.

After rinsing the developed mixture from your hair, you will be able to dye your hair your favorite color. Apply the dye mixture to the hair in turn and massage it evenly. Leave the hair with the dye for a while. You can refer to the time to have your favorite hair color on the packaging of the dye or the hairdresser.

Because the developer can hurt the hair. The rich colorless shampoo will make your hair softer after each bleaching. So with just a few basic steps, you can make your own hair lightening at home with the developer.

How to use purple shampoo properly?

After a few days bleaching and dyeing, let’s use purple shampoo to maintain your hair color. To use purple shampoo properly, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo as usual. Wash as clean as possible to use purple shampoo.
  • Step 2: Leave shampoo-cleaned wet hair intact. Apply purple shampoo to hair, massage gently to create lather and help shampoo fully adhere to the hair.
  • Step 3: Depending on the level of hair color. If the hair condition is severe, leave the purple shampoo on your hair for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Step 5: Wash your hair with clean water. You can also use some purple conditioner if the need arises.


Creativity to bring good results is always welcome. But using purple shampoo with a developer is really not a good practice. You should not use it to wash your hair. It can damage your hair.

Hopefully, through this article you will have beautiful hair!

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