Can You Sleep With Dry Shampoo In Your Hair?

Yes, but you need to consider your hair condition, types of shampoo, and the method you apply the shampoo, etc.

Many people will insist on this method, knowing that the scalp produces more oil overnight. They even support that nighttime gives the shampoo more time to work on your hair.

However, do it the wrong way, and the shampoo does more harm than good. For instance, it often sticks to your scalp and prevents it from breathing. A long and thick application can cause greasy and irritation in the end.

Fortunately, we have tips for using dry shampooing products in your locks through the night in the right ways.

Can You Sleep With Dry Shampoo In Your Hair?

Shampooing your hair without water can work magic!
Shampooing your hair without water can work magic!

Yes, you can go to bed with the dry shampoo in your strands. We often recommend using it at night rather than in the morning!

Many of you consider this hair product as a lifesaver in busy mornings. Simply spray it in your hair, wait for three seconds and haphazardly rub at the roots while running out the door. It is a terrible mistake since the powder does not have time to perform its magic.

Instead, applying the dry shampoo at night before climbing into bed will allow the powders to absorb excess oil in your tresses.

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How Long Dry Shampoo Shows Its Effects After Applying?

The ideal duration for the dry shampoo to work its magic depends on your hair type, its texture, and lengths, the oiliness in your hair, etc.

If you use dry shampoo on a frequent basis, your locks might not be extra oily. Then, wait around 30 seconds before you brush and massage the shampoo through the strands with your fingers.

If you have curly and thick hair, you should give the shampoo more time – for 3 to 10 minutes.

It is also possible to let the dry shampoo sit for the whole night, and that’s why you are reading this article. Take notes of our useful tips, though, so that you will not get up with greased scalps.

Why Should You Use Dry Shampoo at Night?

Why is bedtime good for dry shampooing
Why is bedtime good for dry shampooing?

Imagine that you soak your hair hurriedly in the morning and go out to work or school.

You do not give the shampoo enough time to absorb the oil and beautify your hair. It is also common that you are too busy to brush the shampoo out properly, leaving ugly residues on hair.

At night, the shampoo has more time to take care of your scalps properly and take the oil out. The next morning, your hair is fully dry and ready to be styled.

A few more reasons to use dry shampoo at night : 

  • Your body feels more relaxing at night, and the scalps produce natural oil to lubricate your strands. Sometimes, those glands are overactive and cause greasy situations.
  • If you suffer from oily sweat, dry shampoo is your savior. It will be very helpful to absorb oil from your hair from being flat and greasy.
  • Dry shampooing products will wick the oil out and keep your hair soft and bouncy the very next morning.

As good as it is, you should not use dry shampoo too frequently. It only absorbs the oil and smell instead of cleaning builds-up on your strands. Therefore, you can leave the dry shampoo on your hair for two days in a row and then shampoo as normal.

How Do You Use Dry Shampoo At Night?

Tips to use dry shampoo
Tips to use dry shampoo?

Let’s walk through the best way to apply dry shampoo through the night and review whether your hair care routine is correct or not.

First Knowing Your Hair Types

There are no shampoos for all hairs, and in contrast, they work differently on each type of hair.

  • Greasy hair

Supposing that you have an oily type, you will find dry shampoos most effective as a quick fix. Not only does it work at night, but even after a humid commute or a quick workout session.

  • Natural hair

Natural hair is on the drier and more textured side. You should buy products for specific hairs and colors. For instance, common dry shampoos appear flaky in dark black or brown heads.

  • Curly hair

Curly hair should be treated in a different way. Rather than brush and comb the dry shampoo out once it is dry. Otherwise, it leaves a dry and frizzy look to your curls.

Prepare Before Using Dry Shampoo

Always brush your hair and douse your roots liberally all over. This way, your hair is easy to apply shampoo.

Next, shake the shampoo bottle so that the starch in aerosol formulas will be effectively dispersed and absorptive.

Never Spray Too Close To The Greasy Scalp

Keep the bottle six inches away from your hair and spray the dry shampoo directly at the roots. If your strands are not too dry, you can spray up to a more distance – around 12 inches.

As mentioned, applying the product closely can leave a chalky residue that is difficult to absorb quickly.

Only Apply Shampoo on Greasy Parts

It is neither necessary nor recommended to spray the dry shampoo all over your locks. Your bottle will run out quickly, and it can also lead to abundant residues.

There are chances that the bottom of your hair tips is not greasy, so only apply the product to the top couple inches from the roots. Apply a spritz on the greasiest section and let it sit for a while then before you brush and apply the new spraying shampoo.

Keep The Bottle and Your Hair Moving

The tip is to move the bottle back and forth in a swaying motion to avoid over-concentration on an area.

You could possibly use a brush to comb to distribute the spraying shampoo evenly. Your fingertips are also very helpful. Massage your strands through roots to tails and massage your strands with fingertips so that the powder can contact more oil. During this time, the oil-absorbing powders work and suck up oils and odors from your tresses.

A blow dryer is also used to blast roots and remove dry shampoo powder residue before going to bed.

The next morning, you will wake up with clean, fresh, and soft hair. If you still fìn the hair a bit oily, you can apply a little more dry shampoo on your hair and massage it quickly in one minute.


How Many Days In A Row That You Can Use Dry Shampoo?

The best practice is to use the product two days in a row before you wash your hair completely with regular shampoos.

Many consumers confirm that they use the dry shampoo continuously for five days. However, we will not suggest doing so. You’re better off sticking to the 2-day rule (only use shampoo 2 days in a row).

Using too much dry shampoo will discolor your locks and make them dull quickly. In spite of its name, dry shampoo does not shampoo your hair – It only deals with oils. Using too much dry shampoo, especially on fine hair, even clogs your follicles and causes buildup. In the end, it leads to hair loss and even dermatitis or infections.

If you are crazily busy and want to borrow the hand of the dry shampoo for such a long time. Get started by using dry shampoo for two days in a row and increase the duration gradually – it is a way you train your hair to get used to dry shampoo’s ingredients. Nonetheless, you must detox your hair with regular shampoos and conditioning hair products.

Lastly, as mentioned above, we do not recommend using or leaving shampoo on your scalp for too long. This will affect the health of your hair and scalp in the long run.

Do You Need To Use Regular Shampoo After Dry Shampoo?

Theoretically, dry shampoo does not require being washed out. Builds up in your hair need, though.

We desire to alert you against over-expectation on dry shampooing products as a complete alternative to regular shampoos. Both are helpful in different ways.

The dry shampoos only absorb oils and odors quickly so that your hair will look soft almost immediately. In drawbacks, they are often powder which also picks up more pollutants in the air. Not to mention, using these shampoos too frequently can lead to hair problems as we mentioned above.

The regular shampoos, on the other hand, help clean dirt and build upon your hair while they also provide moisture and conditioning nutrients on the roots.

Is It Ok To Use Dry Shampoos On Newly Colored Hair?

Yes, dry shampoo will not fade or ruin the color away like some other regular hair products.

In contrast, dry shampoo extends the time between the washes, meaning that your dying color can keep its intensity for a longer time.

Nevertheless, you should choose the color of the dry shampoo carefully to match with your dyed color. For example, the purple shampoo will work the best on blonde or silver hair, considering its ability to neutralize brassiness.

Wrapping Up

So yes, you can sleep with dry shampoo in your hair.

We recommend doing so since night is a more favorable time for the product to do its magic. But remember to follow our tips not to leave any residues and damage your tresses.

We all have a detailed answer, and you can now confidently apply the product while you sleep to make the most of it!

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