Can You Use Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair?

Dry shampoos help keep your hair clean without the need for a full shower. Still, the question is, can you use them on wet hair? Click here to find out.

We’ve all been there; there are just some days when taking a full shower just seems impossible. During these times, dry shampoos can be such lifesavers since they can help you keep your hair and scalp clean and free from grease and oil without needing to get wet.

Of course, they have other benefits as well, and various people use them in different ways. Still, there’s one thing most people can agree on: dry shampoos were explicitly made for use on dry hair.

So, How about using it on wet hair? Can you use dry shampoo on wet hair?

In most cases, dry shampoo is still best used only on dry hair. However, the good news is that you can actually use it even on wet hair, but there are certain guidelines you need to follow when doing so.

What are these? Read on to find out.

Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair
Can You Use Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair?

Using Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair – Is It Possible?

As its name suggests, dry shampoo is almost always used exclusively on dry hair since water can make the substance messier and clumpy. If that’s the case, is it possible to use it on wet hair?

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Well, the short answer is No, it’s nearly impossible, but it depends. You are still able to use dry shampoo on wet hair, but it entirely depends on how wet it is.

Since dry shampoo can clump up and become messy when in contact with water, it’s best to hold off on using it on your hair when you’re just fresh out of the shower.

However, when your hair has dried enough so that it’s considered damp instead of dripping, you can apply dry shampoo to your hair to enjoy its benefits on your locks. 

Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is almost always used exclusively on dry hair but you still use it on damp hair

Why Apply Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair – What It Does

So, what exactly are the benefits of applying dry shampoo on wet, or in this case, damp hair? Why should you do it? In this case, applying dry shampoo on wet hair does the following:

Adds Volume to Your Hair

The primary reason to use dry shampoo on wet hair is that it helps to add volume to your hair, making it more lively and fuller than before. This is because the substance acts as a sort of binder and expands your strands, giving it a fuller and thicker feel and appearance. 

In other words, it acts similar to hairsprays but without the stickiness that usually comes with it. Moreover, dry shampoo is perfect when you want your hair to have a natural appearance while adding more texture and volume to it.   

Gives Your Hair a Matte Texture 

If you’re the type to wear lip gloss regularly, you know how frustrating it can be when the wind blows your hair towards your face – and onto your lips. As a result, your hair often ends up being stickier from the gloss, which you may need to wash out again later on.

So, if you want to prevent your locks from sticking onto your glossed lips, applying dry shampoo on your hair before it’s fully dry can give it a more matte texture that’s less prone to sticking.

Gives Your Hair More Grip

Another benefit of using dry shampoo on wet or damp hair is that it gives your hair additional grip so that hair accessories, like bobby pins, don’t easily fall out. 

Moreover, it also makes your hair look less all over the place and frizzy, so you don’t have to worry about how you look even when your hair has dried.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on Wet Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know why you should apply dry shampoo to wet hair, let’s discuss how you should do it. As mentioned, there are guidelines you need to follow when using dry shampoo on wet hair.

Let your hair dry until it’s only damp.

First, let your wet hair dry until it’s no longer dripping but damp. It’s crucial that your hair is already 90% dry when you apply dry shampoo. 

This is because it is any wetter than that, and you might find yourself having stickier hair with clumps instead of gorgeous voluminous locks. However, to avoid over-drying your hair before you can apply the product, it’s best to stick to towel-drying your hair instead of using a blower. 

It may be slower than using a hair blower, but it allows you to retain the right amount of moisture to get the best results.

Part your hair away from the center.

If you’re using dry shampoo on wet hair to add volume, it’s essential that you part your hair away from the center. 

Applying the dry shampoo on the lower sections of your hair ensures you get a more subtle effect when using it to add more volume. It might be more noticeable if you also apply the product where it can be more visible.

Apply your dry shampoo.

Once you’ve parted your hair, you can apply your dry shampoo to your locks. Generally, it’s advisable to use aerosol types of dry shampoos since they’re easier to work with and the product is more evenly distributed than powdered versions.

With that said, to apply the dry shampoo, you need to spray a significant amount of the product, starting from your roots down to the tips. This will give your hair additional volume that’s more natural-looking.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that you spray the product in long strokes to maximize its effects. Also, it’s also best if you avoid spraying it too close to your scalp since it can be tricky to remove later on, even after showering. 

Blow-dry your hair.

Once you have evenly applied enough dry shampoo to your locks, the next step to achieve that fuller-looking hair is to blow dry it. 

Doing so will help seal the product into your strands and help it sustain that volume throughout the day. In most cases, you can just blow-dry the ends and leave the rest to dry naturally. 

Optional: Use hairspray to maintain your hairstyle.

Although dry shampoos can help add more texture and volume to your hair, they don’t really have the same type of holding power that hairsprays do. 

So, if you want to maintain your locks as it is, you can add a bit of hairspray to help keep its appearance all day long.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s to reduce the number of times you wash your hair or to preserve that beautiful hairdo you had done the day before, dry shampoos are undeniably helpful for multiple scenarios. It’s also a handy product you can use when you’re just not up to or cannot take a full shower.

Aside from that, although it’s typically used on dry hair, you can actually use dry shampoo even on wet hair. In fact, applying dry shampoo on wet hair can help you achieve fuller and thicker-looking hair without packing on other products or compromising its natural appearance.

However, this only applies if your hair is damp and not soaking since dry shampoo can become clumpy and sticky when it’s too wet. 

With that said, we hope this article has helped you understand better whether you can use dry shampoo on wet hair or not. 

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