Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Black Hair?

Every blonde knows it is in their best interest to include purple shampoo in regular hair care routines. But what if your hair is black? Can you use purple shampoo on black hair?

Find the answer and more useful information from our article here. We will walk you through all there is to know about purple shampoo on black hair. Let’s get straight into it!

Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Black Hair?

Yes, you can use purple shampoo on black hair. Purple shampoo will not cause damage to your hair.

However, in order to reap the full benefits of using purple shampoo, you must be particular about the product you choose to use and the routine you carry out. 

Purple Shampoo On Black Hair: To use or not to use?

As said in the opening, it is safe to use purple shampoo on black hair. Even though this type of shampoo is mainly recommended for dyed blonde hair, the functions of purple shampoo entail that it can work magic on any hair as long as there is brassiness to be minimized. 

If you have read our other article on purple shampoo for natural blonde hair, you will know that purple shampoo works best on hair with high porosity. If not, don’t worry; we will cover the information again here. 

Porosity in hair refers to how well it takes in and retains moisture, regardless of whether that moisture is from water, oils, or hair products like purple shampoo. High porosity hair dries easily in the air, or dries in itself, is frizzy, and easy to tangle as well as snap. You can also determine if your hair is extra-porous using a quick 3-steps test:

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
  1. Prepare a cup of water. 
  2. Place your hair into the cup. 
  3. Check the speed of your hair sinking. 

Your hair is extra-porous if it sunk quickly to the bottom of the cup.

When you have extra-porous hair, you have hair with open cuticles. These are basically the “gates” for moisture to enter through. The cuticles open when they are often heated, colored, or chemically processed. Here, heated refers to curling and straightening hair with heat.

purple shampoo on black hair
It is safe to use purple shampoo on black hair

Does Purple Shampoo Have Any Benefits For Black Hair?

For the reason above, users with treated hair are the main users of purple shampoo. You can also become a loyal user of purple shampoo if: 

  • Your black hair looks yellow or orange when you are out in the sun
  • You are bothered by the not-so-subtle brassy undertones appearing in your black hair.

The purple shampoo will fix orange hair, correct the tone of your hair and get rid of any brassy hues. So, in a way, you can consider it as darkening your hair. However, the change in color will not be super apparent with black hair. 

While your hair will no longer appear orange or yellow when you are out under the sun, it will not be “blacker” as a result of purple shampoo. 

Get rid of your brassy undertones with purple shampoo
Get rid of your brassy undertones with purple shampoo

However, we do not recommend using purple shampoo on black hair unless you HAVE to because most of the time, purple shampoo’s ingredients are harsh on hair.

If you have decided that you will be using purple shampoo, remember that you still need to be selective of the product you use and know how to use it. 

Things To Consider When Buying Purple Shampoo

There are countless purple shampoo products to choose from in the market. Sadly, this can make the selection process more confusing and overwhelming.

To save you the trouble, we have compiled a checklist of all the factors you need to look into: 

  • Ingredients 

This is primarily where brands and products differentiate themselves. It is also the area that you must invest the most time and effort into researching. 

There are purple shampoos without toxins and damaging components, such as sulfate and paraben. There are also purple shampoos with ingredients that can do “extra” like hydrate or moisturize, straighten, and strengthen. Examples are those that include aloe extract, shea butter, lemongrass, keratin, etc. 

When looking at the ingredients, you will most likely also consider the formulas used. If you are big on using vegan or environmentally-friendly products, this is a good chance to make your judgment. 

Note: If you have allergies, carefully examining the ingredients list is a must. 

  • Scents 

Some purple shampoo products have scents, and some do not. So, if you are sensitive to smell, you should not forget to check what your product smells like.

You can look at the descriptions on the packaging, ask for a tester, or seek advice from the employees. It is also an option to search up reviews and read/listen to what other users have to say. 

  • Instructions

It is usually a good quality indicator if a product has detailed instructions. You should be able to use the shampoo without too much confusion and hesitance. Look for products that have clear and simple-to-follow directions. 

How To Use Purple Shampoo On Black Hair? 

Getting a quality and suitable purple shampoo product only takes you halfway to a thriving and brassy-free head of hair. The other half requires a well-executed routine. 

Here is how you use purple shampoo:

  1. Run your hair under warm water. (Don’t put purple shampoo on dry hair)
  2. Use a towel to pat dry it slightly. Your hair should be damp but not soaked. 
  3. Squeeze a bit of purple shampoo onto your hands and lather it to foam. 
  4. Apply the foam onto your hair and massage your scalp. Make sure the soap is worked well into your hair. 
  5. Let the soap sit for 20 minutes. Rinse the residue off your hands in the meantime. 
  6. Wash off the soap from your hair after 20 minutes. Check that no soapy residue remains. 
  7. Condition your hair as you normally do to complete the procedure. You can use a purple conditioner if you have one readily available. (See also: Do You Need Both Purple Shampoo And Purple Conditioner?)

For the desired results, make sure that you are consistent with this hair care procedure. 

Use purple shampoo correctly to get the desired results
Use purple shampoo correctly to get the desired results

Note: You should NOT use purple shampoo daily (So, do not throw away your regular shampoo!) It is best to use purple shampoo as guided in the product’s instructions. 


Now, you no longer have to ponder about “Can you use purple shampoo on black hair?” If you happen to have other queries, however, you can reach out to us in the comments below. If you know anyone who would benefit from reading this article’s content, please share it with them as well! 

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