Do Lush Shampoo Bars Expire?

Shampoo bars designed and sold by Lush company with the aim of creating a shampoo that will last longer than a liquid shampoo. So, do Lush shampoo bars last longer than normal shampoo? Will they ever expire? Let’s find out the answer to those questions.

Do Lush shampoo bars expire?

The answer is YES. Lush shampoo bars do expire after 14 months. The reason for this expiration date is that Lush uses fresh ingredients for their shampoo bars, so it tends to go bad after a while. 

It is recommended that everyone use the shampoo as soon as possible to avoid the fresh ingredients from going bad. However, if you store your products in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, the product can last up to 14 months.

Lush shampoo bars contain lots of fresh ingredients that could go bad over time -2
Lush shampoo bars contain lots of fresh ingredients that could go bad over time

What if you use the shampoo after the expiration date?

We have talked to the company about this question, and the answer is that you should not use the shampoo bars after they have passed their expiration date. The fresh ingredients in the shampoo might turn into other chemical substances and who knows what they are. 

In most cases, expired shampoo shouldn’t do harm to your skin or your hair, but if the expiration date is passed by too long, they might get you some allergic reactions or even infections.

It is advised to try to use the shampoo in a 14 month period since the manufactured day and in a two month period since you open the box. After 14 months, Lush suggests that you should throw the shampoo bar away to prevent any unwanted reactions to your body.

Lush shampoo bar expiration date and other information are written on the box
Lush shampoo bar expiration date and other information are written on the box

How do you know if your Lush shampoo bar is ruined?

These are the signs for you to know if your Lush shampoo bar is ruined and unusable:

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
  • It has a distinctive smell, different than the original odor
  • Clumpy feel
  • It has different colors, looking bad
  • The effectiveness is not the same as when you used for the first time

When you detect one of those signs with your shampoo bars, stop using it. The fresh ingredients once going bad might be harmful to your skin, your eyes, or your body in general. It is advised to throw away shampoo bars if they’re going bad.

How to keep Lush shampoo bars from going bad?

We have been testing these methods to store soap and shampoo properly. Try one of those methods to keep your bars from going bad:

  • Use a soap bag: A soap bag keeps your shampoo bars from contacting direct water. Therefore, it prevents your soap from going mushy
  • Keep your shampoo bars away from direct sunlight: Direct sunlight makes the soap and shampoo go dry when the alcohol substances vaporize.
  • Pack your soap or shampoo bars into a box if you ever need to travel.
The shampoo bars need to be stored carefully in order to be fresh all the time
The shampoo bars need to be stored carefully in order to be fresh all the time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the expiration date trustable?

Yes. The products have been through some serious testing and the results have to be accepted by the governments before the brands can put them on the box.

2. What happens after the expiration date?

After the expiration date, Lush shampoo bars, which contain fresh ingredients, might go through some chemical reactions that can ruin the experience and nutrients inside the shampoo bars. 

If used after 14 months of using time, it might cause no harm to your hair, but it can also provide no help to your hair either. In some cases, it might not be even good for your hair and your skin at all.

3. Should I throw away my shampoo after the date?

Yes. If you don’t want to throw it away, you can use it for other purposes, just don’t use it on your hair or your skin, because it might not be a great idea.

4. How many times can I use my Lush shampoo bars?

A Lush shampoo bar can provide you with 60 to 80 washes for average hair. However, it would not be strange if you use it too fast or too slow, just because of your different needs.

Closing Points 

So obviously Lush shampoo can expire. It does expire after 14 months and it is suggested that the products be used as soon as possible after purchasing. We hope the information provided in the article is useful to you. Thank you for reading and see you in the next ones!

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