Do You Have To Mix Ion Color Brilliance With The Developer? (Info A to Z) 

Should you be concerned about “Do you have to mix Ion color brilliance with the developer?”. Let’s check out the article below right now to get the ideal answer! 

Color Brilliance is a line of either permanent or semi-permanent hair dye products developed by Ion.

Indeed, it is available in cream or liquid texture to meet various demands. This product line is a collection of high-fashion hair color hues to provide dynamic, theatrical effects.

When you buy an ion color brilliance, like any dye products, one of the first things that comes to mind might be “Do you have to mix ion color brilliance with the developer?” and if you do, “What ratio should you mix?”

Let’s read this article to ease all your concerns regarding this important topic.

Dye your hair at home with Ion color brilliance
Dye your hair at home with Ion color brilliance

How Ion Color Brilliance and Developers work on hair?

The Ion Color Brilliance features advanced ionic technology that uses ionic micro-pigments to create more intense colors. Moreover, the combinations of state-of-the-art technology and adequate natural components play a crucial role in delivering full coverage for unique hair colors.

Meanwhile, developers, also known as oxygen activators, are chemicals that activate the compounds in hair dye. Indeed, hydrogen peroxide contained in the developer opens up your hair’s cuticle for color to penetrate.

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On the other hand, these activators aid in the penetration of the color into the hair shaft for permanent results by lifting the hair’s cuticle layer. Therefore, a developer is an essential part of the toning or bleaching process.

Generally, the combination of Ion color brilliance and developer are considered as an ideal pair to achieve the precise and brilliant hair color. However, the hair color is easy to rinse off before penetrating the hair shaft since the hair cuticle hasn’t been opened enough in case of lacking the developer.

Besides, the quantity of used developers also significantly affect your hair’s final color.

For example, if you use too much developer, the hair might lighten but not absorb enough hair dye, and the color may turn to fade quickly. As a result, make sure you correctly measure the developer when lighting.

Do You Have To Mix Ion Color Brilliance With The Developer?

The short answer is Yes, and No.

You don’t have to mix in color brilliance with the developer. Only if you want to make your hair more visible, you probably use a developer for pre-lightening to use semi-permanent products.

Otherwise, if you are using the Permanent one, mixing it with the developer is essential.

It’s advisable to have proper mixing ratio for the best color result
It’s advisable to have proper mixing ratio for the best color result

How Much Hair Developer Should You Mix With Ion Color Brilliance?

Volume developer

The volume developer you should choose is determined by the outcomes you desire.

If the developer is mixed with the dye, only a tiny amount is needed to lift the hair cuticle just enough for the pigment to slide in.

Opening the cuticle also means a high chance of damaging the hair. So, always use the right volume level as directed below to achieve the desired results while minimizing the possibility of hair damage.

10 volume developer

10 volume developer is the weakest level of developer. It is enough to add a tone or tint to your hair or remove your current hair color. This volume will be more suitable for those with thin hair than thick hair as it will not substantially affect it.

As it is the most negligible effect on the hair, many people like to use a 10 volume developer.

20 volume developer

20 volume developers help lift your hair color by one to two tones. This volume is the most commonly used as it includes 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is a modest quantity.

This developer can be a suitable choice to brighten naturally blonde hair to a sunny golden blonde. Volume 20 is ideal for thick hair since it has enough strength to open the cuticles. Besides, this level is also great for you to hide grey hairs.

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30 volume developer

This volume developer lightens your hair by 2 or 3 levels while allowing more pigment to permeate the hair shaft.

This level is extreme, so you should use it for thick or coarse hair, and not an excellent idea for thin or fine hair as it can cause damage.

30 volume developer is an excellent alternative if you want a lighter, longer-lasting color. Mixing 30 volume developers with bleach may lift your hair brighten light to medium brown.

40 volume developer

When you want to achieve a high-lift without bleach, a 40 volume developer will be an ideal option to lift your hair to 4 tones. This developer will suit bleach dark brown or black hair.

However, the strong bleaching ability also means that it does the most damage to the hair. Besides, the ingredient containing 12% peroxide can result in burns on sensitive scalps.

This is a tip for you if you are self-bleaching your hair. Instead of using a 40 volume developer, you can consider using a 30 or even 20 volume developer and bleaching several rounds to reduce harm to your hair.

And don’t forget to use conditioning treatments and protein builders to protect your hair.

50 volume developer

From this volume and higher, it isn’t recommended to use because it might cause your hair to be burned and destroyed seriously.

However, if you want to bleach your hair extremely bright, you can refer to the tip mentioned in 40 volume development.

Eventually, after you find out the suitable volume, you should mix ion color brilliance with a developer from Ion for the best color result.

Mixing ratio

Proper mixing ratio to provide the excellent color effect
Proper mixing ratio to provide the excellent color effect

To properly activate the chemicals and achieve the most significant effect for your strands, combine in a 1-to-1 ratio, as the manufacturer directs.

If you use too much development in your dye mixture, it will become wet and runny, making the application more difficult. Or even you can apply this mixture. You can lighten your hair but not deposit enough color, resulting in hair fading rapidly and appearing flat.

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5 Simple Steps To Dye Hair With Ion Color Brilliance And Developer

Step 1: Preparation

Some necessary things that you will need before dyeing your hair:

  • A nonmetallic or a plastic bowl with a spoon for mixing. (Over time, the metal bowl will react with some hair color components and lose its effect)
  • Gloves for dyeing more convenience and keeping your hands from hair dye
  • A plastic cape or an old shirt to prevent your clothes from getting dyed
  • Ion color brilliance
  • Developer
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

Step 2: Mix Ion color brilliance with developer

  • Put the dyed color and the developer in the bowl at a ratio of 1-1. For example, if you use 2oz of dye, the amount of (any volume) developer you need is 2oz.
  • Use a spoon to combine the developer and the dye. Make sure the developer and dye are thoroughly mixed.
Prepare the mixture
Prepare the mixture

Step 3: Apply the mixture to your hair

  • Dye your entire hair:
    • Apply the dye all over your head, starting at the ends, and moving gradually to the roots.
    • However, if you are using the color as your regular one, you should start with your roots then give them around 20 minutes to set before moving on to the remainder of your hair.
  • Highlight some areas or make your hair stand out:
    • Divide your hair into sections and color those sections separately.
    • Wrap each section in foil strips to keep the color against the surrounding fibers.
Carefully apply the hair dye on your strands
Carefully apply the hair dye on your strands

Step 4: Manage and control the time after applying

  • 30 to 45 minutes for the product to develop if you’re using a 20 volume developer to cover gray or make a color lighter than your original.
  • 30 to 45 minutes toward a 30 or 40 volume developer.

It is advisable to not leave it longer than the ideal time because the color does not only become inactive after these times but your scalp may also be irritated.

Step 5: Remove the hair dye

  • Rinse your hair well under cold water to remove all chemicals.
  • Apply the color treatment, use the conditioner to your colored hair to replenish nutrients to your strands and roots.

Primarily, you should test your scalp for signs of irritation to the dye by testing a small area of skin first before dyeing all of your hair.

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How long should you leave Ion color brilliance in your hair?

It is advised to leave for 20 to 40 minutes after applying brights to dry hair, whether natural or color-treated.

It would be best to cover the hair with a processing hat and heat it to get more dramatic effects.

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Can I dye wet hair with Ion color brilliance?

Yes, you can. Color your hair while it is still damp. Our strands aren’t any less absorbent. On the contrary, they are more absorbent.

The color formulae we’re using are the sole factor determining whether we should apply to wet or dry hair. But it is hard to dye evenly in wet hair, so your hair may turn out uneven compared to applying on dry hair.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hair
Don’t forget to moisturize your hair

Should I wash my hair before using ion hair dye?

No, you don’t need to wash your hair before applying ion hair dye. Indeed, shampoo might dry your hair and constrain the ability to absorption hair dye since it removes the natural oils on your hair shaft.

Should I shampoo after ion color?

No, it would be best to shampoo the hair after 3 days for the color is set and the cuticle to close. Otherwise, you probably rinse the color off your hair.

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Can I mix semi permanent hair color with conditioner?

Yes, you can blend semi-permanent hair color with conditioner. Moreover, this compound comes in handy for some people who want to refresh their current hair color.

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How long should you wait before washing your hair after dyeing it?

After dyeing hair, it is ideal to wait 72 hours before washing your hair to keep the color long-lasting.

However, it’s ok to shampoo hair 24 hours before using a permanent color and 12-24 hours with semi-permanent hair dye.

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In brief, it might not be compulsory to mix developer with ion color brilliance unless you would like to have visible hair color with semi-permanent products.

Otherwise, if you use permanent products, it is essential to blend the developer with hair dye for the desired exquisite hair color. Also, don’t forget to use the appropriate mixing ratios and follow the instructions to get the results as you wish.

Hopefully, this article will bring you helpful information and make your hair dye safer and more effective. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below to discuss this great topic, and see you in the following article!

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