Does Dry Shampoo Expire? How Long Does It Last?

Does dry shampoo expire? If this question keeps showing in your mind and you are looking for a proper answer, you are at the right place. Like other beauty products, the expiry date of dry shampoo is 2-3 years after use. 

The article below will provide useful information on dry shampoo and some suggestions for you to deal with an expired product. Let’s dive right in!

dry shampoo expire
Does dry shampoo have an expiration date or not?

Will Dry Shampoo Expire?

To your concern, the answer is Yes. Everything has an expiration date, and it would be helpful to acknowledge this issue accurately.

The problem of using expired dry shampoo is worse than you may think. That’s why you should search for information to know the best way to ensure the beauty of your locks. Let’s continue with our article to find out helpful facts about expired dry shampoo.

When Does Dry Shampoo Expire? 

Dry shampoo, like other beauty products, has an expiration date of up to 3 years when stored in good condition and fully sealed.

Once you start using the dry shampoo, it will normally last for up to 12 months. It is the golden time for the dry shampoo to do its best to style your hair.

Or you can check the period after opening (PAO) of the product to see how long it’s best to use after it has first been opened.

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
Double check the expiry date and PAO of the dry shampoo
Double check the expiry date and PAO of the dry shampoo before using it.

Some famous brands of dry shampoo like Wahl’s or Batiste claim that their products don’t have an expiry date. However, if you want to enjoy the most satisfying experience, you had better use it within 12 months or  the period after opening that the manufacturer has given.

You can check the expiration date on the package before using dry shampoo to make sure you use it within the recommended time. 

If you don’t find any information about the expiration date, look for a bar code instead. Some modern hair products use a unique code so that you can search for information on the internet.

The longer you keep using dry shampoo, the less effective it has on your locks. Not only does it lose the original quality, but it also causes huge damage to your locks. That’s why it is a good idea to throw away the old bottle that has passed its prime.

How Can You Tell If Your Dry Shampoo Has Gone Bad?

How long does dry shampoo expire? If you cannot remember the first time you have used dry shampoo, look for one of the following signs and stop using it immediately when it has one of these signs.

When spraying dry shampoo on your strands, you will easily notice the indicators of your product going bad by the strange smell or the change in texture. It will leave a thick layer on your locks with an unpleasant odor and a weird residue.

Another sign is that even after using dry shampoo, your hair still looks oily and messy. That’s because dry shampoo has gone out of date, and it cannot work to its best like before.

Can I Use Dry Shampoo Expired? What Will Happen? 

When dry shampoo expires, it will not work well like before. If you keep using expired hair shampoo, you will likely have hair problems since the quality is decreased.

If the product has just expired not long ago, it will lead you to dull and messy locks. Not only does it cause a bad smell to your hair, but it also has detrimental effects on your locks. Your strands will become dryer and break easily, losing the smooth and shiny look.

dry shampoo is not a good choice
Using expired dry shampoo is not a good choice for your hair.

The ingredients in expired hair products will alter over a period of time, making it less effective than the first day. You will not get the best result of tangle-free and bright locks as you expected. The worst scenario is when you feel itchy on your scalp, even irritation because of the shampoo’s chemical changes.

When Should I Change Dry Shampoo?

If your dry shampoo hasn’t expired yet but you notice a strange change in the smell or texture, you need to stop using it and get rid of the shampoo immediately.

Even the smallest change in your dry shampoo hints at a decline in product quality. Figuring out the issue as soon as possible will save you from damaging your locks.

Even when your dry shampoo is in good condition, switching to a new one does more good than harm. Your hair type will change according to each season and each weather condition. That’s why using the same product for many years is not a wise choice.

pay attention to the unusual signs
Always pay attention to the unusual signs of the dry shampoo when using it.

It is advisable to reevaluate your hair type to have the most suitable hair care product and treatment routine as well. For example, your straight hair welcomes this dry shampoo now, but when you get it permed after a salon visit, your curls may call for another shampoo.

Also, if you notice a change in your hair condition, such as dry hair to oily hair, you should immediately change your hair products to protect your strands.

How To Prolong Your Dry Shampoo’s Shelf Life?

Although most hair products will last for up to 3 years, they will go bad slower or faster depending greatly on your storage. Proper storage will prevent dry shampoo from expiring earlier than the expected time.

The habit of keeping hair products in the bathroom will lead to a shorter life of your dry shampoo. It won’t last long and work effectively if it is prone to high heat and dampness.

An ideal place to store a dry shampoo bottle is a place with the average temperature and lighting option, making it easier for you to preserve the product. A cabinet in your bedroom is a better choice than a shelf in the bathroom.

For unopened dry shampoo, the best advice is to keep it away from heat and direct sunlight. Once you start using dry shampoo, you should use it as fast as possible to avoid losing its effectiveness. Remember to close the lid tightly every time you have sprayed it.

Doing this will minimize the exposure to other components in the air or from other products if you accidentally drop them into the shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Expired Dry Shampoo Cause Baldness? 

There is no conclusive proof that using expired dry shampoo will lead to baldness. However, under no circumstances should you use expired shampoo.

When dry shampoo expires, it will result in the change in ingredients, affecting the quality and cause damage to your strands.

The chemicals in the expired shampoo will cause hair breakage, preventing you from having strong and shiny hair. Harmful components will build upon the hair cuticles, making it big trouble for you when using it after the expiration date.

Expired dry shampoo will lose the ability to absorb all the excess oil on your tresses. Residue will be created and it makes your strands stick together. When you brush your hair, it is likely that a single strand sheds will lead to the shedding of other strands.

What Can You Do With Old Dry Shampoo? 

If your dry shampoo expires but it still has a lot left, there are some ways for you to use it other than spraying on your locks.

Dry shampoo is used for keeping your tresses dry; therefore, it also helps maintain the dry condition of your feet. Wearing high heels or shoes all day will make your feet wet and uncomfortable, especially in the summer.

By adding powder dry shampoo to your shoes before wearing, it will absorb the moisture and leave your feet in a dry condition. You will no longer suffer from the irritating smell of your shoes anymore since dry shampoo will get rid of it at once.

Applying dry shampoo on a stain will make it easier for you to clean the spot. After spraying dry shampoo on the area, use soap and water to finish the cleaning step when you have a stain on your clothes. 

For a carpet, it is advisable to allow for about 20 minutes before vacuuming so that dry shampoo can work its magic to absorb the stain.


After reading the article, we hope that the question of “Does dry shampoo expire?” will no longer bother you when using the product. 3 years is the maximum time you can utilize it. But for the best result, it is highly recommended to check the package carefully and search for information if necessary.

Never spray dry shampoo that doesn’t have a clear expiration date, or else you will have to deal with different hair problems. 

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