Dry Shampoo For Dogs Explained!

Dry Shampoo For Dogs Explained!

Most people have heard of dry shampoo before, but not everyone knows that dogs can use dry shampoo too. Just as our hair gets greasy quickly, so does dog hair, especially since they have more of it.

Dry shampoo for dogs freshens their fur and also works as deodorant. The dry shampoo helps suck pesky oils and odors from their skin and fur, leaving your dog looking and smelling super fresh!

Dog next to a dry shampoo.

As beneficial as dry shampoo is for humans, it's also amazing for dogs!


Besides keeping your dog clean, dry shampoo for dogs comes with many other benefits.

  • Quick & Easy ? Getting a dog to stay still can be a hassle, especially if your dog has a huge personality. The great thing about dry shampoo for dogs is that it requires minimal time, which will keep your dog from getting antsy and moving around.
  • Its Safe ? The ingredients in dry shampoos for dogs tend to be natural and safe. Many dogs have allergic reactions to traditional shampoos. A lot of traditional dog shampoos also have horrible chemicals. However, a dog is less likely to react to dry shampoo, although it isn't impossible.
  • No Groomer Needed ? Many people end up sending their pup to the groomer because it doesn?t like bathing or puts up too much of a fight. With dry shampoo, your dog won?t even know they?re being bathed, and they won?t fight back. If you have a hard time bathing your pup traditionally, try dry shampoo!
  • Customizable ? There are different types of dry shampoos for dogs! You will surely find one that matches your dog?s fur or skin type and their needs.

Types Of Dry Shampoos For Dogs

There are quite a few different dry shampoos for dogs on the market. Each dry shampoo has different ingredients and caters to a separate need. Here are a few of them!

There are dog dry shampoos for dry skin. These help balance the skin with healthy moisture without stripping the fur of too much oil. It only takes what?s unnecessary.

There are also dog dry shampoos that primarily focus on deodorizing. This is the type of dry shampoo you want to buy for a dog that gets smelly pretty fast. This sort of dry shampoo will help your pup smell super fresh without a complicated water wash.

Some dry shampoos are specifically designed for sensitive dogs or dogs with allergies. These dry shampoos are amazing choices because they typically utilize organic ingredients that are gentle on the dog?s skin and fur.

Making dry shampoo for dogs.

There are also DIY dry shampoo recipes available that can be used on dogs. For a DIY dry shampoo, you can mix ? cup of cornstarch, ? cup of baking soda, and 3-5 drops of lavender oil. Sprinkle this powder recipe all over the dog's fur and comb it through. The powder will soak up excess oil and dirt while the oil will give your dog a nice clean scent!