Dyeing Hair Without Developer (All You Need To Know)

Nowadays, dyeing hair is relatively easy. You can dye any color you want by visiting a hair salon or doing it yourself at home. It is such an interesting experience.

In fact, one of the most critical stages that most newcomers are not always aware of is the hair developer, which you must combine with the color to enable it to act on the hair strands.

However, is the developer compulsory while dyeing hair? Well, for the short answer, I would say “Yes.” But it is not that simple. 

Here you can find all the information you need regarding dyeing hair without developer.

What Is The Benefits Of Using A Developer When Dyeing Hair?

A developer is known as an oxidant cream coming with hydrogen peroxide that enables the color to enter the hair strands and then become permanent.

The hydrogen peroxide in the developers lifts the cuticle layer of the hair to make microscopic holes and gaps in it, leaving it more porous. 

As a result, the color pigment can enter the hair cortex easier so that the color molecules will be distributed equally throughout each strand of your hair, providing it a fresh color that you like to show off.

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Overall, the hair developer is essential when dying hair due to the following benefits:

  • Activation: It triggers hair dye after mixing with a hair developer.
  • Consistency: Color blended with cream developer becomes richer and remains in place without dripping. In addition, the hair developer contributes to consistent coverage.
  • Color delivery: It occurs when the hair developer deposits pigment by raising the cuticle layers enough to allow it to enter.
  • Color removal: The hair developer entails opening the cuticle layer overlapping large enough to allow natural hair color pigment to be eliminated from your hair. To be simple, the developer lightens your hair and plays a critical role in the bleaching process. 
  • Enhanced color: The developer helps the final color tones become more intense and remain longer.

The developer level is measured by the oxidizing potential of hair or the amount of hydrogen peroxide it contains. Most hair color and bleach formulas go together with a developer concentration of 10, 20, 30, or even 40. 

  • Volume 10: It is the least powerful developer level, containing only 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is a wonderful choice if you want to go a little darker than the present hair color and do not want to lighten or eliminate any of the current colors. This volume is suitable for those with fine or thin hair because it is not overpowering.
  • Volume 20: It is the most prevalent developer-level since it comprises a modest amount of hydrogen peroxide (6%). Also, it is useful for concealing grey hairs. This volume is ideal for thick hair because it is powerful enough to open the cuticles.
  • Volume 30: It includes 9% hydrogen peroxide and is perfect for changing the color of your hair in numerous tones. It is rather intense, and you should use it if your hair is coarse or thick since it can cause damage to thin or fine hair.
  • Volume 40: It is not suggested for non-professional use because it is pretty powerful with 12% hydrogen peroxide and, if misused, might dry the hair. This developer volume is typically reserved for drastic hair changes in color and should never be applied at home.

Can You Use Hair Dye Without Developer?

The answer is yes. There are several circumstances in which you may use hair color without the hair developer, such as temporary color or semi-permanent color. Despite that, remember that the effect would not be the same as it would with permanent hair colors.

You should not dye your hair without a developer. 
You should not dye your hair without a developer.

The reason is that permanent hair dye can not change your hair’s color if it is not used in conjunction with a developer to open the hair cuticle and allow the pigment to penetrate the hair shaft. 

In other words, unless you use a developer, your hair can not likely get the color from the permanent dye, and as a result, you will not get the color you want. Rather, it just leaves a temporary color to coat the hair.

What Happens If You Use Hair Dye Without Developer?

Fortunately, there will be no severe consequences once you dye your hair without a developer.

A hair dye and developer are two separate entities, but they need each other to give support and bring the expected consequences. To develop the hair dye into its ultimate hue, these oxidative pigments need a developer containing hydrogen peroxide to help the colors penetrate the hair more effortlessly, which is the reason why it is referred to as a developer.

In case you color your hair without using a hair developer, you may have to deal with the following situations:

Undesired color

To develop the color into its ultimate hue, oxidative colors require developers, which contain hydrogen peroxide. 

Without it, the hair dye needs to develop on its own, owing to oxygen in the atmosphere. 

However, it will take a few days, and you have to ensure that your hair would be maintained its damp situation to prevent it from drying out, which sounds nonsense. 

Uneven color

Without developer, there is nothing to help lift the cuticle layer, the color pigments are prevented from penetrating the hair cortex.

Therefore, it leads to the color to disperse unevenly and spottily. 

Temporary color

Unless you use a developer, the color will not last long. It is because the hair color is capable of depositing color molecules on the hair. It can only be applied to the hair if the hair cuticles are open. Using a developer may help open them so that the dye can readily permeate into the hair strands. 

Hair dye with a developer can persist for about three to four weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair. Without a developer, it can just stay for about two weeks.

Can You Use Permanent Hair Color Without Developer?

Without a doubt: No, you cannot.

As mentioned, permanent hair dye is only effective when combined with hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, the developer is indispensable if you desire the most long-lasting and even coloring results using a permanent dye.

You should use permanent hair dye with a developer for the best results. 
You should use permanent hair dye with a developer for the best results.

It is because using permanent hair color; you need to use hydrogen peroxide to lift the hair. This procedure opens the hair’s cuticle layer, allowing color molecules to access the cortex and deposit color.

What Can You Use Instead Of Developer For Hair Dye? 

Regarding dyeing, no other component can substitute developer. You can, however, use different dye products to dye your hair the way you desire without needing a developer.

Plant-based colors 

The colors coming from plants like henna and indigo are ideal alternatives to permanent hair dye. They are the safest because they do not require alkali to invoke.

All you have to do is combine the plant component with boiling water to make a paste. Then, use the mixture to your hair and let it stay on for an hour or so.

Semi-permanent hair dye

These hair colors are simple to use because they come ready to use. There are no developers required, and all you have to do is combine the dye and put them on your hair. There will be no oxidative procedures or replacements required.

Demi-permanent hair dye

Finally, this type of hair dye combines semi-permanent and permanent colors. It will be a blend of primary pigments that have been produced and underdeveloped para-hair dyes.

Because its hair color precursors are oxidative, they must combine with oxygen so that they can develop.

Does Ion Permanent Hair Color Need Developer?

The answer is yes. Ion permanent hair color comes with pure ionic micro pigments offering your hair a rich color. It enters the cuticle of the hair and remains inside the cortex.

Because this hair color absorbs into each strand of hair, it merges in with the hair. High lift shades may elevate your hair up to five levels without bleaching it.

The hair developer acts in accordance with the color intensity. It aids in the penetration of the dye into your hair. Therefore, if using Ion permanent hair color without a developer, chances are you will not see a change in color in your hair.

What Developer To Use With Ion Permanent Hair Color?

You should use Ion permanent hair dye with Ione developer for the best results. Wheat germ protein in Ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer protects the hair from scalp irritation. It helps maintain the hair healthier, firmer, and smoother during and after coloring. Also, Ion developer aids in lifting the cuticle layer, allowing dye molecules to permeate the hair.

Furthermore, it disintegrates the chemical links in your hair to guarantee melanin elimination. It even combines with ammonia found in artificial hair dye to promote oxidation.

So, you may be asking what ratio you should mix the Ion permanent hair color and the Ion developer.

The answer is that whether you apply to highlighted or pre-lightened hair, you should use a 1:1 ratio. Remember that the stronger it is and the lighter your hair, the greater the volume. 

Once you have two ounces of Ion permanent hair dye, you will need two ounces of 10 Volume Ion developer for a gentle and straightforward dye. Or else, you can mix two ounces of Ion color with two ounces of 30 or 40 volume Ion developer for high lift blonde hair.

Simply combine Ion hair dye and developer and apply the resulting combination to the hair. You should apply from the roots first and then to the ends if desired.

If you are a beginner and intend to color your hair without the developer, let’s watch this video to know what may happen:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Mix A Developer And A Hair Dye From Different Brands?

Yes, you can mix a developer with a hair dye from different brand if the hair developer is designed for the type of hair dye you are using (semi-permanent & demi-permanent versus permanent color).

At that time, please note that any assurances provided by the supplier of the dye formula you are using are probably cancelled.

When Will You Use A 10-Volume Developer For Hair Dyeing?

Indeed, a 10 volume developer produces no lift and merely opens the hair cuticle, allowing the dye to accumulate in the cortex. 

As a result, it is usually used to deposit deeper colors with permanent hair dye or simply to tone to undertake color correction, such as toning highlights to prevent it from brassy hair. 

It is also excellent for longer-lasting red hair.

Is It Possible To Conceal Grey Hair With Ion Permanent Hair Dye?

Yes, it is. Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color comes in a variety of opulent hues. Its pure ionic microparticles are used in superior ionic innovation for a more vibrant color deposit.

So, it enters your hair’s cuticle layer and settles in the cortex, providing 100 percent faultless gray covering without affecting the hair’s original hue.

You can make use of the Ion permanent hair dye to conceal your unwanted grey hair. 
You can make use of the Ion permanent hair dye to conceal your unwanted grey hair.

Should You Dye Your Hair With Dirty Or Clean Hair?

Before dyeing it, you should leave your hair dirty because natural oils can protect it against harsh chemicals.

Besides, the grease acts as an additional layer, causing less breakage and damage to your hair and discomfort to your scalp when you disintegrate the cuticle. Indeed, the more oil your hair has, the better your protection during the dyeing and bleaching procedure.

Also, clean hair may leave your hair colorist’s job more challenging, especially once he is applying a paint-on method like balayage. When the hair is thoroughly rinsed, it has more flyaways, making it more challenging to get the baby hairs or new hairs down as well as dyed.

Final Thoughts

In general, dyeing hair without a developer is not recommended for those who prefer to dye a permanent color.

In fact, the developer brings a lot of benefits in temporary or permanent dyeing so you had better use one for the best results. If you are concerned about dyeing hair without a developer, I hope this article helps. 

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