Four Things No One Told You About Dry Shampoo

Four Things No One Told You About Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo isn't new phenomena to have occurred in the hair and beauty industry, so it's surprising to see people still incorrectly use and apply this product. In fact, dry shampoo first hit the beauty markets around the 1960's, and Twiggy was one of the first models advertising for such a marvel.

A lot of the time people incorrectly apply dry shampoo, which ends up tearing apart and damaging their hair to the point of no return.

It pains hair experts to see people constantly misusing dry shampoo, and we are here to tell you what mistakes to avoid os you can make the most out of your dry shampoo.

Keep reading for tips on dry shampoo so you can become an expert in the field and maintain your healthy hair in the process.

1. Only Use It On Dry Hair

For some people, this may be obvious, but dry shampoo only works best on dry hair. For those who have any resemblance of wet hair, you want to avoid using dry shampoo because it'll only further damage your hair.

Apply on Dry Hair

2. Keep A 6-inch Distance From Scalp

To prevent an absurd amount of dry shampoo build-up on your scalp, you should spray it a minimum of six inches away from your scalp. If you spray it too close, the dry shampoo will clump in your hair, and it'll be impossible for you to separate it apart.

Applying Dry Shampoo From A Distance

Keep in mind that this rule of thumb is only applicable when you?re using an aerosol form of dry shampoo.

3. Do Not Apply To The Top Of Your Head

A lot of people incorrectly apply dry shampoo to the top of their head not being aware that the best place to apply it would be underneath your head. You?ll notice that if you do apply dry shampoo on the outer surface of your hair, a thick white layer of residue will mat down your hair which causes it to appear lifeless as well as not voluminous.

Do Not Apply To The Top Of Your Head

To achieve the opposite effect, you should section your hair into separate layers and continue to lift each section to spray underneath. Make sure to apply it close to the root of your hair rather than the ends because you?ll prevent the appearance of any white residue.

4. Avoid Touching Your Hair At All Times

The point of dry shampoo is to absorb all the built-up oil that makes your hair appear lifeless, so you'd be removing the purpose of dry shampoo when you continuously run your hands through your hair.

If you were to touch your hair after you correctly apply copious amounts of dry shampoo, the oils already present on your fingertips will transfer to your hair which will make it completely oily again. This action entirely defeats the purpose of applying dry shampoo in the first place.

Touching Hair Will Make It More Greasy


Hopefully, now you have a thorough understanding of how to apply dry shampoo, and you can safely say that the common misconceptions you used to have about dry shampoo have been expelled from your mind.

If you were to follow these guidelines when you apply dry shampoo, you could avoid making the mistakes most individuals make and enjoy