Can I Bleach After Using Color Oops?

Color Oops is known as a hair color remover that removes artificial hair dyes.

Hydrosulfite is a unique component of this product. Without using bleach, peroxide, or ammonia, hydrosulfite swiftly degrades the dye molecule, effectively eliminating the coloring from your hair.

As a result, people choose Color Oops to eliminate their current hair color. Yet, many others are excited about getting their hair bleached after applying stripping solutions to remove an undesired hue.

“Can I bleach after Color Oops ?” You will learn the truth with interesting facts about this topic. Give it a go!

Color Oops - one of the effective hair color removal products. 
Color Oops – one of the effective hair color removal products.

Can I Bleach After Using Color Oops?

Yes, if your hair is still in good condition after a Color Oops, you can bleach it right away. Regardless, doing so is not a good idea.

Color Oops can only remove the color that occurs during the dyeing process in the oxidation reaction. Its purpose is to dissolve the peroxide bonds in permanent dyes, allowing the color molecules to be washed away.

As a result, it can reduce color buildup and restore your natural hair color, but it will not completely eliminate it.

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Bleaching, on the other hand, removes color pigment from your hair and leaves a lighter base for re-dyeing. It will strip your hair of all colors, including your natural pigment, leaving it dry, brittle, and brassy.

For instance, if you want dazzling blond from dark brown hair, you will need to bleach it.

Now you know the difference between Color Oops and hair bleaching.

Remember not to attempt them because both are harmful, even if you believe your hair is healthy enough to handle these two methods. You can wind up with broken and heavily damaged hair, and the only way to fix it is to cut a few inches off.

What To Do Before Bleaching Hair After Using Color Oops?

Consider the condition of your hair after using Color Oops and before bleaching your hair
Consider the condition of your hair after using Color Oops and before bleaching your hair

Your hair is still healthy

If you use Color Oops to remove the color from your hair and your hair is not brittle or straw-like when dried, you are safe to go on.

Your hair is not healthy

However, you should use deep conditioning treatments if it is not healthy enough. By strengthening your hair with rigorous hydration care, you will help it regain some of the hydration lost, reducing frizz.

You can apply the coconut oil to your hair as a hair mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. Coconut oil will penetrate the cuticle of your hair, restoring hydration and assisting the mid and ends of your hair.

How Long Should You Wait To Bleach After Color Oops?

“How long should I wait to bleach after Color Oops?” is a matter of concern for many people.

If your hair’s health is so terrible that you can not wait a day and want to bleach your hair right after it has been stripped, be prepared to wait. Your hair does not want you to bleach it just after removing the color.

As mentioned above, both color removal and hair bleaching are harmful to your hair and scalp since they remove the natural oils and hydration. Even though it is reasonable that you do not want to walk around with an unattractive hair color, remember that you still want your hair to be healthy.

As a result, it is recommended that you should wait seven to ten days to bleach your hair after Color Oops. This break time will help your hair to recover its hydration and rest.

Despite that, you will likely notice a difference after a few days and a few washes and enjoy that hue. You will not need to bleach any farther in such an instance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you start with Color Oops or bleach?

It is a typical aesthetic question that causes controversy among many people.

If you choose the former, it may take up to 10 rounds of Color Oops before your natural color emerges, and if you choose the latter, you risk damaging your hair.

To get rid of any undesired pigmentation in your hair, you should always start with Color Oops.

If there is still some color remaining after that, you can use a bleach product to remove it.

Because there is no natural oil left in your hair due to eliminating its original pigment throughout either process, it will feel dryer than usual. So do not forget to use a conditioner.

Finally, keep in mind that both procedures contain chemicals that could harm your hair over time if performed poorly or too frequently without proper maintenance in between sessions.

Is Color Oops Bad For Your Hair?

In general, Color Oops will not harm your hair as this product contains no substances that can worsen the situation, such as ammonia or bleach. It just opens the cuticle, binds to the pigment, and washes away with it.

For the best result, you should correctly apply the product. Do not forget to follow the directions and do not miss anything.

Is it true that Color Oops removes bleach?

Because bleach is not a color, you can not use Color Oops on bleached hair.

By breaking up the molecules of your natural pigment, hydrogen peroxide lightens it. As a result, it removes color rather than the other way around.

How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair?

Washing hair less frequently

Your hair is weak and prone to breakage in the first three weeks after bleach treatment. Shampoo removes even more of the natural oils required for hair development and health from the cuticle.

On non-wash days, wear a shower cap and wash your hair every three to four days. By including a dry shampoo into your hair care routine, you can extend the time between washes as much as feasible.

After bleaching your hair, you should avoid washing your hair often. 
After bleaching your hair, you should avoid washing your hair often.

Enhancing hair condition

Washing your hair less frequently does not imply that you should entirely abandon your hair care routine.

Because bleaching your strands causes them to become extremely dry, replacing your shampoo with nourishing conditioners and deep conditioners is critical.

Using moisturizing conditioners will help restore hydration to weakened hair and repair it for smoothness and luster. To get the most moisture out of your hair, make sure all your products are formulated for bleached hair.

Making use of a hair mask

If your hair has been bleached, you should use a mending hair mask once a week. Alternatively, try one of these super-hydrating DIY hair masks for damaged hair.

Skipping heat styling

When you use hot tools on bleached hair, you put greater stress on dry, susceptible strands.

Skipping hair styling so as not to expose your bleached hair to more damage. 
Skipping hair styling so as not to expose your bleached hair to more damage.

Allowing your hair to air dry is the ideal option, but if you must blow-dry it or use other hot equipment for style, you must use a protective blowdry primer for hair beforehand.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Color Oops  Scent Out Of Your Hair?

Color Oops contains a sulfur base, which has a strong odor. It smells like rotten eggs, according to several people.

But do not worry because that is the fragrance of most color removers.

To avoid this unpleasant smell, rinse well and then use a highly scented conditioner, leaving it on overnight to decrease odor. The scent will assist in masking the sulfur odor.

Another option is to use a clarifying shampoo followed by a leave-in conditioner or hair mask for a couple of hours. It will alleviate the odor while also repairing some of the harm caused by the remover.

If you first come to use Color Oops, check out this video for more information. It will help:

Final Words

So you are free to bleach after Color Oops, but we do not recommend it because it may negatively impact your hair’s condition.

Our responses to this question, as well as relevant information, are listed above. We hope that the information provided here will assist you in attaining healthy hair.

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