How Much Does It Cost To Bleach And Dye Hair At A Salon?

Do you like to use bright colors to highlight your hair, such as platinum, green, ombre, and so on? If you answered yes, you must first complete the bleaching process.

Bleaching hair is not an easy process and may harm your hair if not done correctly. Therefore, many people go to hair salons to get better results and minimize damage.

Yet, several of them are concerned about “How much does it cost to bleach and color hair at a salon?”

This article will provide you with all of the information you need before visiting a salon. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

What Happens When Bleaching Hair?

Hair bleaching removes the melanin layer from the hair using hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These substances will break down the hair cuticle cells, causing significant oxidation and fading your original hair color, leaving you with white or gray hair.

Bleaching is a painful procedure that causes significant hair damage. Indeed, your hair will be harmed after bleaching and dying new hair; it is only a matter of more or less.

As a result, many people visit a hair salon to have their hair bleached and colored in order to minimize the damage. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Bleach And Color Hair At A Salon?

In all, you will have to pay from $280 to $380 to have your hair bleached and dyed at a hair salon. This expense has been covered several smaller amounts:

  • Hair bleaching costs range from $150 to $200, depending on the length of your hair, your hair type, and its existing color. Remember that the darker your natural hair color is, the more bleaching sessions you will require and the higher the cost.
  • Be prepared to spend extra for hair toning and coloring on top of the cost of bleaching. The cost of a toning service varies from $20 to $40, while hair dyeing at a salon may cost you around $50 to $80.
  • Color-safe shampoo and conditioner also set you back an extra $60.
Bleaching and dyeing hair at a salon may cost you $280 to $380. 
Bleaching and dyeing hair at a salon may cost you $280 to $380.

Why Should You Visit A Salon To Have Your Hair Bleached And Dyed?


First, a hairstylist has much more bleaching experience.

They most likely bleach their hair multiple times every week, whereas the average person bleaches their hair once a month at most.

As a result, they may have a comprehensive understanding of hair bleach and bleach hair more quickly and safely.

High-quality products

You may use low-quality, off-brand, low-cost hair color and bleach products, but you do not know. They are likely to contain less expensive components and harmful additives for your hair and do not work as effectively.

On the other hand, hairstylists may access top-of-the-line premium products that the general public cannot buy, even online.

Hairstylists can provide you with high-quality products.  
Hairstylists can provide you with high-quality products.

Corrective color

It can be costly to wait for a hairdresser to correct your color. To eliminate hair color and attempt to reach your preferred hue, you will need several visits and hours of work.

How Long Will You Spend In A Salon?

You may spend up to three hours at the salon bleaching your hair. Then, the dying procedure will take an extra two hours.

While it may be a tedious and exhausting process, it is necessary to get a gorgeous appearance. Every minute spent in a salon is time well spent. 

When you have your hair done by a professional, the chances of it spoiling are minimal. You can also expect a successful makeover.

What To Remember When Having Your Hair Bleached And Dyed At A Salon?

Before Having Your Hair Bleached And Dyed

  1. Allow your natural hair to grow out as much as possible so that the color will be consistent after bleaching.
  2. Postpone shampooing one week before going to the salon.

As the hair’s natural oils serve as a thin barrier between the hair strands and the bleach, it is essential for your hair to be unclean and have a little oil on the shaft. 

In addition, the hair’s natural oils help cover the scalp, making the bleaching process less harsh. So if you wash your hair the day or even the day before, you eliminate barriers from the hair, leading to exposing your scalp to chemical processing irritation.

  1. Give your hair deep conditioning treatment a week prior to the day you apply the bleach. This will hydrate the hair and reduce the dryness caused by bleaching products.

Before the appointment, using moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and treatments will help your hair achieve the greatest possible condition.

  1. Remove heat a few days before the visit because heat styling may result in heat damage or dehydration. 

Keep your hair as hydrated and healthy as possible to combat this situation.

You should moisturize your hair before going to a salon. 
You should moisturize your hair before going to a salon.

After Having Your Hair Bleached And Dyed

Maintain the hair’s moisture

When you bleach your hair, you lift the cuticles, which causes your hair to lose moisture quickly. The protein structure of the hair is also harmed by bleaching. 

This can cause hair to dry out, break, split, and seem damaged and ragged over time.

As a result, hair conditioning treatments can aid in the restoration of strength, hydration, and repair of bleached hair, as well as the maintenance of your desired color.

Use purple shampoo

A specific products to to keep bleached and organge-dyed hair healthy and avoid the almost-inevitable brassiness. Purple pigments in this shampoo will assist in keeping undertones at bay.

Purple shampoo is unnecessary if you are on significant damage control. Still, it is worth considering if your hair is in good shape and you want to keep the tone as consistent as possible after a salon appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Bleaching Your Hair At Home Cost?

Hair bleaching items are available in various sizes and shapes. 

Bleaching powder is available in either packs or tubs. If you know you will be bleaching your hair for several sessions, buying bleaching powder inside a tub is a good idea.

Hair bleach is inexpensive, ranging from $4 to $5 for one pack to $30 for a larger tub and everything in between. Hair bleaching kits are also available for roughly $10.

The gloves, bleach powder, developer, brush, and mixing tub are all included in these packages. In a nutshell, it provides everything you will need for a bleaching process at home.

Take into account the hair’s length and thickness. Furthermore, if you want hair to go from jet black to platinum blond, for example, two bleaching sessions are required, which may double the amount of bleach powder you will need.

How Much Does Coloring Your Hair At Home Cost?

Highlighting and coloring short hair costs $60 to $70 on average, whereas longer hair costs $90 to $150 or more.

Hair color kits for at-home use range from $5 to $40.

You can bleach and dye your hair at home. 
You can bleach and dye your hair at home.

What Are Some Tips To Care For Your Hair After Bleaching and Dyeing At A Salon?

  • Use the proper shampoo, and do not over-wash your hair

The faster the color fades, the lighter the color is dyed. As a result, if you want to retain your hair color for as long as possible, you should use a colored hair wash.

You should concentrate on shampoo selection, opting for purple shampoo for bleached hair or specialist shampoo for colored hair, and avoiding sulfate-based shampoos.

Remember that you should choose a shampoo that can protect dyed hair color but do not overdo it with the oil and wash your hair more than once a week.

  • Wash your hair correctly

You should also use a wide comb to untangle your hair before washing it gently.

Avoid untangling your hair while washing because the hair after bleaching is considerably weaker than when it is in its natural state. Also, it is easy to break once it is saturated in water.

Moreover, washing water should also be cool because too hot water damages bleached hair and scalp.

  • Enhance conditioner

The conditioner nourishes hair and aids in repairing hair that the hair bleaching procedure has damaged. It also smoothes and nourishes hair better than shampoo alone.

  • Make use of a hair mask

Bleached hair is relatively weak, making it easy to break. One of the ways to recover damaged hair and make it healthier is to use a hair mask. 

Try a honey mask, yogurt mask, banana mask, or avocado mask to nourish your hair after bleaching.

Hair mask is useful after bleaching
Hair mask is useful after bleaching
  • Limit swimming 

When swimming, no matter how well you protect and cover your hair and scalp, water will still get into them.

Meanwhile, the chemical makeup of the swimming pool water is harmful to the hair and even the scalp. 

As a result, after bleaching your hair, you should avoid swimming as much as possible to avoid the maximum amount of damage that pool water can bring to your hair.

  • Minimize the use of heat 

After bleaching, dyeing hair becomes weak, so it needs careful care. 

Every time you go out, you should roll your hair or wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair from the sun. 

After shampooing, you should let your hair dry naturally and limit the use of heat on your hair. The high heat from hairdryer and styling machines causes hair to fade quickly, especially light dyed tones.

If it is necessary to use hair tools, apply or spray a hair conditioner to create a protective layer. Even so, avoid exposing your hair to high temperatures for the best hair care.

For more information, check out this video:

Final Words

Bleaching and dyeing your hair at home or a salon is up to you. Both have their pros and cons.

If you are planning on visiting a hair salon, this article has provided you with helpful information on “How much does it cost to bleach and color hair at a salon?”

We hope that this article will assist you in deciding where to get your hair changed.

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