How To Grow Dreadlocks From Short Hair?

Ever seen a person with alluring dreadlocks but wondered if your short hair could do it. Well, it is not as difficult as it might look. With the proper tools and right techniques, you can flaunt the cool dreadlocks look.

Dreadlocks are the most iconic and voguish hairstyle today. But if you have short hair, you might have thought that this hairstyle is not for you.

To your surprise, dreadlocks are best grown from shorter hair. Following the correct steps, if you grow dreadlocks from shorter hair, they will be healthier and stronger when the hairs grow.

To get you the cool dreads hair look, we have covered a detailed guide on how to grow dreadlocks from short hair. Get your hands on the few things that you will need and give this classic style statement a try.


To nail the perfect, eye-catching look of dreadlocks, you will need a few things. They include:

  • Soft  Bristle  Brush 

The soft bristle brush is the primary item you need when going for this hairstyle. It is used primarily in all the methods for dreadlocks but most importantly needed for the brushing/sponge method.

  • Dread Sponge

To get the salon-style look by yourself, you will need a dread sponge. A dread sponge works best for coarse hair and is the most effective item to create dreadlocks. On short hair, it even works better than a bristle brush.

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Shampoos Hub
  • Dreadlock Cream 

The magical item that will hold and mold your dreadlocks in position is a moisturizing dreadlock cream.

When buying any cream product, make sure it is 100% organic as it creates no side effects on your body.

  • Rattail Comb 

The last thing you will need is a rattail comb. This comb is ideal for twisting the hair from roots for creating dreads like a professional.


There are different techniques to get shorter hair dreadlocks. Here we will discuss five most effectives techniques. Read below and see what works the best for you.

Brushing Method

This method works best for hair 2-3 inches in length. For this method specifically, you will need your soft bristle brush, dread sponge, a moisturizing dreadlock cream, hair elastic/hair clips, and a hairdryer.

Step 1: 

With the soft bristle brush or the dread sponge, make small circular motions into your hair. It is best to use the dread sponge for this purpose, but the bristle brush works fine too.

Work the brush into your hair until small hairballs are formed. Once done, move to the next section of your head and keep going till you cover all the hair.

Brushing Method
Make small circular movements on the head with the soft bristle brush.

Step 2: 

When all the hair has spun into small balls, take the dreadlocks cream and apply it on each ball section of your hair individually. This cream will hold the dreadlocks in place.

Use dreadlocks cream or balm for each hairball. 
Use dreadlocks cream or balm for each hairball.

Step 3:

Next, take some elastic bands or small hair clips and put them individually on the balls near the root of your hair. But be careful not to put them too tight into the hair, or they will hurt your scalp and result in hair fall.

If you have coarse hair, you can skip this step. In this case, you will need to coil the hair real tight so they do not move out of place.

To avoid shifting your hair, you need to coil them tightly. 
To avoid shifting your hair, you need to coil them tightly.

Step 4: 

Just wait 3 hours for your hair to dry naturally or if you don’t have the patience, blow-dry your hair on the lowest setting. And after that, your dreadlocks will still grow.

Make sure not to touch your hair or sleep while the hair dries, or else your dreadlocks will not turn out as good as you want them to be.

Need to wait 3 hours patiently for best results 
Need to wait 3 hours patiently for best results.

Twisting Method (Mini Lock Twisting)

The second method for getting dreadlocks on shorter hair is the twisting method. This technique works best for hair 2 inches in length. You will need a rattail comb, dreadlocks cream, hair elastic (optional), and a hairdryer for this technique.

Step 1:

For this technique, you have to start by separating the hair into 1×1 inch square sections. You can also wet the hair if it is getting difficult to get the knots out for a smaller section of hair.

You can use hair elastic or small clips to hold the hair in place if you partition all hair at one time. You can partition them one by one, but it is better and easier to section all the hair first, tie them up with the elastic band and then move to the next step.

Divide your hair evenly into small 1x1 inch squares
Divide your hair evenly into small 1×1 inch squares

Step 2:

Take a generous amount of the dreadlocks cream and apply it to the hair you just sectioned. Rub the cream thoroughly through the hair section by section.

Dreadlocks wax or cream
Dreadlocks wax or cream are still the ingredients needed to create the perfect hairstyle.

Step 3:

In the third step, insert the rattail comb to the roots of the hair section and start twisting while you pull the comb out.

Keep twisting until you reach the end of the hair strands, and make sure to keep the hair into the comb teeth as you twist and pull. Repeat the same process for all the sections of your hair.

Make the 1×1 inch square sections in horizontal lines. And cover the hair section-by-section and then line-by-line. These sectioned lines will give you a defined dreadlocks look.

At this step, you can tie the hair sections again with the elastic band to secure them properly. But this is not a necessary step if you applied a generous amount of dreadlock cream.

The best way to style your hair
The best way to style your hair is to do them in horizontal lines.

Step 4:

The last step is pretty much the same for both methods. Let the dreads dry for three hours minimum. Use a hairdryer to ensure they are dried completely.

If you can get your hands on a hooded hair dryer, that works best for the twisting method. It provides an even flow of air throughout the hair. And ensures that each section of hair dries out properly.

If you do not have one, the regular hair dryer works perfectly too.

completely dry this hairstyle
You need to use a hair dryer to completely dry this hairstyle.

Double/ Triple Twist Method 

This method is similar to the mini lock twisting method but with slight differences.

Step 1: 

With the help of a comb or your fingers, section the hair into separate squares. The squared partitions ensure the round growth of the dreadlocks. If sectioned roughly, the hair might grow flat.

Step 2: 

Now take a section and partition it further into two or three strands depending upon the thickness of the hair. Twist the sections individually and apply the loc cream while you twist. Make sure to twist all of them in the same direction.

Step 3: 

In the third step, you have to twist the strands around each other.

One thing to make sure in this step is that you twist the strands in the direction opposite to the one you chose in the second step.

For example, if in step no. 2, you twisted the individual strands in the right direction, now you will twist the separate strands around each other in the left direction. These opposite twisting directions will make sure that the dreads hold the twist firmly.

Twisting your hair
Twisting your hair in the opposite direction will help your dreads twist well.

Step 4: 

Now tie up the hair strand in the bottom and repeat the same for all other hair sections.

The hair will grow within the locs, but you need to rub them and twist in the anti-clockwise direction to secure the new hair growth.

Partition your hair to make dreadlocks easier
Partition your hair to make dreadlocks easier.

Locking from the Plats/Brads 

This method is the easiest one to grow dreadlocks from short hair. It works best for short and textured hair.

STEP 1: 

Section your hair, spacing them apart evenly. Make the sections in squares. Secure them with clips, so the different hair sections don’t mix up.


Now start braiding each section, but you don’t need to braid too tight, as it will put stress on the hair roots.

STEP 3: 

When done with one section, secure it with a rubber band. Repeat the same step for all the sections.

Locking from plats is one of the simplest methods for short hair
Locking from plats is one of the simplest methods for short hair

Locking from plats is one of the simplest methods to start dreadlocks on short hair. It is the best option for people with an active lifestyle.

Latching Dreads

The latching dreads method works perfectly for African short hair. It holds the hair firmly and ensures secured locs on coarse hair.

Step 1: 

With the help of a rattail comb, section the hair into small squares, and secure them with hair clips.

Step 2:

Now starting from the back, take a hair section and add a hairband at the end of the section. Tie the hair band tightly.

Step 3:

To create a loc, pass the dread through itself repeatedly. Make sure that you pass it from an alternate direction every time.

You can use your fingers if there is enough space. As you work your way through the dread, you will need the latching tool. And when you reach near the scalp, you can use the loose hair tool to lock in the last twist firmly.

The latching dreads method helps keep hair firmly.
The latching dreads method helps keep hair firmly.

For maintaining the dreadlocks from the latching dreads method, you don’t have to rub the hair in any direction. Instead, you will need to latch the new hair growth for a secure setting.

Temporary Dreadlocks 

In addition to the above ways, you can also seek help from temporary dreadlocks.

Using real hair: Divide your hair into small squares of 2.5 cm and cover with wax. Roll them in your fingers tightly. Then style with a blow dryer or straightener. Dryers will give you round locks, while irons will give you flat locks.

Use man-made fibers: If you do not want to be too troublesome, you can use synthetic dreadlocks.

To ensure the health of your hair, the above styles should only be left for a few days. These temporary dreadlocks are simple, very easy to make. They are also a good choice if you want to try out your look with dreadlocks.


These are the easiest and most widely used methods to get the iconic dreadlock look. Besides these methods, a few additional tricks and tips will help you achieve your dream hairstyle effortlessly.

Read below and find the seven tricks that will help you with the iconic look.

  • Dreadlocks are a high maintenance hair look. They need proper care and attention. You need to develop an effective hair regime if you go for this hairstyle.
  • For maintaining and soothing your hair, brushing is important. But never comb your hair with dreadlocks. You can brush them with a soft bristle brush.
  • When the hair grows, you need to twist them side-by-side, so the dreads stay in shape. You have to check that you keep the direction the same as the first time while you twist.

Every single time you twist your hair, it needs to be done in the same direction, or else your locs might unravel.

  • The dreadlocks are at most risk of damage at the time when you sleep. The best way to save your hair from damage while asleep is to cover them up with a dread sock. Dread socks are breathable for hair and prevent them from breaking or any other damage.
  • You need to keep your dreadlocks moisturized and hydrated. Rough locs tend to break hair often. So always try to keep a good hair cream with you and apply it regularly to nourish your hair deeply.
  • Clockwise rubbing is a technique in which you gently rub the roots of the dreadlocks. The rubbing promotes blood circulation in your scalp and enhances the growth of hair into the dreads.
  • There is a technique known as palm rolling. In this technique, you roll every dreadlock in the palm of your hands back and forth with a little pressure.

It mostly needs to be done after you wash your hair. It is a crucial tip for maintaining separate dreads. This technique helps with the shape of the locs too.


Hair growth comes from genes. But with some tips and techniques, you can have long and healthy hair faster. On average, hair grows ½ inch per month. But if you want longer hair, this time duration can feel like an eternity.

Here are a few proven hair care techniques that will help you grow healthier hair faster than usual.

However,  one thing you need to consider before taking any of these tips is that consistency with the techniques is a must. You cannot expect results after a month of trying any tip. Make these tips a habit, and you will feel a big difference in your hair growth.

Trim Frequently 

On your journey towards long hair, you might think that cutting them would be a nightmare. But regular trims help fast hair growth. After every 12 weeks, make sure that you trim your hair a quarter to a half-inch.

Trims frequently help the hair get rid of any split ends and ensure faster growth.

Take cold shower

As relaxing as the hot baths are, they can be very damaging to your hair. Hot water makes your hair brittle and opens the pores of your scalp. The water weakens the roots of the hair, increasing the hair breakage and ultimately causes hair fall.

Shift to cold showers as they are beneficial for your hair. Coldwater showers tend to close the hair follicles, making the hair roots strong and adding a lot of shine.

Avoid hair color

Going for blonde or any iconic hair color looks like some dream. But you have to resist this dream.

The bleach damages the hair more than any other product. It breaks the hair protein to remove the original hair color.

The hairs get weaker and rough after bleach. To maintain healthy and strong hair, you will have to avoid hair colors completely.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

Start taking vitamins daily. You can search for the ones that are labeled “for hair growth.”

They help with your hair’s fast and healthy growth, and besides, they can get you clear skin.

Avoid washing hair everyday

As they show commercials, shampoo should not be part of the daily routine. Using the shampoo every day damages the hair, making them rough.

If you shower every day, you need to avoid using shampoo with every shower. Develop a routine where you shampoo your hair two to three times a week and not more than that.

Use silk pillow cover

Silk is the softest fabric and proves to be the best material for pillow covers.

Other fabrics have a harsh impact on the hair, whereas silk provides the softest touch to hair, ensuring minimum hair breakage while you sleep. Not only that, but silk also helps the hair retain moisture and natural oils.

Make sure to change your pillowcases frequently. Never use a pillow cover for more than 7 to 10 days. Changing the pillow covers often improves your hair shine as well as is good for the skin.

Night care routine 

Going to bed without a hair care routine is not something that will help you for longer hair. If you are not into night care routines, the least you must do is brush your hair. Brushing ensures the even distribution of scalp oil into the hair. This natural oil acts as a moisturizer for the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.


As stylish as the dreadlocks look, they require more care than regular hair. You need to make sure that you are following all the tips we just discussed.

What you eat shows not only on your skin but in your hair as well. So be sure to maintain a healthy diet and take hair supplements on a regular basis.

You can style the short hair dreadlocks in many ways, like high-top fade dreads, short blonde dreads, etc.

And once your hair starts to grow and you decide to keep the dreads longer, there are plenty of other ways to style your dreads like braided dreadlocks, high bun dreads, and a lot more.

Getting the enchanting locs look is no magic, just a few orderly tricks, and you can become a style icon. So follow the steps in the methods mentioned above, and take care of the small tips to rock the NEW YOU look.


What is the minimum length of hair required for dreadlocks?

Ideally, stylists suggest 5-6 inches of hair for dreadlocks. But that isn’t a fixed length. We can easily grow dreads from hair as short as 2 inches. All the methods in this article are perfect and proven to grow dreads from short hair.

How long does it take for your hair to lock up?

If you start your locs with a proper step-by-step method, as mentioned above, your hair can lock up securely within 6 months to 2 years. The time depends upon three factors:

  1. The texture of your hair
  2. Hair Density
  3. Maintenance

You can’t do anything with the texture and density, but make sure to maintain your dreads well. Develop a routine for hair care and dread maintenance.

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