How To Remove Gorilla Snot From Hair?

While Gorilla Snot is widely popular, not many people know how to remove Gorilla Snot from hair after drying out. Keep reading to unearth the secret!

When it comes to hair treatment products, Gorilla Snot is decidedly a household name thanks to its affordability, versatile purposes, and effortless application. 

However, once the gel dries out, it can be a dreadful experience trying to get rid of it. If you ever find yourself struggling in the same situation, let’s have a look at the article below on how to remove Gorilla Snot from hair.

What To Prepare Before Removing Gorilla Snot From Hair

Clearing the gel residue after you are done styling your hair is not an easy task, especially when it involves a specialized formula like Gorilla Snot. Thus, ensure that you prepare the following items to ease off the burden of this procedure.

  • A bottle of shampoo. The regular brand you use on a daily basis will suffice. But if you are extra attentive to hair care, you might want to pick a mild, gentle shampoo, so it does not tamper with your already delicate hair.
  • A bottle of conditioner or hair mask. Depending on how you usually nurture your hair, choose one that goes with your preferences.
  • A towel.
  • A comb.
  • Warm water.

How To Remove Gorilla Snot From Hair (Detailed Instructions)

The first time you encounter dried Gorilla Snot can be terrifying. You want to clear it away as fast as possible, and peeling off the gel with your hands seems to be a reasonable approach.

The thing is, the dried gel can be glued firmly to your follicles, making it impossible to extract without causing discomfort for the scalp and ruining the hair. This is when you need to go through these steps, one by one.

  • Step 1: Soak your hair with warm water, preferably a few times. Make sure each hair is thoroughly wet. Since Gorilla Snot is extremely sensitive to heat and moisture, a quick run to the bathroom would “defrost” the gel and render it pliable.
  • Step 2: Run your fingers through your hair and slowly rinse the gel out of your hair. Feel free to use a comb to add in extra pressure.
  • Step 3: If water alone is not enough, pump a bit of shampoo and give your hair a quick clean. The cleansing ingredients in the shampoo will break down the sticky gel and return the hair to its original look.
  • Step 4: Wrap your hair in a towel to draw out the remaining dampness, but do not dry it out completely.
  • Step 5: Apply the hair conditioner or hair mask from the bottom to the top of your hair. Give your hair a slow massage to absorb the substance easier and quicker. Wait for at least ten minutes (or the time given by the manufacturers), then proceed to rinse your hair again.
Gorilla Snot From Hair
Soaking the hair in water helps to remove the gel easily

Note: The best time for Gorilla Snot removal is within 24 hours after being applied to your hair.

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If you let it rest on your head for longer than necessary, the chemical components and alcohol present can weaken the follicles’ structure and cause permanent damage.

How To Use Gorilla Snot For Hair Styling?

  • Step 1: Apply an amount of sealant or natural oil to your hair. This will act as a protective layer, preventing the Gorilla Snot gel from covering the entire shaft.
  • Step 2: Put Gorilla Snot on a comb and/or your fingers, then start pressing it on your edges and hair. Since the gel is extremely sticky, you would have to be careful with each movement.
  • Step 3: Take advantage of a scarf (preferably in satin or silk) and wrap it over your gelled hair. The fabric helps to keep the shiny surface intact while not interfering with how the edges are held down.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your day with fancy hair. That being said, remember that Gorilla Snot is not recommended for extensive use. It is best that you clean your hair within 24 hours.


How do you make your hair ready for the gel?

Before using Gorilla Snot, make sure to apply a layer of conditioner to your hair. The conditioner will act as a layer that prevents the gel from touching your scalp and soaking your follicles, thus lowering the chances of hair damage.

If you do not have a bottle of conditioner available, try using hair sealants instead. The substances can also act as a coating, separating Gorilla Snot from your hair.

Should you use Gorilla Snot on your natural hair?

Yes, you can apply the gel directly to your hair, but it is not a highly recommended practice. It is because the product can be too toxic for your follicles, resulting in hair falling out or breaking in half.


Learning how to remove Gorilla Snot from hair would no longer be a problem after you finish reading this guideline. So, next time this dried gel bothers you, just remember to take a deep breath, keep calm, and follow the aforementioned advice!

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