How to Use Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar?

There will come a time in our life when the inevitable will happen wherein your hair turns gray or white. To remedy such a problem, people have used hair dye to color their hair black or the color of their choice.

However, the problem with using hair dye to cover your gray hair is that it contains many chemicals that could potentially do irreversible damage to our hair or skin.

As a result, people have recently resorted to using hair-darkening shampoo bars to color their hair instead. These shampoos tend to color the hair without using too many chemicals.

However, the effects aren’t immediately visible, and the results aren’t as long-lasting as regular hair dyes. Nevertheless, hair-darkening shampoo bars can still serve as excellent alternatives for traditional hair dyes.

An Overview of Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars

Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars
Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars

First, let’s discuss what these shampoo bars are. Hair-darkening shampoo bars are technically just your regular hair-darkening shampoo without the 80% water, giving them their solid appearance.

Generally, hair-darkening shampoos work by infusing your hair strands with plant pigments that enable them to give off a darker color. In addition, the longer you leave the shampoo on your hair, the darker the result will be.

However, these shampoos bars won’t just color your hair but your skin as well, so you need to be careful when using them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dyed skin as well.

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Shampoos Hub

How to Use Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars?

How to Use Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bar
How to Use Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bar

So, how do you use hair-darkening shampoo bars? Well, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use hair-darkening shampoo bars to color your hair:

Step 1. Rinse your hair

You need to rinse your hair as much as necessary to remove any dirt or sweat sticking to your hair, including any residues from hair products. You can use warm water for this to ensure that it completely removes any buildups in your hair.

By that way, the pigments of shampoo bars will infuse themselves more thoroughly into your hair strands with a cleaner surface to work with.

Step 2. Rub the shampoo bar with water to obtain a lather

While generally, you need only a few strokes, you can ensure you get a good lather going by holding the bar underneath the water and rub it gently in your hands.

Alternatively, you can also use a bar bag to achieve a foamier result. Having a good lather will allow you to coat your hair more thoroughly and ensure that the hair-darkening shampoo bars achieve their maximum effect.

Step 3. Apply the foam to your hair

Make sure that you massage your hair to cover every nook and cranny thoroughly, even the ends of your hair.

Now, the pigments have covered every surface they need to and give you that darker hair you’ve always wanted.

Step 4: Wait around 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing out the shampoo

You can also opt to leave it in a bit longer since hair-darkening shampoo bars are gentle enough on your hair and scalp since that action will not cause any damages to your hair or scalp.

Step 5. Wash out the shampoo with water

Ensure that all the shampoo will be rinsed out of your hair completely. If you don’t, you might find yourself with stained surfaces since the dye in the hair-darkening shampoo bar can be tough to remove from surfaces.

Step 6. Apply conditioner to your hair

The conditioner will give your hair a silky smooth appearance. This is optional, so you can use as much conditioner as you need to bring back the moisture to your hair.

You should note that you may need to repeat this process regularly to see more significant results.

Are Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars Safe?

Since most hair-darkening shampoo bars are made using natural ingredients, they are considered safe for use, especially when compared to hair dyes.

Nevertheless, since there is the possibility of having an allergic reaction to organic materials, it is still advisable that you first do an allergy test before you apply it to your hair.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to check the ingredients of your shampoo bar before using it. This will ensure that you’re not allergic to any components used.

Do Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars Work?

In general, most hair-darkening shampoo bars work, especially if you have purchased an authentic and high-quality one. In contrast, lower-quality shampoo bars might not work as well or at all.

However, the problem with using hair-darkening shampoo bars instead of hair dyes is that the effects will gradually fade after every washing. This is unless you use the hair-darkening shampoo bar on your hair regularly.

Nevertheless, since hair-darkening shampoo bars are gentler than hair dyes, it won’t really be a problem if you use them every time you shower.

If you want to learn more about whether or not hair-darkening shampoo bars work, check out the article “Do Hair-Darkening Shampoo Bars Really Work.”


Overall, hair-darkening shampoo bars are fantastic, not just in terms of their eco-friendly properties but because they are also more affordable, easier to apply, and the safest way possible to color your hair.

In addition, when it comes to hair-darkening shampoo bars, using it is pretty easy since it works just like your regular shampoo bars. With these, you don’t really need extra tools or equipment for it to work; just use it as you do with a traditional shampoo bar, and that’s pretty much it.

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