Is It Possible to Apply Semi-Permanent Hair Color Over Henna?

Coloring hair is a common topic nowadays. When it comes to coloring hair, we are still curious about Henna hair dye. This product is known as a safe and natural option for those who want to dye their hair without chemicals. It will not also damage our hair. That’s why it has become a good choice for many people. Check out this article, we will learn more about this product. 

Ingredients of Henna Hair Dye

This product is a great combination of henna, cocoa butter, indigo, and raw materials, as well as essential oils. All of them are natural ingredients. That’s why this product has been a favored formula for many people. 

Does This Hair Dye Bring Potential Side effects?

The fact is that this product doesn’t penetrate your hair’s cortex where you find the moisture and protein content of your hair. Therefore, it can give your hair conditioning as well as shine. It can provide your hair with deep hydration. 

This one is considered one of the best alternatives to synthetic hair items since they won’t make the structure of your hair change. Moreover, it is a great choice for those who have a scalp.

Should I Apply Semi-Permanent Hair Dye over this Product?

To do that, you need to fade your Henna from your fiber first. If you want to eliminate henna pigments, wash your hair every two days. Another way is to apply a white vinegar mask. Then, you can quickly get the results. 

To get a fantasy hair shade, you need to bleach your hair first. This step is to determine if you are using the 100% natural Henna. If not, you cannot bleach it. 

Many people said that this product has side effects. Also, it may lead to a hair break after you use it. However, this is not the truth. Due to natural ingredients, Henna doesn’t contain peroxide, ammonia, perfume, or sulfate. 

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However, some products are made with metallic chemicals. Their purpose is to give you more coverage. Also, those ingredients allow products to last longer. If you let them expose to oxidative chemicals on your permanent hair color, they may cause a chemical reaction.

Is It Possible to Use Henna for Blonde Hair?

If you want to get a brown, red, or black hair color, this option may not lighten your hair. Our hair includes four colors, including red, yellow, brown, and black. If your hair is light, henna will make it very vibrant. If you have blondes, henna will make it darker when you apply with Caca Rouge. 


Now, you got it. As mentioned previously, you can apply your semi-permanent dye as long as you fade your Henna from your fiber. It is highly recommended to use Henna hair dye since it is 100% natural. Therefore, it is beneficial to your hair. There’re many benefits you can get from this product. In this post, we’ve also already let you know some important things you may want to know about this product. Hopefully, it is helpful to you.

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