Is it Right to Use Different Brands of Color and Developer?

It’s possible to use different brands of hair dyes and developers. More importantly, you should know how to work with hair colors. It’s not recommended to mix different brands. To know the reasons why we shouldn’t use them together, we are here today. Check out this article, and we will explain the reason. 

Why Shouldn’t You Mix Different Brands of Color and Developers?

When it comes to developers, they are available in various volumes. Indeed, they are from 10 to 40. Each of them offers your hair different effects. That’s why each type comes with the right developer for a different color.

To get the desired results, you need to use the same brand of hair color and developer. It’s not a good idea to mix different ones since it may offer you a thinner mixture. As a result, you won’t get the expected result.

It’s vital to follow the instructions from the manufacturer if you want to mix them together. Besides, you always have to remember to use the ratios recommended by the manufacturer. 

In addition, we can find surfactants, stabilizers, water, as well as thickening agents in the developer. The right ratios of them may not be the same for different brands. 

More Thing to Know about Developer

As mentioned below, we shouldn’t use different brands of color and developer. Now, let’s discover more about the developer. There are a lot of levels of developers. They may be 10, 20, 30, or 40 volumes. The most popular option is the 40 volume. 

  • 10 volume: perfect for those who hate to lighten the natural color of their hair when coloring it. For instance, you can use this item with toners since it is able to allow the color deposit color. At the same time, it doesn’t open the cuticle of your hair.
  • 20 volume: this one is popularly used with permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes. It is able to give you a lightening effect on your hair. 
  • 30 volume: If you want to lift your hair color, this one is just for you. Indeed, it is able to raise hair up seven shades thanks to the mixture with bleaching powder.
  • 40 volume:  you can use this one to bleach your too dark hair. Another possibility is to lighten your dark hair. If you have dark brown hair, this product can also lighten it to a very light blond. 

In my opinion, it shouldn’t be recommended to use this option since it may lead to adverse effects. Besides, your hair may even be damaged by it.

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We have just shown you two vital points you should know about the developer. First, you shouldn’t use different brands of dye and developer. When selecting a developer, you need to understand and determine your hair’s needs as well as your goals. We hope all the above shares are useful for you, and they will help you get the best hair. Now, it’s time for your decision!  

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