Punky Color Vs. Arctic Fox: Which Hair Dye Should You Choose?

Punky Color and Arctic Fox are among the hair dye favored by many people. But how are they similar and dissimilar? Which one is better? Check out the clear answer in this article!

In addition to the hairdresser’s skill, hair color is one of the final deciding factors in achieving your desired hair dye.

Punky Color and Arctic Fox are two of the most popular hair colors on the market. Therefore, choosing between these two brands is not always easy because they are consistently excellent.

Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s compare the two brands in various aspects. Then you may choose from Punky Color and Arctic Fox to see which one is the best value for your money.

Overview Of Punky Color And Arctic Fox

What is Punky Color?

Punky Color is a British brand. It was born in the place that bred generations of forward-thinking creatives with a rock ‘n’ roll soul.

At that time, although rainbow-hued hair has lately become more trendy than ever, Punky stays loyal to its beginnings, focusing on extravagant, over-the-top hues manufactured with only the best ingredients.

Nowadays, Punky Color products are available in hundreds of beauty and retail stores across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the world.

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
Punky Color hair colors are available all over the world
Punky Color hair colors are available all over the world

Customers can expect the boldest, brightest items and the best customer service in the industry from the brand.

Notably, it offers a wide range of products, ranging from shampoo, conditioner, bleach powders, and, of course, hair color.

What is Arctic Fox?

Arctic Fox hair color is a  Southern Californian brand established in 2013.

Due to the flaws of other hair dyes, the creators of Arctic Fox decided to make significant adjustments to the formerly accepted standard and set out to develop the most fantastic semi-permanent hair dyes available.

Arctic Fox is a big brand in the hair color market
Arctic Fox is a big brand in the hair color market

Arctic Fox’s objective is to deliver a wide range of high-quality hair dyes and hair care products that customers may use as tools for self-expression. The brand believes that everyone has a distinct voice and should be given a chance to express themselves.

By collaborating with retailers including Hot Topic, Ulta Beauty, and Sally Beauty, the brand aims to make all items accessible and inexpensive. Customers may purchase hair colors, bowls, brushes, and bleach in-store and online.

The Similarities Between Punky Color And Arctic Fox

Vegan and Cruelty-free

Previously, getting a vegan hair color was a difficult task. Several cosmetics companies have stepped up to offer exceptional vegan and cruelty-free goods as a result of the increased demand for vegan and cruelty-free products, including Punky Color and Arctic Fox.

Regarding Punky Color, the brand prides itself on being vegan and cruelty-free.

Punky Colour’s whole line of products is vegan, with no animal-derived components or by-products. It does not test any of its components, formulas, or finished products on animals, anywhere in the world.

Alike, Arctic Fox’s products have always been and will continue to be vegan and cruelty-free. It actively participates in stopping animal abuse and educates the public on how they may help.

Surprisingly, 15% of Arctic Fox profits are donated to animal cruelty prevention organizations.

Safe for hair

It is a good sign since you can use both hair dyes without concerning whether they may damage your hair or not.

Because no peroxide is used in the Punky Color product, it is suitable for all hair types. Vegetable proteins, shea butter, hydrolyzed quinoa, and provitamin B5 are all found in this product.

So it will hydrate strands, minimize breakage, and over-drying, giving hair frizz-free, silky soft, and healthy. As a result, you can go for a trendy hair color without causing damage to your hair.

Similarly, Arctic Fox hair dye has no toxic chemicals that affect the hair as chemical-based hair colors.

Arctic Fox contains no toxic chemicals
Arctic Fox contains no toxic chemicals

Besides, its formula includes a conditioner. Thus, Arctic Fox hair dyes are gentle for frequent use and condition your hair while restoring color since they are non-alkaline and peroxide-free.

Safe for pregnancy

Who says you should not play with your hair when you are pregnant? Punky Color and Arctic Fox are two examples.

The fact that Punky Color is devoid of parabens and ammonia, as well as being vegan, is a plus. Because it is semi-permanent, it contains no PPD and paraphenylenediamine, which can cause skin irritation and allergy.

Likewise, Arctic Fox colors are vegan, with no animal by-products or harsh chemicals like peroxide, ethyl alcohol, ammonia, or PPD, sometimes found in permanent dyes.

Nonetheless, your doctor is the expert, so you should check with them if you are worried about taking Arctic Fox during pregnancy.

The Differences Between Punky Color And Arctic Fox

Large range of colors

Punky Color has 20 shades with several prominent hues, including pinks, purples, oranges, reds, yellows, greens, blues, and black.

You may also create ombre, multi-tonal, or holographic effects by mixing and matching colors.

Punky Color has 20 shades
Punky Color has 20 shades

At the same time, although the Arctic Fox has fewer color variations, it is not far behind. To be more specific, it comes in 19 colors plus diluter, yet, the shades are diverse.

You can mix any color by adding Arctic Mist Diluter or another color from the Arctic Fox Hair Color line to achieve the desired hair color.

In short, Punky Color has a broader range of colors than Arctic Fox, providing more hair dye selection.


Punky Color has a candy-like grape scent that is not overbearingly sweet.

Meanwhile, the Arctic Fox hair dye has a delicious grape aroma, according to the brand. Unfortunately, some people are unable to handle its overpowering sweetness.

At all, Punky Color’s scent seems to be more favored by the majority of people than Arctic Fox’s one.


Punky Color features a color-enhancing Keratin Complex for a more intense, vibrant color that helps it last longer. It fades in up to 35 washes, allowing you to experiment with new colors and styles.

On the other hand, according to Arctic Fox, semi-permanent hair colors last from around 12 to 24 shampoos, relying on what you are using them for. In case you are washing your hair every day, it will fade off faster than if you only washed it once a week.

To sum it up, Punky Color may outlast Arctic Fox.

Vibrant tone

Punky Color is enriched with the color-enhancing Vegan Keratin complex, which not only extends the life of the product but also allows for a brighter and more robust color depositing application.

Moreover, Arctic Fox allows you to experiment with the vibrant colors you have always wanted to try on your hair. Your hair color will be pigmented and bleed less due to the highly researched formula.

For instance, the brilliant hot pink will give light brown hair a rich magenta color and look best on pre-lightened hair. So you do not need to worry about brassy tones with this shade.

Arctic Fox brings you vibrant color
Arctic Fox brings you vibrant color

To conclude, thanks to the highly researched formula, Arctic Fox is more outstanding than Punky Color in terms of vibrant tone.

Good quality fade

People know how long Punky Color hair colors linger in the hair and how vivid they are.

But when it comes to fade, even the fading colors are beautiful. Many buyers compliment this product on how beautifully it colors after fading.

Besides, Arctic Fox fades wonderfully, with all colors fading uniformly. If you use a color remover or bleach on them, they will fade out naturally and back to whatever color your hair underneath.

In brief, Punky Color has a higher quality fade than Arctic Fox.

Punky Color Vs. Arctic Fox: Which One Is Better?

So now we know how Punky Color and Arctic Fox resemble and differ from each other.

Punky Color, in short, outperforms Arctic Fox in terms of color variety, scent, longevity, and fade.

We recommend starting with Punky color if you are new to semi-permanent dies. This is because this collection includes not just hair dyes, but also items to assist you to keep the brilliant color for as long as possible.

On the other hand, Arctic Fox is a good choice if you have any hair dye experience because your hair may be severely damaged or dry as a result of regular bleaching and dyeing.

Arctic Fox colors are not only vegan, peroxide-free, and ammonia-free, but they also contain a conditioner in their formula. As a result, the product both nourishes and dyes your hair.

However, our personal preferences play a role. Let’s go over this comparison table and pick which one is best for you.


Punky Color

Arctic Fox

Number of colors

20 shades

19 shades


Grape candy-like

Sweet grape aroma


Up to 35 washes

12-24 washes

Vibrant tone

Bright and robust color depositing application.

Vibrant, less pigmented, and bleed

Good-quality fade

Beautiful fading colors

Uniform colors fade

Final Words

Now, you know more about the top two hair dyes – Punky Color & Arctic Fox – on the market, thanks to this article. They differ in certain ways, but they are both semi-permanent hair dyes that are vegan, cruelty-free, safe, and ready to use.

By now, we hope you have worked out which of the dyes is your favorite. Please share with us!

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