What Size Shampoo Can You Take On A Cruise?

If you are still wondering whether you can bring shampoo on the cruise, the good news for you is yes. However, what size shampoo can you take on a cruise?

What size shampoo can you take on a cruise?

You should prepare small shampoo bottles of about 3.4 oz (100 ml) to avoid taking up a lot of luggage space. Besides, it also helps you avoid waste if you accidentally forget it.

Going on a cruise is completely different from traveling on a plane. During air travel, you can only bring shampoos smaller than 3.4 oz and they must be well wrapped in a clear plastic bag with a seal. However, when traveling by cruise, these rules seem to be relaxed as if you were having a picnic on land.

You can extract shampoo into a small bottle to take on the cruise
You can extract shampoo into a small bottle to take on the cruise

Is it necessary to bring shampoo on the cruise?

Normally, in the cabins on the cruise that the travel company has booked, there are services ready-made for guests with shampoo and shower gel. But if you are worried that the shampoo is not suitable, you can bring your usual shampoo with a sufficient amount.

It may not be necessary to bring shampoo as it will be provided in your cabin. However, the available shampoo in the cabin may not satisfy you and the quality is not always good. So if you really care about your hair, you might want to bring your own favorite shampoo.

Note: You should not bring too many or the shampoo bottle is too big and cumbersome, which takes up a lot of space in the suitcase because you need it. There must be enough space to carry other items such as combs, toothbrushes and sprays.

Cruising by tour is one of the most convenient types of travel and visitors will receive a lot of help from the travel agency staff in carrying and arranging luggage. However, not so that you can bring your whole house on the trip. And for the trip to be safe and convenient for you and other passengers, packing is also extremely important.

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
You can bring a travel mini package for your convenience
You can bring a travel mini package for your convenience

The ideal of the mini travel packages

If you feel a bit of a waste of shampoo if you bring a large bottle. Or if you are “lazy” when you have to extract shampoo through small bottles, then let’s buy a set of “travel size” products right away.

Normally, shampoo brands often offer products in full size. However, it will be extremely convenient if you can buy compact products for travel on a cruise. They are both as beautiful as the prototype, while also bringing high economic benefits.

Most of these shampoo sets are designed to be quite functional. They both have the ability to clean and add nutrients to your hair after bathing. Most importantly, they are extremely lightweight for your travel.

Specialized travel container is a solution

It’s annoying if you keep putting all the messy cosmetics, clothes and personal items in the suitcase. As a consequence, sometimes you will feel that they are gradually disappearing and disappearing “mysteriously”.

Therefore, the best way is to buy a specialized travel container. These containers are smartly designed with many separate compartments. You can freely organize essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics or more.

Specialized travel containers help you organize your things more neatly on a cruise. Besides, they also help prevent liquids from colliding with other items in the suitcase. Regularly, these specialized bags are equipped with shockproof lining and waterproof fabric. Hence you can store your cosmetics in the safest way.

You can prepare travel container packages to store shampoo and other liquids
You can prepare travel container packages to store shampoo and other liquids

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will taking a full-size shampoo bottle to affect my cruise travel?

No, but not recommended. You are free to bring whatever you want on the cruise as long as it is safe and does not hinder your trip.

However, carrying a large bottle of shampoo such as a 22 oz (650 ml), 30.4 oz (900 ml) or 42.5 oz (1.25 L) l bottle does not work. This only makes you tired because the luggage is too heavy.

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2. How to store shampoo when traveling on the cruise?

For liquid and soft products such as facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, lotion or foundation, it is a little bit hard to bring and store when traveling on a cruise. It is easy to spill out of bottles due to changes in temperature, pressure as well as collisions when you move.

Therefore, it is best to put them into a plastic sheet or food wrap to store. Another way is that you can wrap the mouth of the bottle and then tighten the cap.

3. Should you take the conditioner on a cruise?

Similar to shampoo, you should only bring 3.4 oz of conditioner extracted into a small bottle for convenience. Alternatively, you can directly use shampoo and conditioner available in the cabin.

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Closing Points

After reading the above article, you no longer need to worry too much about whether you can bring shampoo on the cruise and how much to bring? The size of shampoo you may take on a cruise depends on your preferences as well as the time of your trip. If you need any helps, don’t wait to contact us.

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