Why Are My Curtain Bangs Curling Inward? 

Curtain bangs are all the craze and for good reasons. They are low-maintenance, versatile, and flattering for all face shapes. Curtain bangs are the bangs of choice of many celebrities, and you get them, too! 

But after making the decision, you are disappointed and frustrated that they are “acting out” and curling inward? Don’t worry. You are not the first.

Why Are My Curtain Bangs Curling Inward? 

Your curtain bangs may be curling inward because

  1. You made mistakes while cutting it,
  2. You are not styling it,
  3. You are not styling it correctly.

Other factors can make your hair (as a whole) curl, such as high levels of humidity, heat exposure, dust exposure, etc. 

You made mistakes while cutting it 

Your bangs may be curling inward because they were not cut properly. Here are common mistakes people have made while cutting their bangs and ended up with ones that curl inward:

You cut on wet hair instead of dry hair 

Although you may feel like cutting wet hair is better than dry hair, most stylists say it is actually the other way around because the placement and movement of the bangs are different when they are wet. Hence, if you cut your hair while it is wet, you will get something else when it dries. For instance, your bangs when dried may end up curling inward or pulling more towards the left or the right. 

You did not create a perfect center part 

In this case, you missed the symmetry. You need to gather even portions of your hair on both sides. Not doing this can botch up your bangs and cause them to curl inward awkwardly.  This is what you should do to get the perfect center part:

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub
  1. Prepare a fine-toothed flat comb. 
  2. Draw a part down the middle of your head using the fine-toothed flat comb you have prepared.
  3. Lay your comb onto your head. The part where the comb is able to lay flat on its own is the “top of your head.” The “top of your head” is the ideal point to start sectioning off your bangs. 

You did not angle your parted bangs 

After getting your parted bangs, you need to angle them so they will not fall loose and contour your jaw, curling inward. Here is how you can angle them: 

  1. Grab one side of your bangs to work with first. Tuck the other side behind your ear so it will not get in the way. 
  2. Hold the hair between your index and middle fingers and pull it to stretch outward. 
  3. Hold your fine-toothed flat comb to the parting (at the hairline) and lay it parallel to the parting. 
  4. Drag the comb from the hairline down to the tips while it is holding the same position and angle.
  5. Slide your fingers (holding the hair) down along with the comb in the same position and angle. 
  6. Stop just a little bit above the ends when you reach the tips. Your fingers will be the guide. 
  7. Cut everything below your fingers (guide) using a pair of hair trimming shears. 
  8. Drop the hair and let it sweep to the side, curling outward. 
  9. Repeat the steps for the other side of your bangs. Ultimately, the two sides should curl outward, in opposite directions from one another. 
Use your fingers as a guide to determine what to cut next
Use your fingers as a guide to determine what to cut next

You are not styling it at all or correctly 

Here are the steps you need to take to style your bangs: 

Method 1: Using a round brush and blow dryer 

  1. Part your bangs down the middle to get two sections. 
  2. Take one section, close to the temples, and pick up your round brush. 
  3. Hold the brush perpendicular to your hair and wrap the section you have taken around it. 
  4. Use your blow dryer to make a few passes.
  5. Hold the heated hair section in the brush for several seconds so it can take shape. 
  6. Repeat the steps above (steps 2 to 5) for the remaining section. 

Tip: You can spritz some hair spray on a disposable mascara and brush it through your bangs to help it stay in place. 

Style your curtain bangs with a round brush and a blow dryer.
Style your curtain bangs with a round brush and a blow dryer.

Method 2: Using a flat iron or straightener 

  1. Part your hair into two sections and pick up one to start. 
  2. Hold the flat iron or straightener about 1 inch from your face. 
  3. Place the first section of your bang between the flat iron/straightener.
  4.  Slowly twist the flat iron/straightener outward and away from your face. 
  5. Run it as many times as you need to get the look you desire. 

Method 3: Using a Velcro roller 

  1. Section the hair of your bangs. 
  2. Apply heat protectant with a brush to ensure even distribution. 
  3. Take your Velcro roller and place it at the end (or tips) of your hair. 
  4. Tuck the tips/ends in and roll it upward towards your hairline. 
  5. Use the clip that comes with the Velcro roller to lock your hair in place. 
  6. Heat up the hair held in the Velcro roller with a hair dryer for a few minutes. The longer you leave the Velcro roller in, the more staying power your bangs have.
  7. Remove the heat and allow at least 15 minutes for it to cool down. 
  8. Spritz a light-hold hair spray. 
  9. Take out the roller. 

Note: Instead of ordinary Velcro rollers and a hair dryer, you can get heated rollers. 

Style your curtain bangs with a Velcro roller 
Style your curtain bangs with a Velcro roller

If you are hesitant about using heat on your hair, you can use the Velcro roller and leave it as is overnight, or for a minimum of 20 minutes. 

Other Factors That Can Cause Your Hair to Curl Inward 

High Levels of Humidity 

Humidity is one of the culprits of bangs curling inward. 

Your hair is made of keratin bundles that are linked together by two types of bonds: a disulfide bond and a hydrogen bond. The former is not affected by the humidity in the air but the latter is. So, let’s zoom into the hydrogen bond. 

It is created when two keratin strands form a weak attraction to the same water molecule. When the level of humidity in the air is high, there are more water molecules for a hair strand to form an attraction with and there will be more hydrogen bonds. The hair strand with multiple hydrogen bonds folds back in itself at a greater rate than usual. This causes the hair strand to become curlier or frizzier.

Hence, on a humid day or at a place with high levels of humidity, if your bangs were straight, they would turn wavy, and if you already had slightly curly bangs, humidity would cause them to become even curlier or frizzier. 

Heat Exposure 

When your hair is exposed to heat, its proteins are damaged and the moisture in it is drained. The loss of moisture makes your hair thin out and coil. As a result, it will look curly. 

Thus, if you have a history of using heat-styling products or you do not have a habit of shielding your hair from heat sources, heat exposure can be why your bangs are curling inward. 

Make sure you protect your hair from heat sources. When you are going out, wear a hat or a bandana and use sun protection products. There are a lot of different options in the market today, so you will certainly have plenty to choose from. 

If you do not know where to start, consider these: 

Dust Exposure 

When dust particles settle on your scalp continuously and accumulate, your hair can be weakened. Then, it slowly wears out, coiling, curling, and twisting.

If you live in a very dusty place, there is a good chance this is the culprit of your bangs curling inward. That being said, in this case, you should consider using a clarifying shampoo for deeper cleansing. 

Aged Hair 

As your hair ages, it will gradually lose volume and become thinner because the hair production from the follicles has lowered. Any new hair that grows will then coil and appear curly. This could be one reason for your bangs curling inward. 


Curtain bangs, curling outward, can make head turns. Make sure they do not curl inward awkwardly by cutting and styling them properly.

If your hair is becoming curly because of other factors, like heat or dust exposure, take the necessary steps (use hair sunscreen and clarifying shampoo, respectively) to address them! If you have caught the culprit behind your curling-inward curtain bangs using our article, share it with us in the comments below. 

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