Why Are Shampoo Bottles Bigger Than Conditioner?

Shampoo & conditioner are essential needs in every person’s life. They have the familiar daily cleansing and hair care effect. Manufacturers and experts recommend that we use conditioners and shampoos in pairs. 

The reason is that the mechanism of action of shampoo and conditioner in pairs will double care for your hair. However, have you ever wondered “Why are shampoo bottles bigger than conditioners?” In this article, we will give you the answer to that question.

Why are shampoo bottles bigger than conditioner?

You will easily see that shampoo bottles are often much larger in size than conditioners. The reason is as below:

  • Conditioners often have a thicker texture than shampoos
  • This is a form of the stimulus of manufacturers

Conditioners often have a thicker texture than shampoos

Conditioners are often manufactured with liquid, cream, or gel form. The main ingredients in conditioners are humectants such as lipids, silicones, proteins and glycols. These are the ingredients that give the conditioner a “thick” texture.

You can test this by taking the same amount of conditioner and shampoo in your hand. When you touch it, you will find that shampoo is often much more liquid than conditioner. That is because conditioners often have a thicker texture than shampoos.

Therefore, even if used with the same amount, the conditioner will have a smaller cross-section than the shampoo. This makes you always need to use more conditioner for each shampoo.

Conditioners often have a thicker texture than shampoos
Conditioners often have a thicker texture than shampoos

This is a way of the stimulus of manufacturers

To explain this problem, we should start by identifying the capacity of shampoo compared to conditioner.

Shampoos Hub
Shampoos Hub

Usually, if you buy a pair of shampoo and conditioner at the supermarket, the shampoo bottle will be twice or even 3 times the size of the conditioner bottle. They will of course be used together.

However, when we wash our hair, we often use more conditioner than shampoo. Keep an eye out to see if what we say is happening in your life! By the time you’ve used up a third or half of a bottle of shampoo, you’ve run out of conditioner. Because the conditioner has a denser texture than shampoo.

On the other hand, when using shampoo, you can combine it with water to make it easier for the shampoo to approach the hair and scalp. In contrast, when using conditioners, you need to apply them directly from root to tip without adding water. This leads to the fact that you will use more conditioner than shampoo each time.

Because users often use more conditioner than shampoo, the bottle of conditioner should be larger than shampoo. However, manufacturers will often do the opposite to stimulate users to buy more conditioners.

Although the price is the same, the conditioner bottle is always smaller than the shampoo bottle. The producers actually planned everything. They understand the consumer behavior of customers. Thus, the fact that the bottles of conditioner are often smaller than shampoo while they are used more is a business strategy to stimulate consumer demand.

Shampoo companies understand that women tend to use conditioner more than shampoo. So you will buy more bottles of conditioner. This is definitely an effective strategy. Reality has been verified by everyone.

Shampoo bottles are often bigger than conditioner bottles
Shampoo bottles are often bigger than conditioner bottles

Frequently Asked Questions

Should conditioner be applied to the entire hair and scalp?

It is a mistake to think that applying conditioner all over the hair, including the scalp, will effectively condition hair from root to tip.

As mentioned above, conditioner inherently has a dense, moist and nutritious texture, if it comes into contact with the scalp, it will be difficult to rinse and easy to cause stickiness.

If you keep the routine over time, you can cause dandruff and fungus. Therefore, in any case, you should try to keep the conditioner at least 2 cm away from the scalp.

After washing my hair, I always feel greasy, especially when used with conditioner. Should I rinse thoroughly so it doesn’t get greasy? 

After using the conditioner, the hair often feels smooth. For this reason, many people feel unclean. They often try to rinse thoroughly to wash off this conditioner, even if they only stop the process once they feel their hair is tight. Have you ever had that thought?

This habit is not good at all and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. In fact, the softer than usual feeling on the hair after using the conditioner is completely understandable because the moisturizers and nutrients from the conditioner are saved on the hair. 

They create a protective layer on the outside of the hair to protect your hair. You should only rinse off the excess amount of shampoo and conditioner, avoid rinsing too thoroughly otherwise your hair will be very easily damaged and shed.

You should not over-rinse your hair after using conditioner
You should not over-rinse your hair after using conditioner

Is it good to use a lot of conditioners?

Using too much conditioner does not mean the hair will be smoother. On the contrary, it may cause stickiness.

Conditioner is originally meant to add moisture, but that doesn’t mean the more conditioner, the more nourished the hair will be. On the other hand, if you use too much conditioner, you will have a hard time rinsing your hair. 

Hair that is “fed” with too much conditioner will also be more sticky and greasy than usual, especially in hot and smoky weather like summer. Therefore, you should only use a moderate amount, balance with the length and thickness of your hair and massage it thoroughly, then the conditioner can maximize its use.

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Should I use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner?

The main answer is: “Yes”.

Although using a different brand of shampoo and conditioner does not affect your hair care process too much, you should still use the same “address”. The reason is extremely simple, shampoo and conditioner of the same brand will have the same hair care effect. Because “double” will bring better results anyway.

Besides, each hair encounters different conditions. When you choose shampoo and conditioner from the same brand, you should choose products that have the same “solution” of treatment for your hair.

Closing Points

Through the above knowledge, have you found the answer to the original question posed at the beginning of the article “Why are shampoo bottles bigger than conditioners? Anyway, using shampoo and conditioner is also very necessary. However, you need to understand and balance the dosage to avoid wasting money and its uses.

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