Can I Bleach My Hair After Using Color Remover? 

Getting a new hair color is always exciting. But, after some time, you might want to go back to your original color. 

When this happens, the best option you have is to use color remover. This strips away traces of permanent hair color so that you can go back to your natural hue. 

But, what if you want to change your hair again to a lighter color which is only achievable through bleaching? Is it possible to bleach your hair after using color remover? Find out here!

What Does Color Remover Do To Your Hair? 

But, before anything else, what exactly does a color remover do to your hair? 

Color remover is a bleach-free permanent hair color remover. It strips away any artificial colors, specifically dyes mixed with developers, in your strands so that you can have your natural color back. 

Permanent hair dye is held in the hair shaft by molecular links. These molecular links are also known as color pigments. 

Once the color remover is applied to your hair, it enters the hair shaft and specifically targets the color pigments. It then dissolves the color pigments so that it can be washed out. 

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After washing away the color pigments, there will be no more anchors for the permanent color. This will then give you back your natural hair color. 

Can You Bleach Your Hair After Using Color Remover? 

Now that you understand how a hair color remover works, let’s answer the main question; can you bleach your hair after using color remover?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can bleach your hair after using hair color removal. But, this should only be done if your hair is still in a healthy condition. 

If your hair shows signs of severe dryness or it starts falling off, you should definitely hold off using bleach. It’s recommended to allow your hair some time to bounce back before you use strong chemicals such as bleach on it. 

How Long Should You Wait Before Bleaching Your Hair After Stripping it?

It is possible for you to bleach your hair on the same day after using hair color remover. However, by doing this, you are putting your hair under a lot of stress, so the margin for error is very slim. 

Most professionals and hair stylists would recommend that you wait at least 7 to 10 days before you use bleach after applying hair color remover. Waiting for this amount of time will prevent the risk of breakage. 

However, suppose you want immediate results. In that case, if you decide to bleach on the same day after applying hair color remover, make sure that a professional is overseeing the process. 

When Do You Need to Use Color Remover? 

There are several instances when it would be appropriate to use color remover. These include:

When You Want to Remove Unwanted Color

Suppose you tried a different brand of box dye to achieve your desired color. After finishing the application, you realize you did not like how the color turned out. 

In this case, the perfect solution is to use color remover. It’s not known as a color stripper for no reason. 

The color remover will reverse the undesirable result and give you a good base to get the color that you want. 


Another instance when color remover might be a good option is when you need a pre-treatment. It can be used to get rid of the build-ups from previous applications to make your hair ready for recoloring. 

Take note that color remover only removes permanent hair color applied to the hair. It does not light it up unless the brand you are using has bleach in its formula. 

How to Prepare Your Hair For Bleaching?

Here are some tips on how to prepare your hair for bleaching: 

Get a Consultation

Bleaching hair is a delicate process, and doing it on your own might give you unwanted results. This is why it is best to ask for professional help. 

Get a consultation at a salon with a professional who specializes in hair coloring. Many of these salons offer consultations that are free of charge. 

The consultation appointment will allow the professionals to see the condition of your hair. This will give them a better idea of whether your hair can withstand the bleaching process without much damage. 

During the consultation, ask for a detailed treatment plan. You should also ask important questions such as:

  • Will the process damage my hair?
  • Is the color I want achievable?
  • How many bleaching sessions will it take before I can achieve my desired hair color? 

It would also be good to inquire whether they have treatments that use Olaplex products. These products are salon-grade products specially made to protect and revitalize hair before, during, and after applying intense chemicals such as those used for bleaching. 

Give Your Hair Some Time

Suppose you have recently treated your hair with chemicals such as color remover. In that case, it is best to wait between 7 to 10 days before applying for bleach. 

Waiting for at least a week after having a treatment done before bleach will allow your hair to be in the best health possible. This will enable it to withstand more damage. 

Stop Using Heating Tools 

It is highly recommended that you minimize your use of heating tools a week before your bleaching appointment. Yes, this includes blow dryers, curling irons, or hot rollers. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair On the Day of Bleaching

Your hair produces natural oils. Every time you take a bath and shampoo your hair, these natural oils are washed away. 

It is safer to bleach when your hair is full of natural oils because it provides an extra layer of protection to your hair, resulting in lesser damage. This is why it’s recommended not to wash your hair a day before your bleaching appointment. 

Don’t worry, because you can apply bleach on unwashed hair, unlike hair dyes. It will not affect the distribution of the product on the hair. 

Use Special Hair Care Products

Alternatively, you can also use special hair care products to improve your hair’s condition before it needs to be bleached. In this case, ensuring your strands have enough moisture is essential since the bleach will be stripping away some of that moisture during the process.

Products like hair masks, oils, deep conditioners, among many others can help bring back some of that moisture into your locks, reducing the potential damage and dryness your hair might experience from the bleach.

Aside from that, some of these can also strengthen your strands so that they can withstand the harsh chemicals and prevent them from breaking off.

However, to ensure the best possible results, make sure you start using these at least a week before your scheduled bleaching session.

This will give your hair enough time to absorb the nutrients and become ready for the bleach.


Can You Use Hair Color Remover on Already Bleached Hair?

You have to remember that the main purpose of hair color remover is to lift the hair color off the hair. This does not interfere with whatever the hair’s natural color is, to begin with. 

Meanwhile, what bleach does is that it penetrates the cortex of the hair and dissolves its melanin. If you don’t know what melanin is, it’s the natural pigment that is responsible for giving your hair its natural color. 

The fact that bleach dissolves the melanin in your hair means that there is no point in using hair color remover on already bleached hair. This is because there is no more color “lift.”

This means that you can get significant results when you use hair color remover then bleach your hair later on. But, if you do it the other way around, you won’t be getting much but causing more damage to your hair. 

Are Color Removers and Bleach the Same Thing? 

No, color remover and bleach are not the same things. 

Color remover takes away the color that has been added to your hair. On the other hand, hair color remover strips away the hair’s natural color. 

Color remover is a much safer option if you want to go back to your natural hair color. This is because bleach goes into the hair shaft and destroys both natural and artificial color pigments, resulting in brittle and dry hair. 

However, bleaching is the more effective method if you want to get a lighter and more vibrant hair color. 

Can You Achieve Light Hair With Color Remover? 

If you have dark natural hair color, you will be getting dark hair color results after applying color remover. It will not lighten your hair unless it’s already light, to begin with. 

However, it is possible for you to achieve light hair colors like blonde or ash gray through bleaching. But, it would help if you manage your expectations. 

Some hair colors are hard to achieve for people with particular natural hair. For example, getting platinum blonde is a challenge to achieve for people with black hair.

Even if your desired hair color is achievable, you might need several sessions of bleaching in order to achieve it. This should also happen in a duration of time because you need to give your hair some time to recover after every bleaching session. 

Are There Color Removers with Bleach? 

Color removers are mostly bleach-free, but there are some brands that contain bleach in their formula. These brands include L’oreal, Redbook, and Wella.

Color removers with bleach can lighten your hair a little bit. But, at the same time, these can also cause more damage, especially when your hair is soaked with it for an extended period of time. 

On the other hand, color removers that do not contain bleach in their formula include Vanish, Salerm, and Pravana. Since these do not have bleach, they are much milder on your hair. 

Final Words

Yes, you can bleach your hair after using hair color remover. However, you should wait for at least a week before applying the bleach so that your hair can rest. 

Even if color remover does not have chemicals as strong as bleach, it can still stress out your hair, causing it to be dry. Immediately proceeding to bleach will put it at risk for more damage. 

Besides, professionals and hair experts highly discourage you from bleaching your hair if you have recently applied potent chemicals to it. This is because these chemicals might counteract with the bleach, resulting in costly damages. 

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