Do You Need Purple Shampoo And Purple Conditioner?

We would recommend purple shampoos and conditioners as a toning hair product to treat the yellows and brass of your light-colored hair, such as blonde, silver/gray, platinum, or bleached pastel.

If you have full-brunette hair, they will not do the trick!

So why must it be purple to deal with the blonde-shaded hair rather than other colors? Keep reading, and you will know.

Benefits Of Purple Shampoo And Conditioner

Do you know this color wheel
Do you know this color wheel?

Purple shampoos and conditioners are mainly different from normal ones by the fact that they often feature crushed violet pigments to neutralize the brassy and dull tones of blonde, grey, or white hair.

The science behind this magical benefit is simple. Purple and yellow are two opposite hues on the color wheel, leading to their perfect neutralized ability.

When purple shampoos and conditioners have time to go into your hair strands, they will directly brighten your current brassy hair. Your hair will look more lively without paying for expensive hairdresser trips.

For example, if your current hair seems yellowing, you can expect a more fantastic tone of bright blondes or pale beiges. Otherwise, if it is silver or grey, purple shampoos and conditioners help add vibrancy and dimension.

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Even better, some purple-based hair care products have other nutritious ingredients such as natural oils, moisturizers, etc. to cure other problems and nurture your hair from the inside.

So, should you use purple shampoo and conditioner? No longer wonder, place these items on your bathroom shelf for a salon-fresh blonde.

Who Needs Purple Shampoo And Conditioner?


Blond hair and purple products are the best couples
Blond hair and purple products are the best couples

Yes, if you have light-colored hair – as we confirmed above. However, based on your hair conditions, purple shampoos and conditioners might work a bit differently.

Take blondes – we mean the natural blond hairs, for example.

Only 5% of North Americans and Europeans are blondes in nature. You are so lucky to have blondes at the time of birth. However, it is hard to keep your hair alluring without having proper care.

Blondes tend to get darker when you grow up. They are also vulnerable to UV rays and other damages.

Thus, you will need to use purple shampoos and conditioners frequently.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde
How to keep the platinum hue beautiful?

Hardly can we find people with natural platinum blondes – except for those having albinism.

Instead, this hair color is a result of aging. The older you become, the lighter blondes are. At the ages of 50s or 60s, your hair might end up platinum blondes.

Interestingly enough, many young people now want to get this super blond hair by going to a salon or DIY with dyed products. Platinum is a standout hue that will transform your look.

Nonetheless, it requires extra upkeep with purple hair care products and supplements to maintain such a brightest shade of blonde. Purple protocols will help remove yellowing parts from your hair and show it all platinum.

Ashy Blonde

Ashy Blonde
The ashy blond looks great but is hard to maintain!

Light blond hair is always on-trend. Ashy color is one, for instance. With a bold and daring vibe, it is perfect for a night out or for the office.

Unfortunately, if you do not possess a natural ashy blonde but use some salon tips to get it done, you will quickly suffer from the color dull and fade in weeks.

Not to mention, the chemical treatment has weakened your blonde and exposed it to the damages of sunlight or hairstyling processes.

The number one tip is always to wash your hair with a purple shampoo and then soften it with a purple conditioner.

Silver Or Grey

Silver Or Grey
How to keep silver/grey hair locked?

As you might already know, there usually are two steps to turn your natural hair shade into silver or grey: bleach the hair first and deposit the color on top. This means the silver and grey colors will fade quickly, leaving your hair dull and brassy.

Professional hairdressers will warn you against using shampoo frequently, and you should also spend more time choosing a suitable shampooing protocol.

Blue or purple toning shampoos and conditioners are must-have.


What do purple haircare products do with white hair?

If you do not want your white hair to look thin and dry as straw, you must use purple shampoos and conditioners. They will help neutralize the dulling strands.

In case that you bleach your natural hair color to get it white, washing with purple pigments is even more essential to remove all yellowing symptoms.

Can You Use Only Purple Shampoo or Purple Conditioner?

Many people seem not to have time to apply both shampoos and conditioners every time. Or some people are curious whether just using purple shampoo or purple conditioner will work.

So, the question here is do you need both purple shampoo and conditioner? – If you notice too many yellow tints and want your hair to return to the desired blonde soon, using both of them will significantly shorten the color correction period. 

In case you want to control the color correction, using only purple shampoo or purple conditioner will give you more time to observe the color change more clearly and easily.

Nevertheless, if you want to promote the neutralization of yellow, you should combine both products. Based on their cleansing and moisturizing properties, they will give a shiny look to your blonde hair in a short time.

But it shouldn’t be for that reason you overdose on purple shampoo and conditioner.

Can You Use Regular Shampoos And Conditioners Besides Purple Shampoo?

This is another common question of the blondes.

Yes, you can do so. As mentioned, overusing purple shampoo will make your hair dry and the color is not as beautiful as you want.

Remember that purple shampoos will not wholly replace your regular hair care products. It is recommended to use them in conjunction with regular shampoos. Some people even mix the purple shampoo with regular shampoo at a time.

The ingredients in purple shampoo are also harsher than regular shampoos. So if you find that using purple shampoo is too dry for your hair, you can use regular shampoo or shampoo for colored hair, then rinse your hair with purple conditioner.

Whatever you do, you should double-check the ingredients of your products to make sure they won’t damage your blonde color in any way. 

How To Use Purple Shampoo And Conditioner To Suit Your Hair Types?

Platinum Blondes

Get started by purchasing darker purple formulas, which might verge on blue or indigo hues.

One more tip is that platinum hair will benefit more from leaving the shampoo and conditioner much longer. That way, they will wash out more warm tones.

Here are some recommended steps to follow:

  • Washing with your regular shampooing protocol to draw out the dirt first.
  • Apply purple shampoo and rub it on your hair. You will want to pay more attention to yellowing or brassy parts.
  • Let the shampoo sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it with clean water.
  • Using additional purple conditioner to get the desired platinum or ashy tones.

Porous Hair

Bleached hair is more vulnerable to porous situations than natural hair, and the tips often show more damage than the roots. You should apply the shampoo there first.

Let the shampoo on your blonde for 5-10 minutes, and you must wash the shampoo throughout with cool water.

For porous hair, a purple conditioner is more important. You can leave it on the brassy parts for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that the nutrients can be more deeply absorbed into strands.

Natural Blonde Shades

When you have natural blond shades, you still want to keep a warmer and milder brassiness rather than removing all yellows.

Leave the sample only for 2-5 minutes and rinse your blonde out with cool water.

Only use the purple conditioners when you notice the sign of brassiness or only once a week. Deep conditioning can take place within several months.

At other times, you can still use your regular conditioners, along with regular shampoos.

Silver Hair With Yellow Undertones

You will also find that dark purple shampoo and conditioner are helpful for silver hair, which has yellow undertones.

There is no need to leave the shampoo that long as for the platinum blondes. 5-15 minutes is enough for the purple ingredients to absorb the tone and treat the discolored silver hair fully.

In the end, wash the shampoo with cool water and apply a slight purple or regular conditioner.

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo And Conditioner?

Keep your routine of using purple shampoo and conditioner once or two times a week. Yet, you can adjust the frequency based on your hair conditions and preference.

It is recommended to check the amount of purple pigment in the formula to determine whether the product is too much for your hair. 

Using too much purple shampoo and conditioner can leave an unwanted lilac hue on your hair. Even worse, purple pigments depositing for a long time will cause dryness.

In addition, the excessive use of purple hair care products will make the hair darker and dull. As such, one to two times a week is enough to keep your hair positively bright.

Meanwhile, some shampooing and conditioning products only feature a little purple, and you can rest assured using it daily.

If you are still confused when using them on a daily basis, keep reading: Can you use purple shampoo everyday?


In short, you should use both purple shampoo and purple conditioner for your blondes, both natural or salon-created ones.

The shades of purple and the time to apply to shampooing or conditioning formula are based on your hair’s color preference.

When you take good care of the blondes, your hair will always look attractive and strong!

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